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  1. Me too, heh. And thanks for the response on LAL. I do wonder how the files got mixed up between skyui and skyui-away though. I don't wanna accuse the mod author of derping on the latest upload of it. But I hadn't touch the mod's folder after having re-downloaded and replaced it last, until I got the original craftingmenu.swf myself and swapped out the one in the skyui-away mod.
  2. Oh, just wanted to check, LAL doesn't conflict with anything in STEP Enhanced, right? I'd like to keep using it.
  3. Yup, it's working in the main game too. But whichever modder(s) put all their crap in the misc category have preserved some that highly excessive scrolling. And I liked the menus for alchemy and enchanting that skyui had, admittedly. I'll try it both ways some more and just see how it goes. Thanks for you help in all this though. :)
  4. ......It was SkyUI-Away this whole time. I tried a lot of stuff, but in the end redownloaded and reinstalled the mod fresh a couple times too. Somehow the files for it aren't the original menus; they're the SkyUI 5.0 and up ones. At least as far as the craftingmenu.swf. I'm not kidding. I replaced that file with the original version, pulled from the original interface.bsa, which I extracted using MO. And now the original menu is back and skyui is warning me about it as expected. This...I suspected this but just couldn't believe it was possible. I'll try it on a non-fresh save next, but I think I found the answer already.
  5. Well, I used LAL to start in Whiterun on a new save. It didn't help, unfortunately. If the smithing menu weren't quite so terrible I'd just live with it, but it's practically useless when you have the whole smithing tree unlocked and a few mods like Jaysus Swords and Immersive Armors thrown in for good measure. It's the one thing I can point out for certain and say "this is worse off with these great mods." Well, that and fuz ro d'oh is suspicious as the reason that npc's skip lines if I'm moving or turning while they're in mid sentence sometimes. but that's a minor annoyance.
  6. I need to sleep now. I'll try installing lal tomorrow if I have time and do a fresh save. A menu being baked into a save seems unlikely, I'd hope, but with mod set building I should use lal anyways so I can test mod sets fully a lot faster and avoid more instances of crazy flying prisoner carts.
  7. Okay, this is weird. I ran it with the cleaned vanilla plugins, USKP, Papyrus, skyui, and skyui-away. And it says in the data tab of MO that the craftingmenu.swf is from skyui-away as usual, but yet again when i booted a save that starts just inside helgen keep where I spawned an anvil for testing purposes the other night (to see if maybe i just needed to take my modset and start a new game to get it to work right), it chose skyui's menu. I feel like that menu is mocking me at this point.
  8. I'll try, but Mod Organizer isn't detecting any mods messing with the craftingmenu.swf besides SkyUI and SkyUI-Away. And the alphabetical order is kind of accidental. I have another profile that's pure Step: Extended and I tried to enable the mods in order as I needed, installing variants as I preferred as well, but Mod Organizer kept them more or less ordered just like that. MO glitched and disabled almost all plugins on my profile the first time I installed SkyUI-Away or some time shortly before that when i was opening and closing MO on occassion without making changes or anything for a month or so, so I rushed down the plugins list in frustration, re-enabling all the mods in whatever order they were in. Plugins sort according to LOOT anyways though.
  9. Attached is the entire folder for the profile I'm currently using. If you need something more, just let me know. Thank you for being willing to look at this, because I'm still new to building mod sets and troubleshooting mod sets, heh. STEP was a lot of help and taught me quite a lot, but I know there's plenty I don't know.skyrim rajirr mod set.zip
  10. Will do, Grant. When I'm not at a Toledo Mudhens game. XD And I am doing it similarly. Except I'm only trying to use the craftingmenu from SkyUI-Away. No warnings come up, so either the menu is a copy of skyui's by some impossible feat or the game isn't accepting the right menu...somehow; I'd guess, anyways.
  11. Hopefully. I tried redownloading and installing both SkyUI and SkyUI-Away and no dice again. I can't revert to SkyUI 4.something because it's possible the other mods are expecting 5.1, but this smithing menu is so bad I'd revert if I could. According to other users I shouldn't have to though. All SkyUI-Away does is add the vanilla menus back by inserting them in the data\interfaces folder as loose files, thereby overwriting the skyui.bsa by default when a conflict arises. As one last shot in the dark, I will extract the interfaces.bsa from vanilla skyrim myself and slip the craftingmenu.swf from that in. If it fails, then I dunno what to do. This may be more of a problem with the game itself somehow, or maybe the bashed patch I made as STEP directed but before adding this mod. I doubt it on that last part, but I don't know enough to be sure.
  12. I have MO managing the archives. In the data tab, interfaces folder, it clearly shows that it's pulling the craftingmenu.swf from SkyUI-Away, and the rest of the menus from skyui's bsa. You don't need the whole mod enabled if only one menu really needs replacing, which is what I assert with the crafting menu for smithing. Lots of people do this.
  13. I hate the smithing menu for skyui 5.1, so I downloaded SkyUI-Away, installed in MO, and used the filetree view to hide all menus besides craftingmenu.swf. MO claims it sees the conflict with SkyUI's menu of the same name, and that SkyUI-Away wins the conflict. I've heard from others that they managed this same procedure with no issue. Yet for me, the game always has SkyUI's smithing menu when I run it. I always start skyrim via SKSE in Mod Organizer. My mod set is virtually all step and step extended mods with slightly higher resolution settings. On top of that is only a few additional weapon, armor, and clothing mods, most of which are ones that run through Complete Crafting Overhaul. I've asked on the SkyUI page and it's been asserted that SkyUI cannot refuse to use the original crafting menu since it's a mod, so the issue is probably with Mod Organizer. How is it possible for Mod Organizer to pick a winner for a conflict correctly and then not apply it's decision at runtime? Edit: i understand now that it was probably silly of me to think Skyui might be at fault when all it does is replace menus and add mcm, but at the time (6 am after 3 hours of fighting to make this crap stop) I was focused on the one mod and menu that was seriously hindering my experience with the game. The amount of armor and weapons in that menu when you have everything unlocked is absurdly tedious to browse through with the tabs they chose, and it lacks the gold and diamond necklace for some reason.
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