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  1. Hmn. So those rockpiles and one cliff didn't like being mapped to an lod texture i guess. I changed them to landscape snow and landscape volcanic dirt and now they are fine. Should have tried that first but other objects use those same lod textures and work fine so i thought it must have been a path i missed somewhere.
  2. i get what you are saying and why you would think that but it's not that. still investigating. for the record i uninstall and delete all files each time. the timestamps are correct the paths in xedit and textures are there, it sees the texture and happens even if i manually force the texture. it is only on a few objects, the smallest rockpiles which are used the most and only on the base of the pile, not the rocks. other objects from that texture map are mapped correctly, and then the base of those rockpiles will be mapped across the entire 8k texture. the lod texture is located on that dds. anyway, still investigating.
  3. Nah it's not that, i use it all the time and am opening the btos after i install them. I'm thinking it can't handle mapping the polys or multiple large texture maps. My objects map is two dds worth, one 8k one 4k, and one of them gets mis-mapped. I've ran dyndolod probably over a thousand times by now (no exaggeration) and i just have finally finished redoing almost all the lod models for landscapes and lod textures, all by hand, so i been building the big final builds recently and looking for errors. Previously all my lods all fit on one dds as i was doing quick a low quality.. Anyway it's really all i can think of since in game it's fine.
  4. Eh posting is almost therapeutic. So i think it's actually an issue with nifskope. It might have been doing this all along. I check my btos when i build, but usually the same few. I recently been checking others and that's when i noticed it. But i can't see it in game from any distance on my lods so i can only assume it must be nifskope, i don't know.
  5. I can't figure out why this is happening. I've checked and re-checked every mesh and texture path a dozen times over. I've got no texture errors in my build log. When i did have them i've tracked them all down and fixed them thinking maybe that was it, but i still get this. If anyone has any idea why this might happen i'd appreciate it. I've spent hundreds of hours trying to make sure everything is on point thinking it's something i'm missing or doing wrong but just can't figure it out. For context most of my lods are custom re uv'd and most all mountain trims rocks and cliffs are full models - or the best lod models forced for all levels. Full models i've stripped of decals and bloat, cleaned and removed unused strings and such ( i could double check that for the trillionth time) and forced in an esp for building lods so i'm not quite doing everything vanilla here so certainly something on my end. I'm just am out of ideas what it could be. Thanks to anyone who has any ideas at all.
  6. That's what i thought and but it it's not working like that. It saves it to a temp timestamped file when pressing Ctrl+S the same as using the drop down menu save. Also in the log it only reports it is saving to a temp/timestamped file and the timestamped file is in my data folder. I just did it 3 times to be sure i'm not tripping and i have 3 temp timestamped temp files in my data folder ( not backups in backup folder), and my original esp modified time is not updated. Then i read step guide as i was sure i always did it like that before, and it basically confused me more because just how the sentence seems to be written is what is actually happening. "Using Ctrl + S will save the work done during a session without exiting xEdit. This is useful for long sessions.Saving won't actually save the plugin with it's modification, but create a "backup" of the plugin with the changes, following the same convention as the backups created when exiting with the "create backup" checkbox ticked." Second part "saving won't actually" sounds like that they are still talking about ctrl+s the entire section. But now i see it's in two parts. Thing is how i interpreted it is exactly what is happening on my end. Crtl+S saves exactly the same way as if i pressed the save from the drop down, or pressed the close button and saved then. They all save to a timestamped temp file and only when i unload the program does it actually merge to my esp. That's why i was confused and asking, i thought maybe it was a change in a newer version and now required a switch or something. At any rate it doesn't work like that on my end. I'm using 4.0.2
  7. xedit. I could have sworn it used to do this. i keep saving and then going in game to see my changes and forgetting i have to exit xedit so it unloads the temp save it makes, but it sucks to have to do that all the time. i though the backup plugins check mark used to make it save directly if you didn't have it checked.
