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  1. Quick question. I'm running the complete guide, I'm about 10 hours in. The only thing I've noticed is that I can't see the rain. I see the drops on the ground but I don't see the rain as it's coming down. I've checked my particle ini setting and all the instructions for the merged weather mods. Am I missing something obvious? I'm not sure where to look myself.
  2. If removing Undeath is in consideration I wasn't planning on playing it either.
  3. Hi Lexy, my two cents on combat mods, Wildcat + optional Vigor and some kind of dodge mod are what I'll end up using. Also, obviously Diversity doesn't have an SSE version. I see you just passed that section of the guide. What do you think of Character Creation Overhaul SSE? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2725
  4. Hi All, thanks for the hard work on the guide, glad to see it coming out for SSE. I'm just starting to get the guide set up, I'd like to help test if I can. Just have a quick FYI. Atlas Map Markers got hidden since yesterday, I know because I actually looked at the page yesterday but it's hidden now, reason is "as requested". Is Map Markers Complete possibly a good alternative?
  5. I have a question about the new NPC Retexture section. I'm hoping to start my real playthrough here so I'd like to know if I should ignore that particular section. I've already got everything in the "Optional" section installed, and I guess that's what's currently supported by the CR. So, should I ignore this new update and stop at today's CR or would I be better off waiting until this section is complete?
  6. I'd like to agree with everyone talking about balance, although I think the problem can be solved mostly with MCM settings. I found that with Scarcity set as high as it was, I would more often than not get no loot at all. Not fun. The MIL settings were also too aggressive for my tastes. So I've scaled Scarcity back to 6x for loot instead of 8x, and for MIS I've gone to 25% chance for both stashes and loot, with 4 possible stashes and 4 possible items. This usually puts at least one MIL item in each stash, making things more interesting, which is the point. To combat this increase in loot from the base guide, I'm playing around with adjusted Trade and Barter settings. I'll definitely do a Buy Price adjustment, probably along the lines of -20%, maybe -40%. This way the sell prices will be unchanged (I think they're pretty good at the moment) but I'll get less per item at merchants. So, this will add back some more items to the game while reducing the amount I can sell them for. Think it's a pretty good compromise. Oh, this also means I don't get a single fate card as my only reward anymore. That's been rather annoying actually, nothing in a whole dungeon except a single fate card? Definitely immersion breaking. Either way, that's how I'm working on balance myself.
  7. I'd like to echo an earlier comment suggesting a city overhaul. I've been using JK's Skyrim for a while now with pretty good results but I know there are others. Performance is certainly a consideration here but I've had no trouble with the performance versions of JK. I believe one is suggested in the old Explorer's Guide, probably where I found it originally.
  8. I would prefer not to change to UUNP from UNPB as that is a core element of the original guide and there would be a lot of knock-on effects mod wise. If Neo changes it on the base guide first I would follow that personally. Why are you considering changing?
  9. I'd also personally be inclined to let DCO and DD overwrite AAE, let the specific Dragon mods win out on the dragonborn stuff. Specifically relating to levels I think is where AAE has it wrong in this case, and there's also the troll issue to point to that suggests AAE might be heavy handed in its blanket approach.
  10. With the Patcher I actually deleted all combat styles after generation to preserve Wildcat (and Vigor for the rest of you). Only changes are zeroing out stat offsets in NPCs. And so far it's working really well although I've had to reduce the damage I deal. Current wildcat settings are 1.0 dealt, 1.5 taken.
  11. Personally I've set my quest delay after bleak falls barrow to 30 days and I'm not attempting it a moment sooner! That main quest delay mod is super necessary with this pack.
  12. I agree with this particular sentiment, although I don't really know what changing the mod setup would do. Perhaps reducing some of the settings in Deadly Dragons would help, especially since DCO seems to cover both AI and difficulty in some ways. I can also comment that the Grimy Combat Patcher might help here as far as dragons having almost unlimited health and magicka. I haven't done a dragon fight yet with the Patcher but it's really balanced things out in the rest of my game. And it doesn't eliminate any health offsets for dragons, just reduces by half.
  13. Thanks for reminding me about the Combat Patcher, I've always meant to try it. The idea of removing the offsets has always made sense to me, especially magicka, mages would always infinitely heal themselves in my setup. I was going to try the Patcher but then I found a certain new guide... :D
  14. I like it personally, but I don't mind the alternative if that's what everyone else prefers.
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