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  1. Thanks for the solution possibilities. Where in the meta.ini do I add this line? in each mod there is a line near the bottom that goes :- lastNexusQuery= endorsed=0 [installedFiles] 1\modid=72039 1\fileid=1000207257 size=1 Do I simply change the 0 to 1 or 2, because this doesn't seem to be working. I am still getting endorsed error in MO, and nexus. Or do I add endorsed=1 or 2 higher up the meta.ini text somewhere?
  2. Thanks for the solutions. Okay, so let me see if I got this right. To endorse the mods I need to, I can use endorsed=1 which will auto endorse these in MO and nexus ...or if I use endorsed=2, MO/nexus will allow me to endorse these either on nexus or in MO?
  3. @GrantSp. Okay, thanks for that. I now understand why I couldn't edit a post. As for the meta.ini....here it comes for the noticeboard mod.
  4. Thanks for the tip, Greg. I can now select that update mods, get the red highlight and get back out of it. What I cannot do, or at least to any degree of consistency, is endorse mods. I manged to endorse one, via right clicking one in MO and selecting endorse. Great, i thought, I have cracked it.......but no.....no other mods would permit themselves to be endorsed, and nexus sends me the 'you haven't downloaded this mod, etc etc' nonsense, which is now wearing a bit thin, frankly. All seems to be working tip top in MO, I am logged in, can download, post comments, run FNIS, TES5Edit.....what I cannot do is visit nexus forums for some damm bizarre reason, and endorse mods. It is not so much myself I am bothered about...but these mod creators have spent time and skills making amazing mods, and dumb nexus will not allow me to endorse their efforts.
  5. Ouch. I have some unmanaged mods because I am pretty much 100% sure I followed videos at the time telling me to put them in the skyrim folder, namely skyUI, IpSleep......and my Mo always ran just fine. So, I now need to delete these from skyrim folder and re-download them via MO?? (I am again fairly certain that at the time I couldn't do them via MO which is why I put them in skyrim folder. Seems a bit of a faff on to steam revalidate cache and stuffs, etc etc for the tech challenged like myself, especially as these two mods have not caused me any problems to date.
  6. ....and despite managing to edit the previous post...but not the one before it....once again, I don't have permission to edit what i edited a few minutes ago....so...sorry for yet another post....( I need a drink! lol) However........I can endorse mods. Although, I still get the java message that I cannot for the odd one or two...perhaps I am going too quick, as it seems to take a little while to register...but I have endorsed a good half dozen. Hopefully, I will never have to touch that 'update all mods' red highlighted trap nightmare again.....and can just use MO to play da game . Peace, and thanks again for the help and advice.
  7. new post as for some reason I don't have permission to edit my own damm posts. Jeez, what a day. anyways..... Grrrrrahhhh!!!!!!!! After all that gnashing of teeth and cursing the lack of intuitive step to reverse the red highlighted panel of mods needing updates, (nothing in the filter menu would 'reset' the damm thing ) closing MO and then.... by sheer chance hitting priority to get my mod left pane back......I still cannot endorse nexus mods!! This surely has to be a problem at nexus end, as my new MO is running as it should?
  8. Just about there. Thanks to all who have helped. I sorted the logged in by opening nxm handler in the folder directly, so MO now reads logged in. I have LOOT working, and now just need to redo the usleep master script swap things for all profiles. Still cannot endorse some mods, however, so tried the right click left pane mod and select 'update mods'..........but I now have a square, red highlighted area of mods that are not the latest update.....how on earth do i get rid of this and get back to my usual left pane with the mods in order??? MO is annoyingly unintuitive at times.
  9. Well, some interesting points...thanks so much. It seems to have worked - mods and profiles are shown in the new latest version MO UI, the game starts using the new MO shortcut on my desktop, nexus can indeed be summoned by clicking on the globe, I set executable paths for FNIS and Bodyslide and see it recognizes LOOT and Creation kit in their location in program files, but I shall move these also to skyrim folder and reset their executables accordingly. But, there's always gonna be a slight hiccup, and sure enough despite filling in the nexus tab on workarounds with my nexus name and password and having 'automatically log in to nexus' ticked, at the top of the MO UI it states - not logged in - and sure enough I still can't endorse mods - I get the highly annoying java message saying I haven't downloaded the mod and cannot endorse. Perhaps this is due to the nxm handler you mention in the old MO install. In addition, despite being ticked, I am not sure apacheskyhair is working and a few other little details I can't quite put a finger on. I suspect, perhaps, it's because I need to redo the USLEEP swap masters script again following gamerpoets video. As for my older v 1.1.18 MO, it no longer has any mods or profiles loaded when activated, just the unmanaged skyui, ipsleep, hearthfires, dragonborn and dawguard, which I unticked. I shall back this up and delete it from my docs/my games folder. Many thanks for the support. Much appreciated.
  10. Thanks for the swift reply. It worked very well where it was, auto updated fine until v 1.1.18 which then required an manual update, but when i tried to do the manual update overwriting 1.1.18 it was a disaster and unfortunately my technical knowledge was not good enough to understand why I got the annoying and numerous error messages. Do I need to delete the old MO 1.1.18 in My Documents/My Games folder after I have transferred the downloads, profiles and mods folders before firing up the latest version in the steam/steam apps/common/skyrim folder? I appreciate what you say re. it not being necessary to put it there, nonetheless I thought I would follow the gamer poets video as much as I could, which is where he seems to install MO. I thought the settings were to ensure the executables paths were correct, and that MO would automatically use the old folders I transfer across, as they will be in the same MO folder? Anyways, i suppose I will soon see if it has picked up the mods and profiles.
  11. Hello to one and all. I am hoping very much my solution to updating problems I have may work. Last time I tried to update by overwriting MO to where I have MO on my computer, which in my case was My Documents, My Games (yes, I know it is not the best place for it, and it should really be in the steam/steam apps/common/skyrim folder), I had umpteen error messages about missing dll files (despite the fact the dll files were all there in the original folder, not to mention the new folder being pasted in) and unsupported image formats, that I - thankfully - just put back my 'back up' MO v 1.1.18 back from an external drive and carried on playing. The only reason I wanted to update was I found I could no longer endorse mods, which was very annoying as some mod creators were convinced I hadn't even downloaded their mods. Recently, though, I thought I would update to USLEEP, so following the excellent video from Gamer Poets, I tried using the USLEEP swap masters script following downloading latest unofficial patches and the USLEEP patch. However, I noticed that in the right pane plug in, the latest unofficial skyrim patch would no longer allow itself to be placed at the top above the other unofficial patches. A check on google suggests this is because I am using MO 1.1.18 and need to update. Therefore, I am thinking of installing latest MO to the steam/steam apps/common/skyrim folder, and simply moving my mods and profiles folders over from where i have MO 1.18, then deleting 1.1.18. Will the new MO automatically work with the mods and profiles ok? Many thanks for any assistance.
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