  8. I've decided to stick with NMM, it's just what i expect for my workflow. Thanks!
  9. Hi. So, i just decided to jump to Se since my Oldrim was far too memory intensive to run any more stuff. I been modding the same install for 5 years. I used a non updated version of NMM the entire time, but i basically used it only for complex optional mods. And mostly once i got my base mods and fixes installed i just edited meshes and textures manually from my data folder. Personally i find this a lot less cumbersome than what i'm experiencing with MO, having to navigate to a bunch of different folders for assets and such. It's an awesome tool, but i really won't use it much once i get my base game and patches installed because i don't really uninstall mods and reinstall stuff after that. Basically i want it to install to my data folder like NMM used to do, and manage the rest myself. So, is there any way i can force it to install mods directly to my data folder so i can manage it like this?
  10. I recently realized there is supposed to be a world browser and other hidden panels with f3, crtl f3 etc, but none of these key combos open anything in xedit. I'm using 3.1.3..am i missing something? I been digging through this thing like a monkey. ...I thought maybe those hotkeys might be allocated to some other program i have but none that are running in the background use any of these combos.
  11. Just had to find a balance. I was able to max everything since my build was so light prior i had maxed grass. Just had to make some compromises. Got a few 3d trees in there to flesh it out. Still on the bleeding edge being Dx9 limited, but looks really good. Thanks
  12. I did all that. My mods are clean, I use NMM, think i said that. Well in my late night loopy long ass posts sorry. I'm off work on a hurt shoulder and on meds and can't sleep, which is why i'm awake all night and loopy. I was up 24 hours eh, 25 hours yesterday :| I did watched GP video a few times actually, and others, read and read, but honestly the way everything is named, i'm dyslexic and Dyndolod to me looks like Dogonalog. So imagine xlodgen tes5edit xedit 0908833241 is just not easy to digest. So i just go at it. hands on. I successfully generated a full lod the first time i tried it, just the 3d trees started to mess me up. I didn't think disabling non graphical related mods during generation and then enabling them after would be a problem. I've seen people ask if they can install mods after dyndolod is ran without any problems and the answer was always yes, downside would be only lod for it might be missing if it has any lod in it so i was disabling Sky UI and Status and things that have nothing do with graphics or lod and then enabling them after. I see if Dyndolod is looking for explicit load order Id's. Anyway, i'm not doubting the program. It has worked th efirst try and a bunch of times. Until 3d trees, and once i got that nif thing figured out I have built 3d trees and successfully half a dozen times, but with huge objects output and it is choppy just crashes out of memory. I got sloppy and annoyed and just had to go to bed, lol. I'll try dropping to 512k tree billboards, no 3d trees at first and 256 atlas lods but with full load order during generation and see how it goes, then go on and try maybe just a few 3d trees and lower tree texture resolution see where the limit is. Thanks again for the replies.
  13. Bah. I did the thing with the most basic settings, 2d trees and 256 max atlas it's just being finicky. Got the 2d billboards sticking in the loaded cell thing happening for the first time, everything looked amazing otherwise. 3d trees no go on my setup. Out of memory crash and Memory Blocks Log highest recorded is 85 8 still. I do have it set to log only max usage, but even when i coc to whiterun with a forest of trees it never goes or logs higher than that. Weird thing is when i ran it early on trying to do 3d trees and came with all those missing nifs, but found 1 and only it made 1 3d tree on high settings. In the forest mod in Tundra i flew all around the thing and it never ctd. The only thing i added was the SFO lod files for ferns and whatnot that is different that the one time it seemed to work and run. Could be that. But it looks like i would probably end up with problems with memory over time. Likely just need to move to SE to run this. Something for another day and another million hours. I'll just go with Xlodgen output for now. It looks freaking awesome though with the 3d trees or even without them for the few minutes i am in game before it crashes. Amazing work what you did. Thanks for everything.
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