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  1. Looks like Stunning Statues was also causing my Dawnstar crash due to the nearby Shrine of Dibella. Crisis averted.
  2. I'm also crashing when approaching the Shrine of Mehrunes Dagon. Might have something to do with the statue meshes. Edit: Nevermind, I installed the Stunning Statues mod wrong. What exactly does this line mean "Idiot Check: Make sure you have ss in statuessnow folder name otherwise you will CTD near statues."?
  3. For some reason I crash whenever I walk in and out of Dawnstar. I can fast travel to and from it just fine, but if I start walking away from it I always crash past a certain point. Up until that my game has been very stable.
  4. What mod is it that adds all the random paintings on the walls? I'm not a big fan of them and would like to turn them off. Edit: Nevermind I found it. Snazzy's Furniture
  5. So I found a simple fix. The issue comes from RealisticWaterTwo, and the patch for RW2 and Audio Overhaul is included in the Audio Patches Merged.esp. Simply have have Audio Patches Merged.esp load after Realistic Water Two in LOOT and it fixes the issue.
  6. I did find that actually. I got the animations from another mod and saved the plugin in CK and it's working well. Thanks
  7. Has the Dual Wield Block for SKSE been converted yet? I was planning on going Spellsword, but not being able to block with Wildcat is really difficult.
  8. I managed to fix my problem. Turns out I installed the alpha version of RaceMenu wrong and which had some incompatible HUD features. Once I reinstalled it everything worked fine.
  9. That was the problem. Lesson learned. Back to narrowing down the other crashes.
  10. So this is interesting. I tried to replicate the crash and went around spam looting (by that I mean clicking the items in their inventory as fast as I can) all the bandits. I was able to replicate the crash three times, only on women. I even went out of my way to go find a random civilian woman and killed her which also caused the crash when I looted from her. I googled it and apparently another person had the same issue with UNP. I'm going to enable the vanilla armor meshes for UNP and try again. Edit: I'm dumb. I didn't have the skeleton activated. Let's see if the crash happens now.
  11. All mods: https://modwat.ch/u/cyan/plugins My debug profile: https://modwat.ch/u/cyan2/plugins
  12. Loaded at Treva and killed all the bandits there, turned on godmode and ran towards Riften killing everything in my path. I managed to crash again as I was quickly looting a body just like how I crashed last time.
  13. So with everything loaded my crashes would happen in the same spot everytime as soon as I walked past a certain point from where I spawned. I've loaded up to UNP Blessed Body (if you use the guide as a reference). No major gameplay changes, no new weapons or items, no AI or NPC overhauls yet. My test path is from the Inn in Ivarstead to Treva's Watch where I fight all the bandits till they're dead and then start over. This time I went through everything, performance was fine and I killed one bandit at Treva's Watch, looted some iron arrows, her bow, and hide boots, and then instant CTD. Any ideas what could be causing that? Most of the mods I have enabled only change textures and meshes, and none of them change that area or combat, or any of the items she had on her.
  14. I've managed to narrow it down to one of the last 80 mods. Edit: so now I'm getting an issue where one of the mods I'm enabling puts Skyrim into an infinite loading screen. The game starts up and I see the logo, but the loading symbol on the bottom right just spins indefinitely.
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