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  1. Is there a separate page for the extended mods? Both of the links posted earlier for the step guide seemed to point to the same mods, though installed in a different manner.
  2. I'm not able to do the benchmarking as instructed with my copy of office being too old (2003) with the instructions working for later versions. Is there a work around?
  3. Thank you for the clarification. I do have the fulll version of loot installed.
  4. I've heard that sorting with mod organizer's sort button is using an older version of loot which defeats the purpose of sorting with the newest loot possible. There is note on the wiki about replacing the loot32.dll in with the one from the newer version of loot to update the sort. Can i i safely ignore MO's warning about mod order if i just ran loot as an executible within MO. Do i need to do anything after hitting apply to have the changes take effect?
  5. Thank you very much. Are these steps so different due to the engine being different, or are these processes just different as an evolution of the older processes? With tes3 most if not all of the work was done in mash where it seems that very little is being done with bash these days.
  6. Is there a benefit to removing the dlc after cleaning with tesvedit? Also, does it work the same with mods that are available only in the steam workshop?
  7. sounds like a plan. Will likely make the changes this weekend just due to schedule stuff
  8. I know that for morrowind GOTY edition there was a different patch than just for the expansions individually. i'll read up on those guides and check out crash fixes. I still suspect that i set up some config file incorrectly or have conflicting mods setup.
  9. The SR:LE guide mentions legendary edition? Will this work with skyrim + all dlc? I'm presuming not due to some .ini and .exe changes that come from a merged file.
  10. I haven't leveled anything yet, as I haven't had the time since making my last post. When i get to rebuilding is there a generally recognized order for adding modifications and doing tweaks? There are guides for doing many of the operations put out by gopher and gamer poets, but i haven't seen a overview. Also is there a guide to mod order? What i recall when i added mods I'd put gameplay mods higher on the list then textures then quests etc. is that the same way i should add for skyrim?
  11. I have done the equivalent. Per the directions found on modderly's video https://modderly.com/skyrim-essential-mods-pack/ created folder named skse, created a .txt file. converted said file to skse.ini pasted text from the website. then added into MO and i went the route of merging the mod though she said she prefers not to. Like i said earlier i think i might have messed some things up with configuration so will start from scratch. I can understand why not, but is there a guide for order of operations?
  12. Where exactly am i supposed to drop those files when using MO and SKSE? found a video that gives instruction on making a skse.ini and including that in the skse faux mod in MO. That does give a change as after the loading screen i'm greeted with a blank screen (can't recall the colour but not black). I'm starting to consider that i need to uninstall everything and redo from scratch as i might have screwed up one of the .ini files. One thing to note is when i looked on my most recent memory log it still stated the default heap size and I had changed that to 768. Not sure why the change didn't copy over.
  13. here is my memory blocks log and here is my performance monitor shot from leaving bleak falls barrow (reproduced ctd)
  14. My first block shows 512 mb of ram which doesn't seem accurate, but when the crash happened it was only using 97mb and heap 2 was using 191mb
  15. I have had ctd's in 1 in whiterun, 1 at river near riverwood and 2 at the same place on exiting bleak falls barrow. None of these involved a great number of actors (that i'm aware of) and none involved combat. My first thought is this may have something to do with a mod in my load order as my patches are up to date with this order. # This file was automatically generated by Mod Organizer.
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