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  1. i do not think it's the CR (or maybe, hell if i know) - but it looks exacly like the moonpath-rrre patch is not working. pic i've tried reinstalling the patch, saving+loading also no khajit inside - though i didnt actually play to level 5, just ran around and tested stuff
  2. so i've finished the guide today. can't wait till i start playing finally :) so i started a new game for a bit of testing after completeing the guide - went to the dead man's drink in falkreath and, well, a problem there was still a picture hanging in mid air and an oven in the way of khajit caravan. does anyone have an idea what i missed? the load order for the *important files* is: moonpath realistic room rental moonpath - rrre patch conflict reslution
  3. Can someone please explain to me the fourth step of post bash patch creation? 3. Right click --> Apply Script --> AT QuickChange 2.5. 4. Do a restore function, ENTER LVLD into the text field, select Scarcity - Less Loot Mod.esp from the drop down box. 5. Hit OK, and wait until Automation Tools has finishing running. 6. Save your bashed patch and enjoy not getting loot. * i've installed automation tools at the begining of the guide. * after step 3, tes5edit asks me for a <path> and <value>. do i type in anything?
  4. nevermind, it's already updated :)
  5. + revenge of the enemies 2016 patches. a question, since i'm exacly at this step: the author has put almost all optional files in the main FOMOD installer. Now that's great. I only don't know about one patch - the HLE-SIC patch. is it okay if i install HLE and SIC patches seperately (in FOMOD installer) or should i rather get the combined HLE-SIC patch (which you list on the guide), that is still unchanged in optionals?
  6. OMG i didn't add -forcesteamloader. addind it fixed it.
  7. I tried the memory blocks log... since dyndolod doesnt work, i could only try without it. and every time, it said that both blocks use 256MB (the weird thing is, that block 1 always ends at exacly 256 although i have it set to higher in SKSE.ini
  8. For God's sake, getting infinite loading screen because of DynDOLOD (both med and low). Scouring through google, though I cannot find a fix.
  9. also - because 2 new esps popped up in the right panel: GQJ_DG_vampireamultefix and Complete Crafting_TrueWeaponsLvlLists guessing i should activate those
  10. Oh the joy of finishing. Only in-game MCM config left :) Since i'm being overly careful, and i have a feeling that every little mistake will break my game, a quick question: Do i run LOOT at the very end (which will probably shuffle my load order), and after that Wyre Bash, cuz the load order changed, and after that SUM?
  11. Even though i completed this guide before, some problems keep popping up :/ 1. Irileth - look at the scar on her chin. When she speaks, one scar moves, and the second? stays in place i just finished the Skin and Body step. (for some reason i cannot upload pictures here) - link: https://imgur.com/FQIIb8p
  12. @Paul - I just didn't want to skip ahead of the guide :P so now i'm at the step which made me not install Falskaar before. don't know if this is a common DDsopt problem, or not (made some screencaps) - i run the program as admin, select falskaar folder on top, and "optimized" folder inside falskaar folder at the bottom. i leave the compression as is, since it's correct. then BAM - cannot create the optimized (x10?) folder - even if it's already created or not. tried both x32 and x64 versions of DDsopt *edit: oh oh it's working now. i had to put the output folder somewhere else (desktop) instead of in the falskaar mod!
  13. actually.. this fixed it. Sitting through the card ride intro is a bit nauseating, since i've done it so many times, i guess i just didn't want to start a new game + it didnt seem logical that it would actually work, since unofficial patches shouldn't cause any problems. anyway, that was just another dumb question from my side. thanks for helping :)
  14. i don't even have FNIS yet. this is like the third step of the guide. i installed skse, cleaned esms, tweaked the .ini files - and then come the unofficial patches. (and this is the second time it happened)
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