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  1. Any plans to update the latest DDL 3.0 with Enderal SE support in the near future?
  2. Could I convince one of you awesome people to PM me a link to the latest Undeath Classical Lichdom? It'd be greatly appreciated. :)
  3. ********. You broke your setup and, even with one of the easiest to follow and best written guides to help and all of the people out there willing and able to assist, were still somehow unable to get things working. If you don't like the concept of the mods he chose to add that's one thing... but don't go hating on his stuff instead of taking responsibility for your own modding failure.
  4. At this point you should consider using Ultimate Skyrim by Belmont Boy rather than my outdated guide. It will still work but it requires much more end-user capability and experience than most possess at this point. Having said that... to address your actual question... just use Blended Roads instead.
  5. I suggest using Ultimate Skyrim by belmontboy as he's currently updating it for Requiem 2.0 You can find more information at /r/ultimateskyrim
  6. Edit is disabled after 15 minutes. Good luck with the rest of the guide. I hope you wind up with something you can enjoy. :)
  7. When I set TextureMemoryBudget=4096 with my 8GB 1080 I get very blurry textures and the texture slider is reset to low. Dragging it back up to max fixes all the textures in game but that sets it back to 1600 it seems.
  8. I keep seeing "Plugin.txt" you are really talking about "Plugins.txt" right? It's just a typo? Because if the file is really called "Plugin.txt" then that would explain why it's not working...
  9. Kordac you're not seeing the load order change because it already changed the very first time you pasted the file in. The message you're seeing is simply WB telling you the plugins.txt had mods listed that you don't have installed... Which is an accurate statement since you haven't finished the guide yet..
  10. It's been a year since the last guide update. I don't plan on doing any work on this until after Requiem 2.0 releases. There have been some people within the last month or so completing the guide with success so it must still be relatively relevant...
  11. People were asking for some visuals of the guide... here ya go I'm a terrible picture taker but it should give you some ideas. Those are all of Cyrodiil I'll take some of the Morrowind side tomorrow. I need to look into a bit of optimization soon to make sure that when things spike it still stays in a playable range. Cyrodiil is almost good enough but the morrowind side needs some love. I play at 3440x1440 so I'm punished pretty hard right out of the box heh. For sure. My Open-MW is basically the Cynderal guide tweaked as appropriate. I like what I ended up with and using MO it was pretty straight forward. I couldn't quite get modset working with mlox at the time so I simply temporarily pasted all of my esp and esm over into the morrowind dir and ran mlox to generate the load order. I applied it the load order from mlox using the OpenMW launcher and let modset automatically manage the data= entries based on MO left pane.
  12. OpenMW is already totally playable as far as the questlines are concerned, performs great, looks great and is compatible with all standard mods. By standard I mean mods not depending on third party extensions like MWSE, MCP and MGXE. This leaves you with actually the bulk of the morrowind mod catalog available to use right now. It's possible to configure modorganizer and mlox to work with OpenMW as well to keep things familiar. Look up a tool called modset on the morrowind nexus. A good guide exists at /r/tes3mods for really pimping it out visually and installing a few quest mods as well. It could definitely be improved upon but it's a really good starting place for getting your toes wet with OpenMW. I don't think it's wise to continue investing time into the original Morrowind now that OpenMW has reached critical mass.
  13. Nope but we do need to add configuration instructions.
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