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  1. Hey folks, Hoping someone can help me with this. I've got a heavily modded Skyrim game where I've disabled all automatic saving on the in-game options screen. Still, whenever I load up a game, it will always freeze for a few seconds and generate 2 totally new saves only a few seconds after I just loaded a game. It is very annoying as I quickly end up with hundreds of saves & more importantly it really slows down the game. No idea what mod could be causing this glitch or how to go about figuring out why. I've tried to research this on several occasions without any help for months! Any feedback or ideas of where to look would be super appreciated, thanks guys
  2. I have 2 mods that require the same master file (esp) to have different names. How: I downloaded mod A (ETaC) which has a patch to help it work with mod B (NSUTR). Mod B was earlier Merged, which caused the output esp file to have a different name. Afterwards, many hours were spent creating a conflict resolution file, reliant on the new merged mod B. Now both mod A and my conflict resolution relies on mod B, but neither will work at the same time as each requires mod B's esp file to have a different name.... I need to change either mod A or the conflict resolution so that they both use the same masterfile esp name. How can I do this?
  3. Okayyy. So I unclicked my DynDOLOD TexGen & Worlds Output and no more freezing. Buuuut, my FPS drops down to like 30 in the front of the city and also when I go across the bridge (Windhelm Bridge Overhaul installed) + constant stuttering/lagging. Now I've got a 980 Ti GPU and an i5 processor. As a general question, why is my fps so low and why do I have stuttering when my GPU is already so overkill for skyrim? Do I have a setting wrong or is there something I can do to minimize this?
  4. Thanks LordOfLA, but I still seem to be having the problem even after doing that. Vanilla Skyrim works fine but I get freezing when I use the Skyrim Revisited Profile (only mods in the guide are installed). Funny thing is, I'm getting about 3300MB VRAM in areas like Whiterun, well over the 3100 cap. And I'm hovering around 3200 when fast traveling too windhelm (infinite load screen) or walking towards it (when I freeze). Also note my GPU has 6GB VRAM so that's not my issue. Should I be using SSME or is that incorporated into SKSE 1.7.3?
  5. Problem 1: suddenly my game is automatically saving two new files every time I open skyrim despite having all autosave options disabled in game. Maybe this is causing... Problem 2: I try to fast travel to one of the areas near Windhelm = Infinite load screen. I try to walk anywhere near windhelm = freeze (not even CDT, freeze).
  6. So I downloaded the Fantasy Soundtrack Project which is awesome as it adds a bunch of lore friendly new music to the game. As much as I love it, whenever I go inside a building (tavern, shop, whatever) the new music will start to play over top of whatever other vanilla music is playing (aka, vanilla music doesn't shut down when a new song plays). The result is 2 very different songs playing at the same time and it just sucks! You'd think there would be a lot of talk about this on the forums already but mostly just a bunch of unanswered posts. What can I do to make this mod work properly? I've also got SAO + Musical Lore (Soundtrack Mod By Nir Shor) installed. So close to being done modding skyrim I can just taste it, but still clearly working out a few kinks.
  7. Mr. Greg..... You are a genius wizard! Works like a charm now :D Truly bravo, I couldn't find a solution anywhere to this on the interwebs but here!
  8. Both MO and Steam are actully installed onto a separate gaming SSD, not the SSD which contains windows. Could that be giving me issues? Though, every other program starts up fine through MO.
  9. Trying to open CK through MO and I get "application load error V:0000065432". CK works fine through steam, just not through MO (meaning it can't see my mods). Tried verifying game cache of both CK & Skyrim. Also tried removing the ClientRegistry.blob in the Skyrim folder. I've uninstalled and reinstalled skyrim and MO about 4 times now so I'd rather rip out a kidney then do that again.... How do I get CK working again? Ultimately, I'm looking for a way to give individual items unique enchantment visuals. I'm using Enchanted Arsenal, which is great, but I'd really like something like the Pale Blade to have a frost looking affect without having to change all Damage Stamina enchanted weapons in the game. If the visual were unique like Chillrend's is, I would be able to adjust the visual for just that one item with the MCM menu.
