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  1. so my character when dual wielding takes both swords from left side and only one sword shows when sheathed is there a fix for this ?
  2. This version is for either the ORIGINAL Skyrim or the SPECIAL EDITION. Choose the CORRECT game when installing! See the Special Edition SMIM page for the Special Edition Optimized version. Use Nexus Mod Manager to guide you through the scripted install!
  3. new version of smim https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/8655?tab=files
  4. im getting a data error trying to install solstheim landscapes overhaul hd , it says the mod is not completely installed and no mod appears in left panel until i restart MO2 , will this be ok to use it looks like all the files are there? Fixed it had to manual download mo2 was being funny.
  5. Problem:Wrye Bash will complain about Better Dynamic Snow - NSUTR Patch.esp when generating the Bash Patch. Solution: Load and save the plugin in the Creation Kit this stop Wrye Bash Complaining. For this step which plugin should be used in Creation Kit Better Dynamic Snow - NSUTR Patch.esp or Better Dynamic Snow.esp ?
  6. So the for the BSA Extraction im guessing i open the mods in MO2 open in explorer? Also do i delete the BSA after extraction or is it still needed?
  7. Oh thanks for quick reply and thanks for the guide cant wait to finish it and get playing :D
  8. sorry if its been posted before but is there a reason for not using MO2's bsa extractor?
  9. what is the best things to change in the ini's to achieve highest possible settings or does someone have there own settings i could maybe copy? :)
  10. I would really like this to happen , still have so much love for Oblivion MAKE THIS HAPPEN!! :D
  11. Thanks alot Paul i can get cracking on with it now cant wait to finish and play it :D
  12. Hi im not to sure i understand this correctly CUT and PASTE the following esps into a different mod folder named ESF Companions DBM Patch: Do we make a new mod from this or just a folder inside of the mod?
  13. Relationship Dialogue Overhaul - RDO is hidden on nexus is it possible to get it anywere else ?
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