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  1. Hello, I've been having this odd bug with this mod. The MCM menu doesn't work well with this mod as options I tick do not actually work (such as not activating crosshair when looking at interactables), when I crouch, all crosshair disappears (no aiming for third person unless I eyeball it) and when I look at interactablesthe crosshair shows up and never goes away. I'd appreciate some help!
  2. Thanks for the response, but I already am aware of most of the things you've mentioned. My skyrim is definitely vanilla, since I deleted everything clean before resintalling off steam. I was actually hoping to have a more convenient conversation with someone like you who can give more in-depth explanations.
  3. Hello, I've installed MO and got myself a clean skyrim install to match it. Afterwards, I went through Gamerpoet's videos to install my mods, but a number of things went wrong as soon as I started playing the game: A) Certain quest mods starting prematurely (Frostfall, etc.) B) XPMSE skeleton not providing "styles", which leads to Dual Sheath Redux to operate improperly as well C) I don't know how to make sure that XPMSE is not overwritten so it stays on top of everything. The videos and guides are nice, but they tend to speak against each other, which confuses me. A lot of extra notes that give warning or small steps just further leave me in bewilderment. I'd really appreciate someone spending some time to elaborate on the simple steps to at least have my game running somewhat decently. I can list my mod list if necessary. Thank you for your time.
  4. I made a new character just to test it out. It appears that the Markarth guards no longer snap into nonexistence, but after playing roughly an hour in, I came across a group of forsworn that suffered the same issue. They turned invisible, and while could still attack with bows and their melee weapons, they dealt no damage and could no longer move from where they disappeared from! They tend to disappear after striking the player character, but sometimes they also snap out when simply running.
  5. After using TCL and checking undergound, it appears that they are invisible. Last I checked, it is either the mod "Wet and Cold" or the armor is not compatible. Anyone know which one this case could be?
  6. I don't seem to have trouble with guards of other cities but the guards in Markarth has a peculiar habit of becoming one with the earth as soon as I get close enough to them. So, in short, when I come across them, they turn "invisible" to some degree, although it soon became clear by my character's headtracking and the noise they make that they are displaced into the ground they stand on. What is peculiar is that they still have collision where their body should be. Anyone know what might be causing this funny bug?
  7. After testing out one mod after another, it appears that one of the mods I've added into the organizer results in the wryebash producing a patch that ends up linking itself to the essential .esm. I will sort through until I find the culprit. Thank you all for your help, but I think it won't be long before I find an answer. Before I do go, is there a possibility that a long list of mods would undermine the wrye-bash's ability to patch?
  8. Yes. I have uninstalled all my mods and undone skyrim, Wryebash, Mod Organizer and reinstalled. After doing so, I am now doing bitesize installation of mods. There is a mod I suspect that may be at fault. Otherwise, perhaps a fresh install of those components was all I need!
  9. Ah, in that case it should not be. I don't really have an anti-virus installed that would do such a thing. Fairly mild stuff. As far as I could tell, it may be mod organizer functioning improperly.
  10. I see. Thank you, this may be the necessary insight I needed. Although I must ask, what is an AV patch? Is it for textures? I wasn't aware that a mod included in the Wrye Bash patch would cling itself to other files. If that is the case, I will need to see into it and make sure to exclude it from future use.
  11. Apologies if I am being vague. I am a tad panicked to some degree so I wasn't making myself very clear. 1) I installed Wrye bash with the installer and it is located in the skyrim folder. I have MO installed with installer. Skyrim through steam. 2) The step provided by gamepoet's guide goes along the order of Check load order, tick everything >>> Open Wryebash >>> Rebuild Bashed Patch >>> Make tweaks if necessary >>> Build patch>>>Close Wryebash>>>Check your overwrite in Mod Organizer >>> There should be a bashed patch 0.esp in it (Mine isn't. Instead it's doc and a series of other information) >>> Create mod >>>Activate the bashed patch on your list>>>Run FNIS/Procpatcher 3) It's hard to explain the second question properly. The idea is that after creating the bashed patch in my Mod Organizer, my update.esm,Dawnguard.esm, etc. (main game .esm) are tied to it. This means whenever I de-activate it, my masters list no longer has those essential .esm. This persists even after removing the bashed patch and I can only fix it by revalidating my game on steam. I was hoping to just simply undo my bashed patch and remake a new one every time I wish to make an addition to the mods, but with removing, I lose essential files of the game which from what I can tell corrupts the game. At first, I thought "hey, I can just revalidate and then make a new patch", but I start to wonder if it also corrupted all the mods I created the bashed patch in. If I wanted to be entirely sure, I'd have to reinstall all of my mods (which is a handful). What I essentially want to know is whether I can safely undo my bashed patch without having to threaten myself with losing my game files (or maybe even mod files)?
  12. Hello, I have never posted on this site before but the guides here have always been something I rely on. I'm quite grateful that it exists. I currently use the Mod Organizer and the up-to-date Wryebash application. When I activate Wryebash and create a patch, it does not have the bashed patch 0.esp in the overwrite section. Instead, it has a variety of files. At the time I did not think much and simply created a mod from it regardless. The end result was satisfactory, but as soon as I needed to make some tweaks or install new mods, the bashed patch I created got in the way! You see, if I deactivated the bash file, it would deny me the main .esm of Skyrim. I tried removing the mod but that only removed the esm with it, which was my loss since I will have to revalidate my game, and I have no idea if the mods involved in the bashed patch is subject to corruption as well. My mains question is: Is is strictly supposed to be Bashed patch 0.esp in the overwrite section after using a Bashed Patch for Mod Organizer? If I delete/remove my Bashed patch and lose my .esm, would that corrupt the other mods I have in mod organizer? Is there another way to create a new bashed patch for my game without having to face this problem?
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