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  1. Thanks, I forgot to read the log. Turns out I had MO managing my archives by accident...
  2. I've installed DynDOLOD according to the gamerpoets guide, but on some objects that are used by dyndolod, the textures are purple, as well as most animals in my game have the missing purple texture. I'm using a lot of textures mods, but I have usd texgen and I think I have the right MO priorities, but I think it could have something to do with Automatic Variants, which I'm running through SUM. I know that it's DynDOLOD being in my load order that's causing it since when I deactivate it my textures are fine, and Automatic Variants functions correctly too. Any help is appreciated, I'd love to get this mod to work, and I have before, but never had this glitch.
  3. Fixed my fps issues, turns out I had adaptive quality turned on in Nvidia Control Panel, I'm going to try setting up my mods and doing some testing with my skse.ini, and if any more errors crop up I'll put them in this thread. Again, thank you everyone for your help.
  4. I'll use DynDOLOD once I can fix my current fps issues, I think. I've set my ini this way but my fps stays at 29.8 fps, even though i have my limit in afterburner set to 60, even though before, even with much heftier mods and bad inis i got 55.0
  5. I've tried changing the cell buffer to 64 but it is still the same
  6. Well, it has stopped crashing, and I've actually managed to get my skse to go over 230/250, but now my fps is stuck at around 20, and increases to 37 when i look up at the sky. I know its not a computer limitation because my pc acts like its not doing anything at all, no temp increase, but my gpu usage is at 100%? Which is very strange as I could average 55 fps before I changed my inis. I'll try switching between my spINIs and HODINI and see what happens
  7. Oops, I only just realised that I posted my earlier skyrim.ini from my my games\skyrim, instead of my Mod Organizer folder(sorry). https://pastebin.com/vNVPZiQU I've tried with 4064, but it still just crashes on trying to load an exterior. The VRAM size test(dx9, which I think is the correct one) tells me to use 4064 as well. Thanks though.
  8. https://pastebin.com/HSejngwU I selected the option "Erik the Slayer's childhood friend" in live another life, and didn't crash on the load door to ivarstead, but soon after I exited the fps issues came back, all of my textures turned black except foliage, which is an issue I've had before, and seems to be connected to my memory blocks, then I crashed. Which I suppose is an improvement.
  9. yep, still crashes on try to load an exterior, but I'll try again now and paste another memory blocks log.
  10. Here are my specs: https://pastebin.com/9rabxBGABut I'm pretty sure my i can run the higher settings as I've been able to run skyrim looking like this https://imgur.com/a/b8gFXat 60 fps, and with my cpu at about 60C Also, I only crash when my game tries to load an exterior cell. forgot to quote
  11. I've changed my 1st block to 768, deleted my old inis and used spini for valid tweaks, and edited my enblocal.ini, but now I crash at 230 mb and i get 22 fps outside from 55 fps before. Here is my memory blocks log (im not sure how to do spoilers so ill put it in pastebin): https://pastebin.com/d0ZsNdXP This is my new skyrim.ini, once again changing my ugrids to 5 still makes it crash at a certain mb on 1st block: https://pastebin.com/VdTehDWp This is my new enblocal.ini, too: https://pastebin.com/FpSUV2kF You don't know how much I appreciate the help, I've been trying to fix this for so long. I just hope I don't have to wait until October for the 64x Skyrim instead.
  12. Thanks a lot for the help, I mean it. I'll have to try this tomorrow and get back to this thread, and yes, I am on Windows 10.
  13. This is a repeat post as I figured I'm more likely to get help here, than in a reply to another thread. I've tried everything, and read every post in this thread ( my first block will ALWAYS crash at around 250 mb. My MemoryBlockLog.log file from my last crash: My skse.ini: I have tried values of 768 and 512, still the same error, I have the skse files inside my MO, with the -forcesteamloader arguments, myskse.ini is not a .txt, and all my executables are run as administrator. Whenever I try to use crashfixes.dll, it crashes in the same time but the memory blocks log only reports two values then stops, so it is currently not in my game. I have no idea what to do anymore. I use ENB and this is my enblocal file: The only mods I am using are textures mods(all 2k), realistic water two, verdant,fnis, and nlva. This is my skyrim.ini, I know my ugrids are 7 but this makes no difference at 5, it still crashes at 250 I have no clue how to fix this. My link wont post for some reason. The thread i was referring to was this "https://forum(dot)step-project(dot)com/topic/6726-common-ctds-freezes-ils-and-memory-issues/" Please use spoiler tags around long blocks of text like INI files and log files.
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