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  1. Weird, SSEEDIT didn't gave me any error report on the "error check verification" on Genesis Watchtowers Reborn.esp, I thought I had fixed it. Thanks for your help sheson, really really appreciated.
  2. here is my full log, it took me a while to find were could I upload it without restrictions: https://es.scribd.com/document/372331180/Dyndolod-Log-slowman87
  3. I was running DYNDOLOD for a new play-trough, but again the process fails, reading the LOD, I can just find this error that looks suspicious, but don't know what it means: [00:16:54.574] Building a list of LOD objects, please wait...[00:16:54.810] World DLC2SolstheimWorld[00:16:54.841] Reading Large Reference Data for DLC2SolstheimWorld[00:16:54.866] Found 0 large references[00:16:54.895] Gathering references in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:3A000800] for STAT ACTI MSTT CONT FURN DOOR LIGH TREE [00:16:54.923] Filtering 0 references in DLC2SolstheimWorld "Solstheim" [WRLD:3A000800] for LOD[00:16:54.949] Saving objects LOD data to H:\MODS SKYRIM SE\DynDOLOD-Standalone.2.36\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_DLC2SolstheimWorld.txt[00:16:54.982] LOD references: 140, unique LOD objects: 0[00:16:55.036] DoLODThread DLC2SolstheimWorld[00:16:55.070] Creating mini atlas data[00:16:55.209] Gathering meshes for atlas creation[00:16:55.257] No flat atlas created[00:16:55.273] No atlas created[00:16:55.289] Combining mini atlas map[00:16:55.311] Executing LODGenx64.exe[00:16:55.327] "H:\MODS SKYRIM SE\DynDOLOD-Standalone.2.36\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\LODGenx64.exe" --inputfile "H:\MODS SKYRIM SE\DynDOLOD-Standalone.2.36\DynDOLOD\Edit Scripts\Export\LODGen_SSE_DLC2SolstheimWorld.txt" --logfile "H:\MODS SKYRIM SE\DynDOLOD-Standalone.2.36\DynDOLOD\Logs\LODGen_SSE_DLC2SolstheimWorld_log.txt" --dontFixTangents --removeUnseenFaces --skyblivionTexPath[00:16:55.411] Master in DLC2SolstheimWorld found[00:16:55.434] Error: There is a problem with the winning overwrite for [00:16:55.455] Non esm/esp master for [00:16:55.489] Write next object id 01B1A8 to C:\Users\lento\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\DynDOLOD_SSE_next-object.fid[00:16:55.509] Write next object id 04BFFB to C:\Users\lento\AppData\Local\Skyrim Special Edition\DynDOLOD_SSE_next-object-esm.fid THE LOG FINISHES WITH: [00:18:00.174] Exception in unit userscript line 325: Assertion failure (C:\Delphi\projects\DynDOLOD\wbImplementation.pas, line 2216) Thanks for any help you could give me!!
  4. Wow! it did work! thank you sheson, your help and mods means a lot for us! Two more firstborn to the list!!! xD xD xD
  5. Hello, first to nothing, thanks for this great tool, I have had used DYNDOLOD in skyrim LE, without problems, and the first release of DYNDOLOD for special edition, without problemas as well. But after a lot of hour and tries using 2.36 version I just managed to complete de process WITHOUT Dynamic LODS, if I activate Dynamic Distant Objects a problem reveals (seems it is at the end of the process), when I close the process It gives me archives and the .esm and .esp inside the output folder. -I have read about checking the mods for errors, I identificated them and deactivated, but the problem persist. -Followed guides, manuals, videos to ensure I was doing everything correctly. -No overclock, no overheating, no antivirus activated. -The load order seems to be fine, using loot and without the bashed patch activated. Doesn't matter what I do always the same error, and I don't get it, that path folder doesn't even exist: Exception in unit userscript line 325: Assertion failure (C:\Delphi\projects\DynDOLOD\wbImplementation.pas, line 2216) Would be great if you give me any advice or suggestion, thanks for everything. C: PD: My firstborn is already yours, and I can give you my brother's firstborn too...<3 DynDOLOD_SSE_log.txt
  6. NOTE FOR EVERYONE READING THIS: This bug on windows 10 only affects you if you are using more than 4GB of "available video memory" so if your graphics card has 4GB of VRAM or less and you are not running a heavy modded game don't worry. If you are using a 6-8GB video card, and you love skyrim, then dual boot win 7 and win 10 (for newer games). Definition of "total available video memory": the total of your graphics card VRAM + a shared portion of your RAM memory, so is not the same as VRAM!! if I'm wrong please feel free to correct me.
  7. Hi Sheson, I just came back to tell you... I installed Win 7 on a new SSD, just for playing skyrim, And as i Thought, my problem was the "4gb available video memory limit" Directx9 has on windows 10. Now my game is running close to 60FPS almost all the time, with only a little of stuttering or "micro freezing" when loading distant objects (Just sometimes and almost imperceptible), But I believe is the best I can achieve since I have a heavily modded game with 2K-4k textures and many scripted mods. Now it seems I can take advantage of the 6GB VRAM of my 980ti. Thank you for answering my questions. Summary: With Windows 7 all my problems are gone, and with your mod the game looks incredible, better than ever, thank you!!!
  8. Yes, I have it installed, it's amazing how it works right out the box and simply to use, also I disabled the SKSE memory patch; what I most noticed was a very very stable game, but no gains in performance, as I said i think my stutter comes from the 4gb vram Limit on windows 10. What I want to do is installing windows 7 on a new SSD and dual boot, to take advantage of all the memory of my 980ti (I hope im right, anyway I need more space on my PC).
  9. Thank you for your answer sheshon, my firstborn will be yours xDIndeed, im not the best mod user, and don't wanna step back and start a new game, I now my game is heavy scripted and loaded with 2k textures, that's why I wrote It runs better with that config. Believe me I respect a lot your work and If there is a problem first I have to look to myself. Sadly that's my situation, even with a i7 6700k and gtx 980ti; i believe my problem is running WIN10 and the available 4gb of vram is fully used (a problem with directx9 and win10). Thank you again for this great mod! :D PD: The exact problem I had, was a little of annoying stuttering, hasn't gone totally but has improved.
  10. Hello, I have a little question, I swear I read and tried to find an answer trough google, manual, youtube and this forum, but with no success. I found that with "Generate DYDOLOD" deactivated and "skyfalls and skymills" installed the game runs better for my system; but in the MCM menu DYNDOLOD is deactivated, is this ok? Does "DYNDOLOD checkbox" in the mod menu refers to de dynamic generated lods? Thank you for your help, I just need to know if the mod is running properly.
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