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  1. Apparently, the NVIDIA Inspector settings made a hell of a difference! Thanks so, so much. I chose the Vlindrel AS LAL start and walked around Markarth a bit. At first I did have stutters and un-smooth framedrops to 56/57 FPS, but when I left the city it was suddenly wonderfully smooth. I spend some time admiring the soft snowfall over the Reach before I fast traveled to a farm near Whiterun. On the way to the city I had a noticable stutter but it was the first since I left Markarth so I suppose I can live with that. Inside Whiterun my framerate stayed at 60 FPS and everything was fine. All in all, I think that framedrops still cause stuttering but at least everything's fine as long as I keep 60 FPS. As soon as I add JK's Lite, SkySight and InconNPCs that is going to change inside cities though, so I guess I'd better find a way to smooth out my framerate when it dips below 60 FPS. I'd also like to limit my FPS to 58 but that's still not working. Aaaaand I got to figure out why I crashed in a previous test after walking south from Windhelm. -.- Thanks again! It's a lot better now. =)
  2. Ah, I'm sorry if that was unclear. My "spiced up" modlist includes A Bleak Vivid Weathers ENB.
  3. Thank you both for your replies! https://www.modwat.ch/u/Shadea - now with slightly spiced up graphics (and .ini's). My NVIDIA Inspector settings are different, I'll change them right now. I've also tried to cap my FPS to 58 but that did not work. The settings I have right now are pretty good, I only have the occasional stutter when turning. People told me that issue could be eliminated completely by using an SSD but that's apparently not true for me. The game feels generally wonky, though. I guess a true smooth Skyrim experience is not possible. I'm worried about how my performance will be once I add my (loooong) modlist.
  4. It's still not what I'd call smooth, but it's playable now with a light weight ENB and 2k HD. I do hope someone comes up with a fix. =/
  5. I went through that, gradually increasing from 128 to 1024... didn't help. Also had 4064 instead of 3714. However, that was with mods. I'll test that now with my almost-vanilla setup, thank you.
  6. Already asked on the modding subreddit, but neither I nor the (very kind!) subreddit users could come up with a solution so I figured this was the best place to ask for help, because I'm tearing out my hair here. The main problem is ENB. I removed my preset and with only ENBoost I had the most annoying screen tearing (?) and stuttering issues. Installing an SSD helped a bit. As soon as the d3d9.dll is gone the problem is almost gone. Even with Vanilla (all DLC and cleaned) + STEP Textures + USLEEP + UHRP + SkyUI + SKSE + OneTweak + Crash Fixes I have screen tearing when turning around and occasional stutters. Framerate is stable, but it does not feel smooth at all. i5 4570 4x3,2GHZ EVGA GTX 1070 FE 8192MB 8GB RAM Win10 Using Mod Organizer. [MEMORY] ExpandSystemMemoryX64=false ReduceSystemMemoryUsage=true DisableDriverMemoryManager=false DisablePreloadToVRAM=false EnableUnsafeMemoryHacks=false ReservedMemorySizeMb=64 VideoMemorySizeMb=3714 EnableCompression=false AutodetectVideoMemorySize=false [THREADS] DataSyncMode=0 PriorityMode=0 EnableUnsafeFixes=false Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini generated with spINI. As I said, main issue is ENB, but I rolled back to vanilla today and with my minimal base mod list and no ENBoost some stuttering still occurs. I've tried every fix I could find on the internet and nothing helped. Any advice or help would be very much appreciated!
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