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  1. Welp, looks like the guide is officially dead. Sad to see ya go Gernash, your guide was great for the time it was active.
  2. Hey Gernash just checking in again. Yeah Biraitbec is great and all but he doesn't have your skills. I figure one day I will pop up back in here and do a fresh install
  3. now that we have updated MO2. Should I set BSA extraction to true and leave it on for loose files from here on out? I am in a reinstall, at the WICO step
  4. AHHH THANK YOU agreed, better to let the feature play out for some time before you decide to scrap the BAE. But I can tell you prefer bsa's over loose huh? In general I mean
  5. my buddy luxor is currently uploading his Markarth HD overhaul...it is quite huge so it should be on the nexus by tommorow
  6. this times three lol....goddamn modding is like a hole with no bottom haha....soooo much tweaking and not enough playing.. hahahaha dude that literally happened to me the same way...Neo started it all lol....****.....if I were to add a step 0 it would be that I played through the main game, no dlc's when skyrim first came out on my xbox360 lol
  7. hmmmmm...yeah I have windows 10 and use 0.2.0 and I had no issues after I did what I said above with moving the MO2 directory. Perhaps the issue varies by user
  8. I have my entire Skyrim directory and MO2 directory and all tools on a partitioned drive..Then I set that drive as an exception in my Norton Program for everything such as SONAR, Firewall and Antivirus. That way anything on that partitioned drive is left alone..
  9. When I had this issue I moved the entire MO2 directory out of the common folder and into the Skyrim directory, which is where we are used to having it. Since it is on the same drive it will be an instant move. After that ZEdit was able to read my load order...FNIS wouldnt work for me till I did that as well...try this but on an individual basis for each section. Move it, build the patch, move the folder back out to the common folder When I was done with the entire guide I made the choice to leave the entire MO2 folder in the skyrim directory as a flavor choice but it is recommended to leave it outside the skyrim directory and in the common directory.
  10. lol sorry mummy Lexy, I will play nice I shall behave as I would prefer not to smell like tuna lol
  11. Apologies everyone for bringing up this drivel. None of it should have been said but I guess something was up my ass today and had me miffed. Consider it dropped.
  12. One might say that no-one gives a damn about your opinion either dude..You criticize someone else's, insist you don't care about mine and then reinforce your own soon thereafter. So take your own advice with a grain of salt and understand your opinion is worth about as much as a fart in the wind. Usually I don't respond to **** like this but **** it. I think I have spent about as much effort as I want on this one lol. Just be nice to each other people. It is not hard, if you wouldn't want it said to you then don't say it to others
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