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  1. and I was about to do the guide from scratch again, lol. I´ll just wait for that big update then :)
  2. Have no idea what went wrong. This is the modguide I was talking about. Check the Step 1 section, it makes aworld of difference for game stability, having all those texture overhauls baked into the base game ba2s.
  3. Installed this modlist 5-6 weeks ago, and then spent the rest of the time up until now working on my own modlist/guide for Fallout 4 (and what I learned from modguides here has been immensely helpful). I was going to go back and update but I think I rather reinstall everything from scratch :P Question: Has anyone tried patching the SSE ba2 files like in Biraitbec´s guide here? https://www.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/23556
  4. Hi. Over the last month or so, I´ve been putting together a modlist/guide for fallout 4 over at Nexus mods (based in large part on Biraitbec´s guide, linked from a thread a bit below this one), and now it´s time for some serious testing, so I figured a post here would help with that. The guide is focused on survival mode with Unbogus fallout overhaul as a basesettlement buildingplenty of extra quests and locationssharing modding knowledge, to make you and me better modders The guide contains 50 pagesabout 300 mods270+ esps merged down to 201 (suggested merges section)instructions on basic usage of MO2, FO4Edit, Mator Smash, Wrye Bash, MergePlugins etcinstructions on how to repackage mod textures in ba2-filesThe Nexus page offers: Customized HUF based on Clean HUD 2Preset subdividers for MO2Links to testrun spreadsheet and other documents with some brainstorming for the future..To make it clear. I´m not a very experienced modder, and I´m learning as I go along, but this has become a bit of a passion project for me, and now I wouldn´t mind some help making it better. So if you have nothing better todo for about 8 hours of your life (just kidding, not really sure how many hours this would take.. a few at least) head on over to the Nexus page linked above and download. All feedback is appreciated (except for possibly "You suck" because... not sure what to do with that :P) both for the guide and the list itself. I would not mind help with conflict resolution either , so... Thanks for the word.
  5. Not speaking for Lexy, but that text should probably be changed. This feels more like Beta to me, the guide looks complete, the CR is in, and has been quite stable for me so far. There still might be updates to modlist and CR, of course, but I´d say it´s rather safe to start installing and just check the changelog everyday and update it accordingly.
  6. I got a bunch of errors from Skye Bash, so I installed the new beta. Bashed patch build but I get this: Anything I should worry about? Untick those ESP:s and then build again?
  7. So before running Wrye Bash, I have an orphaned ESP I don´t know which/where the master is :P The artifacts of Boethia patch is a patch for LOTD, but its looking for artifactsofboethia.esp, it´s missing in my modlist, and I can´t find where that should have been instaled (tried searching the whole page for Boethia) Help?
  8. I know we have alternate start, but I´m tempted to try this one. Anyone tried and had any issues? RASR - Random Alternate Start Reborn SE https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/8328
  9. Would also like to voice my objection against mods that make the game even more punishing (or at least make them optional if you do:) I´d prefer not to be gnawed to death by rabbits every turn I take ;) And yes, you can call me milkdrinker all you want, I don´t care, lol...
  10. Starting from the Inn in Riverwood, I never seem to get there in time to help Aela and Co slay the Giant. She gives me beef about it even though I weren´t even there, lol :) Not a high priority to fix, it just feels a bit off, but wanted to report it, obviously something is wack either with player speed or game time, or maybe an event is just triggered too early(?). Or its´the combat overhaul making them stronger, and therefor finishing him off early? That´s it, isn´t it? Do let me know if reporting weird bugs is desired at all. I´m sure you guys know the game inside out and know what needs fixing.. --- and I wish this existed for UNP: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrimspecialedition/mods/2977?tab=description
  11. Finally ended the guide. After initial problem with LOOT, it sorted my list and the game starts. Only things right now are some random purple tall trees (think I know how to solve those) and vanilla start not working for me, which I thought was due to Helgen reborn, however I tried unticking Helgen reborn and all esps using it as master and still get the same thing happening: After the cart ride, the officers take your name. Then a female officer walks toward the guy on the horse and pushes him and the horse back while he´s talking: "You started this war.. bla bla bla" and then after "Nothing. Carry on." some event is supposed to be triggered, but isn´t. Everyone just stand silent doing nothing. This is not a biggie, tried some alternative starts and no problems with those so far. Since I´m not good at advance modding, I´ll play through as much as I can for fun until the CR is up :) Thanks again for the har dwork put into this, the game looks great now.
  12. Like I said before - never do serious modding when sleep deprived! :D I only now noticed that MergePlugins will in fact give you a warning that one of the plugins you want to merge has a BSA, by way of an icon next to the name (don´t remember what it locked like), and yeah, I forgot to extract a BSA...
  13. Tried the first two merges, and they both came through fine, afaict. Time for bed, though - tnx again and good night!:)
  14. Arrgh, I think I know what the issue is now, tnx to your comment. I didn´t make MO2 portable... should be able to resolve by referring mergeplugins to the appdata folder instead. In other words, RTFM! Or just don´t try to do serious modding when too tired:P edit: that worked! :D
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