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  1. Like that? An then rerun dyndolod?
  2. What can cause that sort of glitch? In all other places was no problem for now, all woks fine. I have only one global structure enhanced mods JKs skyrim https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/6289 And terrain redone. https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/search/ I install dyndolod from above after install them. If i uncheck dyndo it load that place without any issue. Those were are my options settings on medium.
  3. Ok i check this. Thanks. My dyndolod folder is in skyrim folder. Maybe that cause those errors. But it not always that. One install it good other the same after that broken. And, about those billboards. I install those from here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/11446/?tab=files I try vanilla medium and other lush variants but they all have many lods like this It I do something wrong or it mistake of this specific billbords? And on nexus page screens from those billboards author had Vurts snow tree (left upper corner) How that possible to do? I need find somewhere Vurt snow tree standalone and billboards for them? Otherwise it is not possible? Because I search and not find anything like this for now. And vanilla snow tree lod is so bad that my ayes are melting(and Vurts regular pine tree(full close 3d model i mean) in flora overhauls for sse look worse then vanilla). And one more thing. I think that is not cause with dyndoload but maybe there a way to fix it some how ? I talking about that huge hols on horizon in sea. PS
  4. 90I just realize that every time that i run dyndo it every time do different size file(250-900mb). Some time it almost dont heave any distance lod. An reason of that I think it randomly error message of those black screens that appears along the way generating lod process. In first I think that maybe that is not important and those error windows are some bug by the incorrect exit processes of that program when they finish their jobs. But seams they just randomly brake. Heave any idea what can cause those errors? TextGen always run good.
  5. Is there any way to enhance tree lod? Besides 3d model on full map. It is to heavy, and aspen tree looks kind of bold in far distance. Or maybe somehow just little bit move lod farther away? Something like wider ugridstoload range but just for the trees only? Especially ugly looks lush or/and bigger tree. And snow tree. Those are just a disaster for ayes. Looks like colored cardboard Ñ…D And how I understand it is not recommended to expand default ugridstoload settings. Or in sse it be okay? I mean, spend lot of time not for reading, but rather for see it in game. There almost no pictures to compere in those all optional setting, especially in sse, and for test each off them and do screens to compere, it take a lot of time. That what i wanted to say. If there was lot of good screens examples for each settings, like those two screens in dyndolod wizard, I would understand that they do even on Chinese =) And those all billboards don't match to sse? https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/62698/?tab=files *Sorry for overposting I dont see a way to merge post or edit them after couple minutes later.*
  6. Those 2 screens are all at medium. First is closer and second is further, right after near lod of bigger rock disappears. I look little bit at that faq but it kind of to complicate for me. I kind of those, more "regular" people, who need to many time to understand that all staff Ñ…D But, if just in two words, and very simple, those settings, especially two from right, they are give big impact on quality/performance? if they are on/off further/closer? I just want go optimal for quality/performance setting but without going to deep in all that staff if it possible. In fact I already try High and Medium preset(but to compere them all and understand who is who in quality/fps drops need to many time) and did not notice a significant difference in performance and in quality on my 1066tgx. But in addition I install other relatively heavy mods like verdant grass or enhance/lush tree etc. An they hit hard in some locations. And if it possible I want safe a couple extra fps in that area were i didn't see significant improvement.
  7. Thanks. That is very good. One more thing, that I notice. If I set settings to medium, it some times give me kind of weird lod logic. Like in that pictures, were bigger object are "turn off" and smaller can be seeing on much more father distance. That suppose to be? or it some kind of bug? And pleas can you write or show me were I can read about that settings more detailed? and better with screens because I em not quite understated them from descriptions(lack of English knowledge).
  8. UP I found the target. It was Dyndolod Resources. They where damage. There was missing files for some reasons.
  9. I dont see anything like that. All seams work like before. I dont change noting else. Except once try generate lod with SSELODGen right before that. It can some how cause that kind of problem? Ok. But can I build Dyndolod just with couple basic mods which are really needs that lods, and after that install all other ? Or it can brake dyndolod/game somehow?
  10. And one more ting want ask. Can I do lodgen just for base mod that i want/those who need lod generate, and after that just install all others? I mean, if i do lodgen after i install all my mods then dyndolod be hard connect to them. For example it be needed such mods like music rework or SkyTEST animals and predator to work. But they is totally different area mods. And if i want to turn some off them off, I will need reinstall all dyndo over again.
  11. I don't no what happened, it works fine couple times, but after i try change output folders to optimize copy/paste process, it soddenly stop worked at that line lod generation I to change may load order and couple mods sins last success dyndolod use. But noting more. It just dont respond now and do nothing after that mesh line. I try change outputs directions to default but it has no affect.
  12. All my loads order programs shows this, but it still give me the same error in texgen&dyndolod What else I can do to make it work?
  13. But it is... and all other similar files(like SkyTEST) that cause the same error are on top, that is my load order in MO with Loot sorting:
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