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  1. Yeah I know that I used to have the same problem in the past but not with Bijin which is weird in this case, I tried disabling retexture mods but the problem persist. It is okay as you said it is fairly minimal but I was just wondering if it was normal to have this or not. Btw Aela was cool with it ^^ she knew it was for the greater good.
  2. Hey, is it normal for female NPCs to have a neck seam or did I do something wrong? I am using every optional mod in the guide in the same order provided and the neck seam is present even with the NPCs provided by Bijin mods. Here is a pic of Aela : https://www.dropbox.com/s/w2kx377nw6j5796/ScreenShot2.png?dl=0
  3. yeah, i have everything installed and i use gtx 980 and 16gb ram just give it a try see if it helps, if it didn't then go on with removing some mods.
  4. what is your fps count ? you can lower your shadow resolution and reflection resolution settings under the detail tab in bethini for an fps boost beside what darth suggested in base SRLE mods modified for better performance section at the bottom of the guide just before the mcm settings that should solve your fps problem. i am using 1024 for the shadow resolution and only 256 for reflection resolution and currently i am running my game at 35-40 fps but i am using windows 10 and i am using 3d lods for EVT and high settings for dyndolod and i am happy with the 35-40 fps since i used to run the game at 25-30 fps with everything at ultra settings so instead i used the high setting with only texture at ultra and these shadow and reflections setting. just give it a try and if that didn't help and you want to remove some mods i would start with footprints and wet and cold if i were you but first try lowering your setting see if that gonna work out for you.
  5. yup you should be good to go that new NPC Retexture section is for those who wish to use WSCO other than that stick to the optional and continue everything normally
  6. Ok but still all these changes have been made to the core files so it is safe to install the whole package and no files need to be removed i assume i will wait for paul to check though, as for the script cleaning i don't think i am gonna need that since i am gonna start a new game
  7. well i wasn't sure of the version i had if it was above v16 didn't query info when first installed it and i deleted the 7zip file so to be safe i had to download the core package and then the update but after a little comparison between the content of the new package and the version i already had installed looks like all he did was removing those patches that we already didn't use and left only the core files
  8. Okay @paul666root since the new core package of Legacy of the Dragonborn (Dragonborn Gallery) no longer has a FOMOD are we supposed to install it normally or there is files that need to be removed ?!
  9. damn, u serious ?! well it is good to know better late than never
  10. you do as paul said and by leveled lists they mean only those three esps CACO_3DNPC_Patch_lvl list.esp, CACO_GrayCowl_Patch_lvl list.esp and CACO_SkyTEST_lvl list.esp not all the five esps so you don't bash tag SRLE__Lore Weapon Expansion__aMidianBorn_ContentAddon__MUS.esp or SRLE__Lore Weapon Expansion__MUS.esp
  11. Ok that did it now it is right before the CR, thanks a lot Paul and sorry for being so newbie in these stuff I know you guys are super busy with modifying the guide but i really appreciate it, thanks again
  12. yes i did check the loot screenshot here https://imgur.com/PEUsifp i think that how you set the global priority right ?
  13. Ok everything in place as i said, i assume not sure of course here screenshots of priority and load order https://imgur.com/a/1y1mJ Edit : should i place it manually before the CR ??
  14. ok i don't know what that mean can you be more clear, i am still a beginner in moding .. Ok give a moment to check that out and i just followed the integration guide, ran loot and followed instructions from the guide so i suppose the load order should be in place but i will double check give me a moment
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