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  1. I was able to get past the DynDOLOD Open Cities process by doing the following (as advised on DynDOLOD thread): 1. Generate static/tree LOD for Tamriel without Open Cities, move output to mod 2. Generate dynamic LOD for Tamriel with Open Cities, merge output to mod 3. Generate static/tree/dynamic for all other worldspaces but not for Tamriel, merge output to mod I don't know if their next release will fix this issue or if this will be the new process. Another question I have...should I be running all the patching steps with Helgen Reborn unchecked in MO? I left it on but now I can't uncheck it to start my game without also unchecking the Dual Sheath Redux Patch because it's a considered a master. I also don't know if this effects the other patching steps like DynDOLOD or the Reqtificator.
  2. I guess that's true :-). Just wanted to let you know that this ran successfully. I haven't had a chance to jump into the game to test out the results but will report back. Thanks for you help!
  3. Not sure if I'm following your directions properly. When I tried this, the third step generated another DynDOLOD.esp file. If I just merge the output of step 3 into the Tamriel only mod, it overwrites the previous DynDOLOD.esp. Is that ok?
  4. Thanks for the quick response! Just like to clarify since I'm somewhat new to this. I'm installing the Everything + The Kitchen Sink STEP Pack. I'm trying to run through the 2 step process when using the Open Cities mod. In order to get the DynDOLOD step to work, I excluded worlds Wyrmstooth, Falskaar, and FalmerValley. Once complete, I add the DynDOLOD Output Mod per instructions. Should I now run through the DynDOLOD step again for the remaining 3 worlds with the previously generated DynDOLOD Output mod included? Do I need to run the generate the TexGen.exe LODs again? I assume no. Do I run through the same 2 step process (i.e. excluding the Open Cities MOD in the static run, then running the dynamic run)? When I tried this, it won't let me load the DynDOLOD.esp in the static run since it's dependent on Open Cities.
  5. Thanks, but it's not Birds. The new version of DynDOLOD warns you if you have this esp loaded. It's looks like a bug with the new version: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/5011-dynamic-distant-objects-lod-dyndolod-210/page-293?do=findComment&comment=171049 which the authors are saying will be fixed in the next version. I first got stuck using version 2.10. Also, just tried 2.11 which was released 2 days ago but it still failed. I can only get this step to work if I exclude the Wyrmstooth, Falskaar, and FalmerValley worlds. Authors say you can do a 3rd pass afterwards using the dyndolod.esp generated and including the other worlds. Haven't tried that yet.
  6. How do you do a third pass? Is this done after the Dynamic distant detail run with just the worlds that failed?
  7. Hello, Hoping you may be able to help. I'm probably over my head with this STEP Pack given my inexperience using Mods. I was able to install the STEP Extended successfully and I've followed to the letter so far. I'm currently stuck on DynDOLOD step. I'm able to complete the first step to "Generate LODs". But in step 2, the DynDOLOD program is freezes when I try to run it. I'm able to select the worlds and setting per your instructions. Once it starts running, it freezes. Last line in the log says: "Updating xxx base records". I've successfully run the worlds separately but when I run them all together, it locks up. I'm wondering if I got something wrong in previously steps that would have caused this issue now. Any ideas what could be causing DynDOLOD to lock up? Should I post this in the DynDOLOD forum thread instead? Thanks!
  8. I think I found another issue with the instructions. Again, probably because of an updated mod version. From instructions: ************************************** Interesting NPCs Patches Interesting NPCs Followers Perk Addon3DNPC Followers Perk Addon - Requiem Edition v2There are 2 patches Install 3DNPCs main file first Then Install Update V3.10Note: Unzip, open up and merge the Data folder (overwriting) into the Main Data folderOr just read the NOTE ON INSTALLATION - READ FIRST.txt file :)Then install 3DNPC Patch File V3.18Same as aboveSource: Pack:Explorers_Guide **************************************** I think the 2 lines in red should be just to install the main file which is already version 3.10. Let me know if this is correct.
  9. Hi Mr Moal, I'm in the process of installing this pack and came across some confusing instructions (to me at least). In The Ruffled Feather section it says: No need to reinstall. Patches Falskaaronly need to patch if using WATERELFX Already CompatibleFarmhouse Chimneys Optional Stacks,Decrease Those Plants (both options),Just Ice,Moss Rocks - LegendarySuped-Up Stalhrim 1K.Also the Enhanced Distant Terrain optional file Am I supposed to install a patch file here? Or should I reinstall? The version on the site is 4.3.0 and the one on your Modlist is 4.2.2. If I re-install and select custom, the first 3 options on your list not available but the rest are available. Any guidance would be appreciated! Thanks in advance.
  10. I'm a new to this site (been on for a little over a week). I thought the slow site was normal. It's usually faster in the evening for me.
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