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  1. @Jarl as i said in main post, it's the disc version, steam is not involved. I just got troubled with: 1. Archive Invalidation, because if i read some guides like here: https://www.loverslab.com/topic/65195-guide-to-using-mod-organizer-with-oblivion/ or else guides on step-forum, even he is talking of an "ArchiveInvalidationInvalidated.bsa" in Archives-TAB, but I don't have a file like that. MO doesn't create that one. I only got a "Oblivion - Invalidation.bsa" in Data-TAB & in Oblivions-gamefolder. 2. OBGE 4 doesn't exist anymore. I'm using the current version 6.0 ( called Oblivion Reloaded - OBGE ) and all guides I've found ( even here on step ) are only talking about OBGE 4 and different "OblivionReloadedEsp.ini" settings. 6.0 doesn't use that. And I'm not sure about if I can install 6.0 through MO, so i can use different profiles, or if I need to setup by manual directly to Oblivions-gamefolder, because it is a plugin to OBSE ---- same questions with MenuQue which is needed for OBGE & Weather - All natural which is a OBSE-Plugin too ( well, a further question would be: what is if i got "Overwrites" in MO highlighted in red - what to do? In answer to this question there are in some forums completely contradictory statements. )
  2. Ok, i just found out how to extract / convert omods myself. I've just setup OBMM and did like installing a mod to oblivion but to a empty folder. If there are BSAs i just extracted them with the correct folder structure, i did that to see file conflicts in MO. Afterwards i just repacked it to a *.7z and if there are different options i did different single archives.
  3. hey, GrantSp again ^^ you're very busy because of me ^^ well, I've read this special guide but unfortunately, my questions were not answered there. This guide is more about Wrye-Bash. Hmm... well, seems like i need to try a little bit to find out...
  4. @GrantSP - a big thank you, you answered to all my questions. the mods i try to convert from omod to else don't have any manual versions as i couldn't find some on all bigger tes- & moddingforums i know and by google too... bsa-extraction would be just for me - i don't want to upload mods created by others to somewhere else So, now i think this thread could be tagged as answered, all a big Thank You
  5. You have probably deviated somewhat from the original question here. - So, what about the original question: Does the latest mod organizer for oblivion handle omods in a good way? -> what about ini-changes of mods? -> where to do this changes? Could I run in troubles when installing omods with MO? Is it possible to convert an omod-file to let's say *.7z or else? -> How? -> Could i run in trouble? And another question, does it make sense to unpack a BSA to have loose files? ( I think this is somehow better to handle all mods files... )
  6. @DoubleYou: Yop, as readme says: Version 1.2.0416 @GrantSP: Thx, somehow I've already thought so. If I want to use OBSE as well as "Oblivion Reloaded" ( https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/45749/? ) and "Weather - All Natural" ( https://www.nexusmods.com/oblivion/mods/18305/? ), is there anything special to consider with MO? And what about the Archive Invalidation? Is this the "Mod Organizer" alone or do I have to help it with some download? Currently I'm using TMM for Oblivion ( https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5010/? ) but I'd like more to use MO instead :)
  7. Hi, I got the Disc Version of Oblivion GOTY. I installed it and added the current OBSE to the games directory. I'm using Mod Organizer and am using it for Skyrim LE & SE and the Fallout Series too. If I've set the Load-Mechanism to Script Extender and am starting through MO, the game starts but none of the installed mods seems to work properply and when i quit the game it just crashes and MO seems to reset plugins. If I've set the Load-Mechanism to Script Extender and adding 22330 as steam game id and am starting through MO, the game just crashes while starting. If I start through "obse_loader.exe" from Obliviondirectory, the game starts but none of the installed mods seems to work properply and when i quit the game it is closing normal ( no errormessages ). If seen different people talking of to move an "Archive Invalidation.bsa" in "Archive-Tab" in Mod Organizer but there is no A*I*.bsa and no Archive-Tab. In the Profile-Management i got all three options ticked. ( Local Saves, Local Game Settings & Automatic Archive Invalidation ) In OBSE-Plugin Folder there are no files called: hook.dll or mo_path.txt Could it be that this version of Mod Organizer doesn't support Oblivion? Or am i doing something wrong? And if yes, which version of MO should i use and how to setup then to have it managing Oblivion like i want to? ( Yes, I'm using Loot through MO... but the problem seems to be another thing... )
  8. Oh, well, i just tried now "none"-Style in English language, there's a hide option, sry. It's been wrong translated ^^
  9. Thx for your quick answers, I'll do a request there. Jarl, thx, but I think you meant the hide-function in the conflicts-tab of a mod. I don't have an Option to hide in the download section: https://imgur.com/a/1ejCJ Delete this post/thread if you want, because it's even wrong here :)
  10. Could you possibly introduce an option of a button, with which you can hide already installed MODs in the download list. That would be great, and the download list by significantly clearer.
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