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  1. Are you guys thinking about adding Wrymstooth? The Author (Jonx0r) has put it on SSE : https://archive.org/details/Wyrmstooth1.17BSSE
  2. The Core Merged of this mod ->Airship and Archaeology Patch for Legacy of the Dragonborn needs Wheels of Lull as well but that mod isn't in the guide. Do we do a Wrye Bash fakery on that?
  3. Hello, My computer is not as powerful to fully use SR:LE LotD i guess. Where should i go lite to save performance? My specs are ; Intel i5 - 2500 CPU -> 3.3 Ghz 8 gb RAM Nvidia 1050TI
  4. Hello S.T.E.P. community. I'm here to spread the word about a WIP mod that caught my attention while i was browsing nexus forums. It is Skyrim Character Overhaul. My mind was blown - check these if you want yours to blown too. The author is AerynRavanna and she(he?) is also a member of Skywind team. But, She needs help from people who is proficient with Creation Kit and knows how to add new races, otherwise this awesome project will never become real :( So if you guys have any knowledge about the subject or modding experience, i would be glad if you could help her :)
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