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  1. I've been using spINI and now BethINI for some time now for Skyrim. The program is much needed and is working great! I did notice that the setting fDefaultFOV is no longer being written. Is this setting no longer needed? According to STEP it says, " fDefaultFOV sets the default field of view in menus, such as the lockpicking interface and inventory." One feature request - I always mark my Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini files as read-only so they don't get fubared if I accidentally run skse_loader.exe before launching Steam (which loads the launcher and the INIs get edited to certain defaults). It would be nice if you either re-marked them as read-only if they were read-only to begin with or provide a checkbox to mark them as read-only on BethINI save and exit. Thanks!
  2. I am now recommending this tool on several mod pages including Sands of Time and Skyrim Guides and Tutorials. "I found out some bad news for users of Windows 8 and 10. Microsoft unintentionally limited graphic memory usage to 4 GB for DirectX 9 applications. Skyrim is a DirectX 9 application. The limit doesn't appear to exist on Windows 7. So much for my 6 GBs of VRAM on my new videocard! Microsoft stabs me in the back yet again! Boris developed a tool that tells you how much video memory is supported on your system and the value that you should use for VideoMemorySizeMb= in enblocal.ini. Run the DirectX 9 executable. So even though I have 6 GBs of VRAM I have to set VideoMemorySizeMb=4064. You shouldn't set VideoMemorySizeMb to a value above your VRAM unless you are on a low end system with little to no VRAM and that is the only way you can run the game. I've used the formula VRAM - 128 which has worked very well. The problem with using system memory for graphics is that once Skyrim starts using system memory there are long delays for texture rendering. This usually results in an FPS drop of 50%, ouch! If you are using an ENB you need to check the last setting in Injector.ini (in your Skyrim folder) and make sure it is set to: weird_steam_hack = 1 This should be set regardless if you are using Steam Overlay or not. I recommend that Steam Overlay be disabled in Steam (settings). I am now recommending the following Utility to help you optimize your Skyrim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini: spINI Always keep backups of the following files: Skryim.iniSkyrimPrefs.iniSkyrimEditor.iniSkyrimEditorPrefs.iniplugins.txtloadorder.txt In fact, once I have my files configured perfectly I flag them as read-only to prevent the Skyrim Launcher from messing them up. Don't do this with the Editor INI files though."
  3. It sounds like DynDOLD may be safe to use now with version 1.49. It wasn't in past versions. I still think disabling auto saves is a problem specific to DynDOLD as I've never heard any issues with it except for players using the DynDOLD mod. I've run with auto saving disabled for two years now with no side effects and many of my friends are in the same boat.
  4. DynDOLOD adds the objects - LOD models/full models - into the game as REFS so they can be switched on and off. They are controlled by 3500+ script instances in your save game. Over time, these REFS build up and eventually you'll hit Skyrim's REF limit and the save game will no longer load. This is a known issue of this type of mod. I'm not making this stuff up, the author is aware of it. The mod adds a moderate to heavy load on the game and script engine.
  5. One enhancement you could add to the program is handling read-only INI files. Too many times I've accidentally launched skse_loader.exe before I loaded Steam and the Skyrim Launcher resets settings in the INI files. For this reason many gurus flag their Skyim.ini and SkyrimPrefs.ini as read-only so Skyrim doesn't screw them up as mentioned above. Currently, the program says it saves the files but it actually doesn't if they are flagged as read-only. I manually removed the read-only flags so the program would work. A nice feature would be to check if the files are read-only and either force the writes or remove the read-only flags and then re-apply them once the user clicks on 'Save and Exit'. Thank you for the awesome program!
  6. I don't see how that is possible. Skyrim doesn't reference old save games. The save is just your return point once you exit the game. I've had auto save disabled for two years now and my game runs great! I've never had ANY of the issues described with auto saving disabled. No one should be using dyndolod anyway as it causes too many issues and results in save game bloat. It fills up your save game with LOD references which, on long playthoughs, will eventually render your save game unloadable.
  7. I am happy to report that version 2.5.1 is working great! It is now detecting the Game Path and INI location correctly! This also fixes the issues I mentioned with defaults and presets. One popular thing you may want to add is disabling auto saving. SkyrimPrefs.ini [MAIN]bSaveOnPause=0bSaveOnRest=0bSaveOnTravel=0bSaveOnWait=0 [saveGame]bDisableAutoSave=1fAutosaveEveryXMins=0.0000
  8. I believe that function breaks once you change the exe to 64-bit. I'm happy to test it if you change it back to 32-bit. I don't use MO or NMM. I am using Windows 10 Pro 64-bit.
  9. I didn't delete the INI files. Version 2.5 does not detect the game path like version 2.4.1 does. Once you are in the program there is no way to change the Game Path. It is fixed and there isn't a 'Browse' option like there is for the INI location.
  10. There are some serious issues with the new version 2.5 (was using 2.4.1). -The presets aren't working correctly nor applying correct values -The defaults are all messed up - For example, 'Windowed mode' is checked by default and 'Enable File Selection' is unchecked (by default now) -I had to manually tweak nearly every setting since the presets AND default settings were incorrect -After I clicked to save and exit, the program never made any changes to the INI files -Novice users will really screw up their INI files with the defaults and presets being broken Version 2.4.1 question Why is the program deleting the [NavMesh] section from SkyrimPrefs.ini? Skyrim populates this data and adds it here. All versions question The program isn't consistent in it's behavior regarding default INI values. It deletes some default settings yet adds some itself, examples: SkyrimPrefs.ini [General]fBrightLightColorB=1.0000fBrightLightColorG=1.0000fBrightLightColorR=1.0000 Values deleted by spINI. Skyrim.ini [Weather]bPrecipitation=1 Values added by spINI. My weather and rain were working great before. Why add defaults to the INIs? There are a lot more instances of this occurring using the program (default settings being added). From a fellow developers standpoint the program should not add values that are the defaults used by the game. UPDATE-Version 2.5 does not detect the correct Skyrim Game Path or INI file location like 2.4.1 does. It is most likely the heart of the problem. I re-ran version 2.4.1 and version 2.5 and verified the issue.
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