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  1. It definitely has to do with the texture mod merge pack, since it went away when i removed it from my game. Somehow the skin texture must have got corrupted either while merging or after at some point. I'll try to remerge and see if it clears the issue up.
  2. Anybody have any idea what the cause of this is? or how I could go about fixing it?
  3. just a heads up, but apparently Animals and Monsters Wind Enhancement Hairworks is no longer on the nexus at this time
  4. Well I just tried my third fresh install just to be sure that I was not doing anything wrong, and I still get those same script compilation errors from above between primer and FHUD. Followed the guide religiously and nope nothing... There must be something really wrong with my computer I guess, I just don't know. I can't waste anymore time on this though, so I'm trashing Primer. It's not worth all of this.
  5. yeah I checked the scripts on the second fresh install because I figured that was the issue, but nope sadly it didn't fix anything. My guess is that it's just something I'm missing at the moment since you said it works perfectly fine for you. I'm just gonna take a break from it and come back once I have a clearer head because right now I'm pretty fed up with it. This is something I thought was only gonna take 3-4 hours but instead has taken 3 days and I still can't figure it out... that's modding for you XD It'll probably be something stupid whenever I figure it out too.
  6. You see that's the weird part I'm doing it exactly how the guide says to, but it still gives me script compilation errors. I've tried two different times both times with fresh installs... and still nothing.
  7. So I did some more looking into my problem from above and it turns out it's definitely a issue between Primer and FriendlyHUD. I can remove FHUD and the game will start perfectly with just primer, and I can also just remove primer and the game starts perfectly with just FHUD... there's definitely something screwy going on and it's just totally beyond me at the moment. I'm just gonna forego primer for now until somebody can figure out the problem... it's a shame though I really liked how challenging it made the game. If anyone can figure out the problem or actually has the two mods working together please let me know what you did so I can try to replicate it.
  8. So i finally decide to start modding my game again, I completely started over using your guide as a baseline. I get up to the point where you have to install FriendlyHUD in your guide and then I start getting script errors... I've installed the primer patch and i have NOT merged the alchemyMenu.ws like stated and i can't figure out what the hell is going on here. It happens only after installing FHUD. Please help :)
  9. Just a heads up enhancement system has been updated for 1.22
  10. Holy **** this is a nightmare at the moment... I think I'll just take a break from this game for a few weeks and play something else until everything is sorted out and then I'll come back and start from scratch. hopefully CDPR doesn't decide to release another patch in a week or two... lol
  11. well that sucks... guess I won't be playing this for a few days, bummer.
  12. yeah I figured. no it doesn't take that long, but if there was a way to avoid that I would... lol thanks
  13. Is there a way to update script merger without losing all my merges? or do I have to re-merge everything every time a update is released?
  14. Primer is a great addition, I was playing around with it last night and my god... It changes the way I approach combat in this game, there's like a whole new layer to the game now and I like that a lot. Not to mention it makes the game pretty challenging, there's been a few times where I got killed because I either a.) Didn't take the time to prepare enough before the fight and/or b.) couldn't find a opening in combat to heal myself. The animations are so good, really adds that last bit of realism/immersion while adding in a layer of difficulty to the combat. I've noticed an issue with the setup. Primarily that if your using FriendlyHUD's quick items in radial menu feature which allows you tab into the radial menu and then use potions/oil/bombs on the fly with the number keys without having to go into the inventory and switch, if you take a potion this way it will not activate the animation when you tab out... although for some reason the oil animation does still work this way. Sorry if this has already been reflected in the guide, I didn't check. Maybe add a note in the FHUD configuration to turn off the quick item module. haven't installed Enhanced Armors yet, but it was one of the mods I was waiting for to get updated, sure to be great!
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