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  1. Thanks, that was the message. This is on a new save. I'll try a fresh install of both parts of the tool and resource and regenerate.
  2. Hmm so on loading the game with 2.47 it says it needs resources 2.44, I currently have 2.45 installed though.
  3. So the CK load index was [0] Skyrim.esm [1] BSAssets.esm [2] BSHeartland.esm Cells up to Y: -80 are indexed as 02XXXXXX - as expected. Once I went south of that, the cells had an id of 03XXXXXX I've pinged you on Discord if that's an easier way for me to send you the files.
  4. Hi Sheson, I'm having a weird bug generating LOD for Beyond Skyrim: Cyrodiil. Any cells beyond Y: -80 have the ocean level significantly higher than the rest of the world (Water height is -14000 as standard) I have noticed a big terrian tear under the ocean, but when I look in CK, the cells in Y: -81 to -96 are given the FormID prefix different to the master plugin. I assume these are somehow dynamically generated by the game/CK? I wouldn't be an issue, but in the LOD you can clearly see the ocean height being almost above the distant mountains. World map view: I know the folks at BS: Roscrea are having similar issues.
  5. Hi Lexy, Just a heads up. The next update to Legacy SE will require a new game and the plugin will be converted to an ESM. This will obviously have an impact on your CR patches. Drop me a PM on Nexus if you have any questions :) Thanks for making this awesome mod list
  6. So I've had a few bug reports on the SE page of the 'Book of the Dragonborn' not sitting in it's display properly. This is what it looks like with just Legacy loaded: https://imgur.com/a/HEVag I guess it must be something added in the guide editing it? I don't have the full load order installed or I'd check for myself.
  7. This is great news! Once it gets fleshed out a little, I'll be sure to link it on the main mod page :)
  8. Just to let you all know. Legacy of the Dragonborn V19 (Remastered) is currently uploading to the Nexus!
  9. Hi guys. Have you had a chance to look into the issue with V44? Over on the Legacy page we've had a few users report the same issue.
  10. Not sure if anyone has mentioned it but i humbly suggest you consider my patch which is an immersion add-on that adds the Legacy of the Dragonborn airship travel and archaeology digsites to new dungeons and worldspaces of supported mods. Take a look here https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/82998? #ShamelessPlug
  11. Anyone had the very specific issue with Taarie (high elf who runs the solitude clothes shop). When I speak to her the very first time I seem to get 2 message boxes "Test Message 1" and "Test Message 2" - haven't tried it for a while but it happened at least twice.
  12. I have a suggestion... Fantasy Soundtrack Project https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/46518/? Seeing as with all the additional content we're cramming in, the Skyrim score can get pretty repetitive. A little variety wouldn't go a miss. I also assume it can be merged with say AOS or Lucidity?
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