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  1. Yes I'm just wondering why the size went up when I decreased the defuse from 1024 to 512 especially after updating xLODGen to the latest version... The previous size were from a previous xLODGen version... Does it supposed to be lower or the same at least?
  2. The size went up from 12.7 GB to 17.8 GB when I used the newer xLODGen beta version and I've decreased the defuse size also to 512
  3. I'm not fully understanding the LOD system for Skyrim but I was thinking after messing with the mod a little bit... Can I generate terrain meshes and textures from this mod and use DynDOLOD fully (resources and Texgen)?... In other words, can I use both mods SSELODGen and DynDOLOD?
  4. I've noticed that texconv.exe has been updated 2 days ago https://github.com/Microsoft/DirectXTex/releases Does DynDOLOD uses the same version?... If not... Can I replace the current one included already?
  5. The esp that has these missing messages doesn't have any errors in xEdit... Some of them are unknown 2 and On local map... there is no other option for them in xEdit. A guide might help.
  6. I'm getting much missing data error while generating dyndolod: Missing DATA - Flags 0x4 RealisticWaterTwo.esp DLC2OceanWavesStraight [MSTT:0402ADC5] And many others from the same esp... However, after checking the esp in sseedite I found out the data are not missing and they are in their destined folder... So why I'm still getting this missing data message?
  7. After generating the LODGen I noticed the college of winterhold doesn't show up ingame lod unless I'm on its cell... I found out that the Terrain objects meshes generated don't include the college object on it... Check on these files: Meshes\Terrain\Tamriel\Objects Tamriel.4.20.0.BTO Tamriel.4.28.24.BTO Tamriel.8.16.0.BTO Tamriel.8.24.24.BTO Tamriel.16.16.0.BTO Tamriel.16.16.16.BTO I wanted to send my generated files but couldn't due to a permission. Note: I'm using Immersive College of Winterhold.
  8. I'm using Dyndolod with NMM and it asks me to overwrite some mods while installing the data and the outputs.. some of the mods are kind of confusing to me to either overwrite or not ...like ELFX, fire and smoke HD and particle patches for some enb's...ect.. is it ok to overwrite them with Dyndolod data and outputs or not?
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