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  1. Just what the topic says. I'm finding the MCM setting mean nothing and make zero changes to gameplay. I'm just wanting to completely remove the mod all together, but need to remove the entries in the conflict file. I can rebuild DynDOLOD. Thanks.
  2. I'm now on my 5th install of SRLE. Reloaded everything, optionals, etc. With the ENB enabled I crash loading Helgen. With ENBoost the game is running fine. That is until I got to Whiterun and the first dragon. As soon as the dragon appears I CTD. No crash fix message or any message for that matter. Reload. Dragon appears, CTD. Not really sure what's going on. I checked the mods that address dragons specifically. Dragon looks normal from the brief glimpse I'm getting. I'm guessing the dragon textures are fine. Kinda lost on this one. @Neb I completely misunderstood the optional part. I have an EE degree and write process documents for iso9000 companies, so that maybe where the confusion is :) I ran SPM and it looks like I'm hitting the VRAM limit. I hit 3,715 MB just before the crash. Flipping Win10.....
  3. Oh, since I didn't add the optional file? Should the status for FNIS be changed to required? I'm curious as to how the optional file can be causing this issue? How is not installing an optional file missing a step? Fores New Idles In Skyrim - FNIS Author: fore Version: 6.3 Optionals: Creature Pack
  4. I noticed this morning the the wrists on the character are HUGE. Way bigger then they should be. I reinstalled xpmse, unpb, fnis (in the order they show up in the guide) and mature skin and the wrists are still huge. Went over to my Vanilla Profile and this is happening with the UNPB meshes. The hands are large as well.
  5. hmm...can't edit my last reply :( On a side note. What setting should I use to brighten Vividian. Interiors are pitch black. I barely made it of the Helgen tunnels.
  6. Check on the Skeleton Arm Fix. I did not install the creature addon. I can to see if that makes any difference.
  7. FNIS might have something screwy going on for sure though. I made a few other characters and at the naming entry box the left knee drops towards the ankle and kinda bounces then the fps drops from 60 to 7. Only thing to do is to save and exit then go back in. Seems fine after that. Done it with 3 characters now. Other than that FNIS is behaving normally. Crash Fixes is the latest version...11 is what MO is saying. "UseOSAllocators=1" is set.
  8. exactly Ran BethINI and no movement continuing from that save. New save seems fine. Mature Skin is meh at best. Why do I die jumping to Inn from the tower >_< Again, you guys are fantastic.
  9. now to sloot it up :P Well, maybe I spoke too soon. I continued my save game and I can't move :(
  10. enblocal.ini is the bane of my skyrim experience. That damn file. Made it into the keep with Ralof. Saved there. I will need to raise the ReservedMemorySizeMb a little. All in all with mostly 2K textures and the enb hitting a constant 60fps. Few drops to 45ish. I cannot thank you guys enough. You guys are great! I've included my skyrimprefs.ini in case you want to let me know what I messed up :)
  11. I ran the dxsetup. Checked the ENBoost settings and I'm still getting that crash.
  12. I did just get this. First time I've seen this error. The good news is the cart ride is starting the bad news is the above error.
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