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  1. cool thx :) just tried it and decided i will wait till it is out of beta. now i begin step 20.
  2. another question if I don't install Ravengate - Riften Underground (the fight club arena thingy under Riften) i should be okay for all the LOTD patches right ? I installed the patch just to check the masters and did not seem to see it in there.
  3. yes this one Lexy's LoTD SE - Conflict Resolution I only added iActivate, SkyHUD, TK Dodge, Unread Books Glow & Lore Screens should be okay. ps: last question ^^ is there an FAQ so I won't come and bombard questions over here. I'm not even 1/3 through the guide and so many questions :p
  4. Where can I find the info on what is included within LOTD's Consistency Patches ? I want to make sure not to install any mod patches, (or mods that could break it), that may already be included in them.
  5. Lockpick Pro is simply an interface mod. Lock Overhaul is a scripted mod with mcm that modifies and adds new ways of opening locks through scripts. Not the same :) I've been testing it a bit today and seems to work well, using the mcm settings mentioned in the guide. But i'm not near ordinator yet. Should ask Shesson over here. He answers quite quickly.
  6. I was looking around for info about Lock Overhaul settings and found a few comments in the comment section that ring red flags for me about compatibility with Ordinator. I was wondering if this is a current issue for anyone who is playing the guide atm ?
  7. The only mods that will affect Sacrosanct are mods which modify the same thing. I have used Sacrosanct with USSEP before on a heavily modded SSE and never had that window appear. Check here and make sure you don't have any incompatible mods and have any patches needed.
  8. Alright good to know :) is there an area in the guide where it mentions which settings we should be using for SSE Engine Fixes ? I have it on default for now with autosaves switched to normal saves.
  9. Just wondering in the guide it mentions to install XPMSSE v4.32. Well this requires either Racemenu / SKEE. SKEE is known to be highly unstable and the cause of CTDs on load. To "sorta" fix this we need SSE Engine Fixes 2.9. But that too isn't entirely stable and has a few settings mentioned to cause instability and/or CTDs and this which has not been fixed cause he mentions taking a break on the 11th of june and has not been back yet. So with these 3 mods in the guide I am wondering how stable will the guide be ? I'm not trying to question the guide in a bad way I'm just wondering If i take the time to do the entire guide like it is written will i be okay or am I gonna hit a plethora of problems with these 3 mods ? How is this all working for you ?
  10. so simply attempt to load into the game alright. I guess I could do a SOT 28 Step Stress Test once i'm further into the guide. :)
  11. Heya :) I've just finished the "Prerequisites" and about to start on Part 12... U mention to test after each part. so I was wondering if u have a certain "parkour" for the testing ?
  12. Hola sheso :) redid dyndo last night, played all night :) this time i only used the TreeLod=0 . Now using 3D Trees. all works fines. only got 2 ctd during the whole night but reloading game and they didn't repeat, probably some memory thingy from playing soo long xD thanks :)
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