  10. Alright so new GPU is in and installed and works like a charm now! Changed the Brute Force to F12 and skyrim doesn't crash any longer when I use console commands so success I'm happy! She still crashes when I disable ENB, but I can live with that lol
  11. Thanks this link is awesome! Lol how do you guys know all this anyway!? Now that I think about it, I've been testing this using a "player.placeatme 0008040bc" code, and generally the fps would plunder right about when I spawned alduin so it could have been the b in the code causing my issues! Now I'd love to try this out but unfortunately I've got a whole new problem.... I think that whatever was happening before fried my gpu... Literally, I can't seem to get my computer to stay in game longer then about 1 minute before my screen goes black and my audio shuts down. Computer stays on oddly. Had to hard reset the computer about 20 times :/ Luckily, its a brand new gpu and I'm still under warantee, so I've got a fresh new 980Ti on the way. Lord I pray I have no more troubles like this once it arrives. I was just about done modding the damn game too
  12. Is "KeyBruteForce=66" alright? That's what I found in the ini file. Should I be adjusting this value?
  13. Alright screw it, I'm at the conclusion that I can no longer run my games with all of its mods without ENBoost enabled. I thought maybe it was due to the fact that ENBoost helps enable the game surpass the 3.1gb RAM cap skyrim is famous for. However, after a running Memory Block Logs without ENB, turns out my first block was getting well over over 300 (significantly above the 256 limit). That tells me that the updated SKSE is in fact taking care of this now so that is not what is making my system reliant on ENB. But regardless, system crashes without it and even if I can load a game without ENB, I generally have only about 20s before a CTD to behold a world of missing textures. Basically I "think" ENBoost is magically doing something that Boosts my Skyrim past a threshold it would not normally be able to surpass without it. Now I don't have a problem playing with ENB enabled, in fact I much prefer it..... But Good news though! I finally discovered why my ENB was causing console commands to attack my graphics card. I misunderstood the installation instructions for Vividian ENB. I was under the impression that in order to enable the ENB I both had to activated it via the ENB Manager and check off the downloaded/installed file on Mod Manager. Turns out that downloaded file was actually a replica file containing almost exactly the same things stored in ENB Manager, save a few things here and there that contradicted one another. The combination of both of them initiated an infinite loop cycle as soon as the console command was opened, but turns out that if I just don't use the downloaded file, the ENB works perfectly fine and no console command issues! I stumbled across the problem when I activated a different ENB and it was working fine. Funny way to arrive at a solution but eh I'm happy. Goes to show that any small little thing (even the things you think you are doing perfectly correct) could cause a system malfunction.
  14. I see. Only thing is, I run my ENBs using the ENB_Manager.jar. So whenever I disable an enb, the entire enb folder gets automatically removed from my skyrim folder as if it was never there. So modifying the enblocal.ini file shouldn't impact my game when enb is disabled because it's not even there. Oddly enough, replacing the enb make the game stop CTDs when I load up. I'm running off of perfectly vanilla save file and my papyrus logs seem random for every CTD. Oddly when I re-enable the enb with the manager, the game starts to function again. Its almost as if one or multiple of my mods are dependent on the enb being there, but I have no idea how to find out if that is the case or not. I'm also beginning to wonder if constantly installing and uninstalling mods can add scripts to save files loaded but but never saved on while modded? Because many papyrus logs are say things like: such and such " cannot be initialized because the script no longer contains that property" - mind you I haven't really taught myself how to properly read papyrus file yet so idk if that's a mod confliction or something like that. Damn I wish there was a real crash log for skyrim -.- Sigh, I've been trying to mod skyrim (4th attempt) for over a year now and yet have I to actually "played" the game.
  15. I'd love to try this but where on earth is the brute force mod hotkey option located (can't seem to google an answer)? In an ini file? In game settings menu? I've just un & reinstalled my entire skyrim & redid the entire mod guide.... Did nothing, still perfectly stable with ENB and CTD city without it. I'm honestly like 200+ hours into this and ready to walk off a building :/
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