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  1. well i followed the quick quide didnt understand it really ... where can i find the existing optimized files and what do i do with them after that ?
  2. I have a pretty good PC but got some stutter and lag issues... Is it worth for me to try and optimize my game through DDSopt in a chance to fix those ? PC : AMD R9 390 Intel i5 6500 Windows 10 Samsung 850 Evo SSD
  3. I have some lags and stutter and it shouldnt occur so i thought to download enboost cause i remembered it helped me in the past but im clueless on what setting to use in memory section ... So i need help with setting it up currently My PC AMD R9 390 - 8GB VRAM Intel i5 6500 16 GB HyperX Ram Samsung EVO 850 SSD Windows 10
  4. ok thanks! i know its little bit off topic but thats the last thing ive got to optimize .. Do u have a good guide for ENBoost optimization ? execpt the wiki ofcourse
  5. wouldnt bother too much on performance right? also now that i set it to 7 what should my uExterior Cell Buffer be at ?
  6. yes i can start a new game .... but i dont want to leave my current load ... will it effect something ?
  7. so basically i found out my previous game i had these settings: uExterior Cell Buffer=64 uGridsToLoad=7 and your program makes it to uExterior Cell Buffer=32uGridsToLoad=5 so if i dont put it to these values it crashes my personal save ... how much are those option will effect me if i leave them to 32 and 5 ?also if u can add me on steam here i got some more question please : https://steamcommunity.com/id/1tay/
  8. crashes when i load my saves .... help ?
  9. ty for your help ! I installed spini and it crashes when i continue my saves ... help ? and i didnt really understand what u said about the enb with those 4 option also is there a chance i can add u on steam ? so i could talk to u faster : https://steamcommunity.com/id/1tay/ ty!!!
  10. So im pretty lost with this .. ive downloaded ENBoost and tweaked around with my skyrim.ini and skyrimPrefs.ini and i still cant really find something that will make my game smooth ... My PC is pretty good but i still experience stutter near light and lag in cities with only few mods installed ... Is there any premade good ini files ? or can someone help me customize mine ? MY PC : AMD R9 390 Intel i5 6500 Samsung 850 EVO SSD Win 10 MY MODS: Unofficial Skyrim Patch Grass field SMIM Skyrim HD - 2K Textures
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