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  1. Ok, thanks. Im not sure how Im installing improperly. I followed the instructions to add a tool to MO2 and put -sse as an argument in both the resources and dyndolod
  2. I agree. I've downloaded DynDOLOD from mega and Nexus. Both are version 2.84. I don't know why it's reading it as 2.81. Is there an older version of the resources available?
  3. Im using Dyndolod stand alone and resources ver 2.84 from the nexus. I keep getting this error: any help would be appreciated
  4. Hi all, I just read the changes to the guide. I'm curious. What is the advantage of using a bashed patch rather than the pre smash merge? Is it safe to rebuild the smash and zpatch on a save?
  5. I messed up my plug in order updating everthing this morning. Can I use Lexy's Modwatch order to manually reorder the plugins?
  6. Hi all, I'm getting lost on the finishing line section of the guide. Should "The Great Equalizer" be included into the pre smash merge? Wrye Bash unchecks it. Are the mods that were in Pre Smash Patch Merged included into the Smash Patch? After this section are the mods resorted with loot back into their original order?
  7. Hi all, quick question regarding mod installation. Are mods installed like SRLE? All as separate mods in the left pane or merged into one through MO. I had read a note to merge them when prompted but couldn't find it on the page now. Thanks
  8. Sorry to hear about your computers problems. I've had my fair share with my builds as well. MB's are usually bullet proof as far as esd damage. Losing your 16x slot is pretty bad. If you remounted your card in the 8x slot and it worked I would still check the 16x slot again. Sometimes larger, heavier cards can get a shaky connection. Especially if the case gets bumped. I would also double check the 8+6 connection on the card and the psu. If all else fails put up a donate option on nexus. At least you can mitigate some of the cost of new gear. https://www.dropbox.com/s/ckwzsgiwhrbb5vr/PC.jpg?dl=0 my new build https://www.dropbox.com/s/uaa8o0i343p6gfc/spm.png?dl=0 20 min of running around the Solitude area. Vanilla SRLE Extended LotD
  9. I found Henry. He has a grey face after replacing the files
  10. Do we need to run DynDOLOD again after updating enhanced vanilla trees and billboards?
  11. 28.17 MyWarmaiden's has been set to hidden by the mod author.
  12. Do I install any textures for: 2. Tomb Textures The guide omits this section of the FOMOD. Thanks
  13. Hi all, I ran into a problem while installing mods for S.T.E.P 2.9.2. I'm not sure if I misclicked something or if it's an error. Somehow the SKSE scripts mod, Fuz Ro Doh and Smart Souls were added to into what looks like a folder. I was installing the mods from 2.F Conflicting Graphics so none of the those mods were selected. I attached a pic of the issue. My thanks in advance for any advice
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