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  1. So Guys after you done all the guide , did everything work as intended? (i mean obviously it's skyrim and in skyrim nothing works as intended) but i mean the whole setup is almost perfect? like no massive issues or something like that? i just wanted to know because i am afraid of starting following this guide then suddenly after one......two......maybe three years of modding (kidding) all hell breaks loose and i see everything flying everywhere
  2. Hey Guys I don't know why but did anyone encounter unmoving npcs like i went to solutide first time and there was supposed to be an execution scene but saw everyone just standing not doing anything The scene is set yes but no dialogues or even movement of any npc
  3. Hey Everyone Can anyone provide me with an organized load order of all the plugins please? i don't need the merged bashed plugins just the active plugins P.s:I have with this Guide for over 1 year and i am honestly honored to be a small part in this large and vast community who are committed to this game even until now Thank U Everyone For Breeding Life To This game^^
  4. Well i noticed some changes on the LOTD Patch Central that hasn't been transferred to the merged one yet. Will be updated soon or will u carry out the changes to the Conflict Resolution? :/ just asking
  5. I know this isn't related to the guide but thought i could get some clarification here Did someone use elemental dragons with this guide plus the lotd patch for it? any compatibility issues or bugs...etc?
  6. Typo Fix in the idiot check ELE_Legendary_Fs_Lite.esp - Enable Global Priority and set it to 76 is mentioned twice and the realistic water two global priority isn't mentioned on the idiot check
  7. i know this might be answered and considered old but i wanted to know why Caranthir Tower Reborn was removed did it have a conflict or something?
  8. Frostfall patch in SKYUI-show armor slots is no longer there said it now to avoid deleting the original frostfall interface
  9. noticed that dual shealth redux is Skyrim Weapon De-LARP-ification Project isn't selected on the guide also we have to download it it
  10. Why is the moon and star undeath patch removed?
  11. ok no problem i just wanted to know if it's going to be added or not and i understand that you can't possibly add every single mod suggested i for one am going to add the mods that i like after following this guide to the end and that's the beauty of modding that everyone has his own preferences for each play through
  12. Is Hunterborn going to be added soon? it really is a complete collection of survival with frostfall and campfire and has a more realstic fell to it and if there is a chance to also add hunting in skyrim to firstly take advantage of the skinned animal textures and second further enhance the hunting style but it doesn't have to be added
  13. So is spice of life going to be back with the exception of forts?
  14. so i wanted to now if when are new mods be added soon because i am still using my old mod list and playing skyrim and thought of starting a new game with the new build i have been looking forward with some new mods like thane weapons reborn or mabye new textures mods
  15. i wish there was someway to make the animation in first person like the equip and unequip of weapons be like the 3rd person instead of the vanilla animation
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