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  1. Darth, While you're at it: Block 6\ Sub-Block 7 \ 0001B08D <IvarsteadVilemyInn> \ Persistent \ 00064621 Placed NPC <Derkeethus> "Derkeethus" Conflict Resolution: Use record from Darkwater Crossing.esp then move Data - Flags from Inigo.espProblem Resolved: Changes from Darkwater crossing and Inigo needed to be merged. I noticed that conflict resolution needs a little love. It's just a typo but had me scratching my head for a good 30 seconds while I was following your guide. :) 0001B08D is the correct ID that needs to be changed, rather than 00064621. 00064621 corresponds to the record listed immediately above in the CR guide, concerning a bed. And also, I don't think there are Data - Flags for that record, I think it was Record Flags that needed to be moved from Inigo to the CR override. Hope this helps! Thank you for all of your hard work.
  2. I think I recall the Bijin Warmaidens mod author mentioning that you could try Female Facial Animation (already in SRLE:E) to fix that. I haven't had problems with it but one thing I noticed is that there is some new dialogue added by ESF: Companions that doesn't have any voice to it - that might have something to do with it. I did my own custom conflict resolution for Aela by using the ESF: Companions record, and just copying over default outfit, head parts, lighting, tint masks, etc from Bijin. Keep in mind that some of the visual records that ESF: Companions has for Aela should be deleted. Just look through the Aela the Huntress NPC Actor record and make sure your CR override has all the functional stuff from ESF: Companions and the visual stuff from Bijin. I'm at work now so I can't quite look in the TES5Edit records myself, but that may be something you want to check out.
  3. Thank you, this is very helpful. I was leaning towards using MT: Essentials and Werewolf Mastery for my "awoooo werewolves in london" fix. It is good to hear that you have had success with this.
  4. Hey guys, has anyone experimented with additional Werewolf mods with SRLE:E? I am using the MT: Werewolf and Werebears Essentials as recommended by SRLE, but I am interested in expanding werewolf play further. I figured a lot of folks here add or subtract from SRLE/:E based on personal preferences, so this would be a great place to ask. There are several options available: Werewolf MasteryThe Overhaul version of MTSmall Paradox Werewolf Changes (PWC) "minimods" available through SteamA few Werewolf-only perk additions on NexusI'd like to simply be able to go into werewolf form whenever I want, without a cooldown. But I am unsure if any of the above mods would interfere with the spirit and stability of SRLE. If you successfully use any additional werewolf mods, I would be very happy to hear about it. As a side note, I've tried a few extra mods that I want to report on: Skytweak - I tried this as an alternative to VioLens to get rid of the killmoves. I found that it would not reduce the kill move frequency, and would get stuck at 50%. Others (not using SRLE:E) have reported that this feature works, but it doesn't seem to work for me. I am unsure what the conflict is. I will deactivate this and go with VioLens.The Hideaway - A Buildable Cave Home - Works great!Morskom Estate - Works great, but conflicts with NSUTR - Merged. It adds in a new building in Dawnstar without removing a building at the same location. Load after NSUTR - Merged to resolve. Minor conflict resolution in Worldspace may or may not be necessary.Jaxonz Positioner/Furniture - Works great!
  5. Yeah, extract everything in EVT 1.3 to a folder and you can freely look around at what's in there. It looks like there are a bunch of different options for the treepineforestbranchcomp.dds. The ones selected for the Large Custom Trees option are not great looking. Recommend selection of one of Vurt's options for that same texture. This also could be helpful for people using ENBs to tweak their tree textures/LODs. There's also an empty "nexus sux ass.txt".
  6. What about using Vurt's pine foliage textures thats already in the EVT 1.3 FOMOD? Will that help?
  7. I actually kind of like all the other things that EVT does. Reducing the tree size isn't the worst thing in the world. The bark textures look good enough to me that I'm not even using Trees HD.
  8. Hey guys, I was tooling around in TES5Edit making my own CR patch, and noticed a few things in leveled lists from Bring Your Silver that probably shouldn't be "winning" conflicts: \ Leveled Item \ 0009BC2F <LItemBlacksmithArrows75> Leveled Item \ 0010E0DB <LItemArrowsAllRandomLoot> These items seem to involve arrows, and overwrite Morrowloot Ultimate. I went digging to see if BYS is indeed compatible with MLU, and found this statement from the author when questioned about it: "Compatible but a bashed patch is recommended since i made i added a few itens to the leveled list, otherwise just place MLU after ByS in your load order. " I recommend either adding a LOOT rule to put MLU after BYS, or taking another look through the Conflict Resolution to look for incompatibilities. I am uncertain which is the best way to go.
  9. I use NLVA with SRLE:E. I really like the way it looks. Vividian seems to me like theres some kind of dank cloud everywhere, I can't quite describe it well. I just never really liked the way it looked in screenshots. To install it as the mod author suggests, you first install VW, then deactivate the VW esp (set it to optional in MO). Then install NLVA, and the NLVA esp deals with weathers. No patches required for AOS or Falskaar or anything like that. Then you grab the NLVA enb files and install them per usual. I use it with ELE (interior only) and Relighting Skyrim. I do not use ELFX. If the inside is too dark, open up the enb console in game (shift enter), go to effect, then look for Gamma Interior. It's default set to 1.3 or something. Drop it to 1.2 or 1.1 and the insides look much better. I am also including a screenshot of the relevant MO entries, just so you can see how it looks for my screen: Link if the image does not work: https://i.imgur.com/X4JuGUe.png
  10. Thank you for clarifying! Regarding AH Hotkeys, what do you think of using Grimy Utilities instead? It seems to have a hotkey function as well.
  11. Hey folks, I've got a quick question for you. I've finished up my conflict resolution (finally) for SRLE:E. Instead of having an SRLE conflict resolution and a separate SRLE:E conflict resolution ESP, I've just made a single one. I noticed that the SRLE conflict resolution is supposed to have the DELEV and RELEV bash tags. However, it seems like the SRLE:E conflict resolution has only the DELEV bash tag. Is it okay to just have one conflict resolution ESP and just have the DELEV bashed tag, or should I go with two separate conflict resolution esps? I appreciate the time spend on this guide and all the comments/feedback. They are really helpful!
  12. Hey guys, I have a brief question about Enhanced Landscapes. I noticed that in the SRLE:E install for EL, it recommends the installation of Vanilla billboards. Is this necessary if Vanilla billboards from TES5LODGEN are already installed per SRLE? I'm not using SFO, but will obviously be using DynDOLOD. I'm curious if it's just redundant, or if there is some essential information from the billboards supplied by EL that is actually needed for the install.
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