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  1. Oh, gosh dang it. Touche. I'll hunt around for an Oldrim one. >_>
  2. Any concerned, Do you think throwing this in mid-game would cause any issues? And out of curiosity what makes you all not consider it in the pack? Achievements Mods Enabler Cheers!
  3. Looping music bug / Skyrim music not playing FYSA: If anyone ever happens to notice the same ambient music / music is looping over and over and none of the original Skyrim music is playing anymore (not even the LotD museum music, although the battle music still works)... I have your saving grace! I noticed this same sort of ambient music going over and over and was looking up commands like "help mus" and "addmusic" / "removemusic" to no avail. By chance I discovered a little blurb on The Forgotten City known bugs / workarounds... I specifically had this music looping... So, I traveled all the way back to the Forgotten Ruins, went inside and up to the well (but not down it, lol). And then simply left. Voila! Fixed! Hooray!!!!
  4. Oh man... Vigor removed, EL removed, Caranthir added. Guyssss....I finally started playing! Level 7. Now there's this constant dillema, do I stay up to date with you guys but pretty much force myself to start a new game?!?! Or do I fall way behind but keep playing... First world problems! >_> lol
  5. @DarkladyLexy I disabled VSync in the ENB Global file in ENB Organizer, Set iPresentInterval = 0, and apply the default settings in Nvidia Inspector to Skyrim, plus the force VSync On option. My FPS seems to have jumped only a little bit. Maybe 5-7FPS. However it FEELS much smoother. I feel like i did something like this a long time ago in the past? Just can't remember.... Anyways, interesting find! TY for sharing. P.S. Anyone checking out "The Cosmos" https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/35552/? Looks cool. Maybe a bit much...I was always a sucker for stars.
  6. 1.) Again, seems like some combination of XPMSE/FNIS+LoTD's Sword of the Crusader will CTD (haven't fixed, tried rerunning FNIS, SUM, changing MCM settings) 2.) Wonders of Weather is only in my merge one time, I'm thinking maybe it was just a bad merge? 3.) This does seem to have fixed the weird health issue (reloading Frostfall) thank-you! I always have a tendency to load all MCM mods before leaving the alternate start room, maybe some should wait, huh? Thank-you for your help though, much appreciated sir
  7. Alright last post.... Looks like there might be an issue with XPMSE/FNIS and LoTD's Sword of the Crusader. This is the only weapon that will make me CTD when I try to place it on my back. But it will not do this if I change it back to default sword location or use another sword. Keep this in mind with any LoTD weapons you use in-case this happens again. :P
  8. I'll check 2, and do 3 real quick. I did figure out the sheath crash ONLY happens when placing things on my back. If XPSME is set to default, no CTD on sheath. Maybe rerun FNIS?
  9. Hello Modders! :) I have updated too many times, and restarted over and over because of it. Lol. I want to just play...but I noticed a couple things. Anyone else encounter this or have any thoughts? 1.) Biggest one... I consistently CTD when sheathing my sword (It happens to be the Sword of the Crusader from LoTD, but I've used it before on another char without problems). 2.) Wonders of Weather now shows up in MCM first (above A Matter of Time) because it is named $Wonders of Weather. Some of the options have money signs in them as well 3.) For immersive HUD, my health only seems to fade away if I pick fast fade. And more annoyingly, it seems randomly my health drops just a teeny tiny bit for no reason so it pops back up again. I was thinking maybe some mod somewhere is making health drop due to hunger/weather? I really don't know... That's it! If anyone could help me on that first one, that's really the only thing driving me nuts, lol. I have my mod order/inis current if you wanna peak :) Take care, and hope you're having an excellent weekend!!
  10. You are on the ball! I just was checking this out and wanted to post about it. Exciting little addition to the pack :)
  11. Nebulous/Darth, Any chance you guys could update your Modwat.ch? As this gets changed so often, it's a nice way to make sure you're not missing anything. Than all one has to do is copy that paste it into Notepad++ (free) in one new file, than make another with your own Modwat.ch and you can run a plugin called compare and it will line-by-line show the differences (green = they added, red = they removed/don't have) Just a thought!
  12. Did we remove "DBM_3DNPC_Patch" permanently from the LoTD Patch Central installation? I see the text got deleted but it says you removed nothing on the update notes. Just making sure we are not missing anything, cheers! :)
  13. Ah okay, great to know that's what you're using as well! That author's preset file certainly would have saved me a little time though. But I know about it now :)
  14. This is what I'm doing, if there's a clever way anyone knows I'm all ears. I've already had to re-make five or so merges, one was the 17 mod landscape and clutter one in LoTD. Really does take some time doesn't it? Hehe... Now if your mod loadout has room, if a couple mods are being updated very often I would just stop merging them altogether. I might start doing this with a few, we'll see...
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