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  1. I have just found it! Also generated DynDOLOD with 0 problems. Turns out 11060D7E was the problem weirdly enough. The error was situated inside one of the merge plugins during the installation. Delete this thread if need to Sheson, and thanks
  2. Hi Sheson I have recently installed Lady Lexy's LOTD Guide, Everything was plain sailing until i got to the end of the guide where you generate DynDOLOD.... Typical i know I get this error: https://imgur.com/pdrDjIJ I am hoping this is an easy fix and maybe you can point me in the right direction, i am aware you have to find this error in xedit. Things i have tried to no avail: --- tried to find 08060D7E form id and cannot seem to find it anywhere. (not even sure if i am meant to look for this)! 08 in my load order is Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version, I have checked all blocks within that mod and XLCN Location are all green. --- unchecked Cutting Room Floor in MO2 and tried to generate, And any patches relating to Cutting Room Floor. --- unchecked Audio Overhaul Skyrim just as a test considering that mod is at the end of the log. That is about it really. Thanks
  3. I haven't got version 3. Lexy's guide was still on previous version when i finished. Typical though that the last thing to complete on the guide messes up Just tried and get the same error Ahh ok, 08 seems to be Skyrim Project Optimization - Full Version.esm Checked all blocks and sub blocks and XLCN - Location Data are all green
  4. That's the problem, i cannot seem to find it anywhere within xedit. And yes, that patch is installed. I'm pretty stumped
  5. This is the error i am getting during DynDOLOD https://imgur.com/fsDpg58
  6. No idea, i was thinking the same thing. Would it be safe to reinstall during a play through or would i have to start over?
  7. Completed my LOTD install few days ago so far so good, Seems to be nice and stable 8 hours in. @Lexy Cannot for the life of me get DynDOLOD to complete, comes up with errors about 4 minutes in... something like: "cannot find file Audio Overhaul Skyrim.Esp - fxfirewithembersheavy" Followed the guide to the T aswell
  8. Any of you lovely people happen to have Undeath Remastered - Classical Lichdom v1.40? the mod has been hidden on nexus and halting my progress
  9. Hi Guys, so i am working my way through SRLE, and everything is good so far. But i have come to a bit of a slight issue at the merging process for ... ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp & ELE_Fs_Lite.esp. My issue is... ELE_Legendary_Fs_Lite.esp - Enable Global Priority and set it to 990100 Now, I have done Falskaar a few times now so i decided at the start of the guide i did not want to install Falskaar throughout the guide, so i carefully made sure that i did not install ANYTHING regarding falskaar, Patches etc etc. What would be the best priority for just ....ELE_Legendary_Lite.esp ? Thanks
  10. Hi guys, I recently used the STEP guide to mod my Skyrim, the game works like a charm, no CTD's, nothing. Everything works perfectly. Apart from when i started climbing the throat of the world, and noticed the terrible vanilla snow textures. I back out and check MO only to see that HQ Snow Texture provided in the STEP guide is flagged as redundant, I'm not sure why this has happened as i have not installed anything else. Apart from a couple of Armour packs. What is best to do about HQ snow texture? is there any good alternatives? my game is ROCK STABLE at the moment and i don't want to install anything that's going to mess it up. I have searched the forums and couldn't find any answers Thanks and sorry if this is the wrong section, i never use forums.
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