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    If I had to choose, it'd be Realistic Water Two
  1. That is a high enough FOV but it doesn't get rid of my arms being completely out of whack, anything above 75 will be playable for me but my arms are just completely immersion breaking :/
  2. It happens with every single thing you can unsheathe in the game. Bows, swords, spells etc it happens with everything and I was having the issue before installing AGO, I also just tried turning AGO off and starting a new save and it is still the same.
  3. My eyes can typically handle anything thrown at me other than low FOV and any type of motion blur, after buying any game, I'll instantly go into the settings and turn off any blur effects and chance the FOV to 80-110 depending on the game and how it plays.
  4. After playing around with my files a bit, I can confirm it's a problem with my FOV and not FNIS, does anyone know a way of playing on 90-100 FOV without the issue?
  5. I'm not sure because the problem seems to still be there whether or not the Arm Fix is ticked or not and I also go to the default Skyrim FOV of 65 and it is still there with my camera mod on or off
  6. The issue seems to persist even on lower FOV, it is still there unless I go to 40 or lower which is obviously not an option
  7. I tried it with Enhanced Camera turned off and I have a FOV of 100 which hopefully isn't the issue because playing on the default FOV hurts my eyes and I also have no idea what SKGE is, unless you mistyped and was supposed to put SKSE :P
  8. I thought the problem may have been what you mentioned but I tried what you said and it didn't change anything. I chose the Skeleton Arm Fix and Archery Gameplay Overhaul because I also have that mod installed, I had XPMS Skeleton Extended active before getting FNIS and thought that might be the issue but I reinstalled that after getting FNIS and nothing changed, I just tried deleting 'weaponequip.hkx' and was able to play without CTD but deleting it still changed nothing and I still get the problem.
  9. https://imgur.com/a/sloqq That is how my load order currently looks and overwritten files etc, I've tried switching things up and turning on and off other mods but nothing has changed thus far :/
  10. https://imgur.com/a/KS3XJ That is what I see and I have no clue what is causing it, and I have used FNIS with the Skeleton Arm Fix. This also happens with every other item in the game, including spells and torches, any help is greatly appreciated :)
  11. It is installed onto my E drive and it's not in my program files or program files x86, it's in its own folder.
  12. Hey Everyone, I have been searching for hours online to try and find a fix for the issue I'm having but nothing seems to work, changing my load order, enabling/disabling mods, uninstalling/reinstalling mods and even completely uninstalling Skyrim, all my mods and all of the modding tools that I use for Skyrim and nothing has worked thus far, so I am asking you for help. I have FNIS and XPMS Extended Skeleton installed with the Skeleton Arm Fix ticked when FNIS gets run and for some reason, my arms still morph outside of my body when having and weapon drawn or using any spell in first person view only, I thought it was Enhanced Camera messing with the skeleton but I turned it off and nothing changed, my game works perfectly except for this issue so I don't think it's an issue with my load order or any mods I have installed but I'm probably wrong when it comes to that, can anyone help? I will provide more details if need be, I really want this fixed, it's only a small thing but it's completely immersion breaking and I want it gone!!
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