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  1. Hello F&L Community I am having an issue with modifying the effect of a weapons condition upon the amount of damage it inflicts. According to the Fallout Wiki, the values to modify are as below: fDamageGunWeapCondBase = 0.66 (Vanilla) fDamageGunWeapCondMult = 0.34 (Vanilla) I have changed the values to 0.95/0.05 for the Base/Mult but from testing I have found that it has had no effect. However, when I use PN Rebalance and set the desired values, everything works as intended. I have had luck modifying weapon value based upon it's condition such that it loses less value and a destroyed gun is still worth half it's full value. I can only assume I am missing something really simple - as I sometimes do when modding - but cannot for the life of me think what. I am only interesting in altering gun damage not melee weapon damage. Please could you help? Tough Puppy
  2. Thankyou very much for your reply; I shall indeed be including it in my modded F:NV. I forgot about YUP not including mods which use NVSE (my bad), but hopefully it will eventually be included in UP+. *Paw Print* *Paw Print*
  3. Hello, I have recently become aware of the a mod which fixes a couple of annoying bugs related to automatic weapons, namely the firing animation continuing even when empty and no sound when firing a second shot very quickly after your first. Here is the mod page with more info: [spoiler=Automatic Weapons Fix - Minigun-Gatling-Chainsaw and more]https://www.nexusmods.com/newvegas/mods/63107/? Has this mod been implemented into YUP and if not, would it be incompatible with F&L? I know the guide isn't being updated for new mods by EssArrBee, but I thought that this mod should be brought to our collective attention. *Paw Print* *Paw Print*
  4. Hello, This may sound like a silly question, but if I become vilified by a faction e.g. the Legion or the NCR, does that mean they should attack me on sight? In my playthroughs I often become vilified by the Powder Gangers and they do just this, and yet whenever I am vilified by the two main factions, I can walk up to them and talk with NPCs (I get called a 'profligate' an awful lot by those nasty Legion men!). I've done some searching on Google and a couple of discussions I came across said that some factions (especially NCR and Legion) don't attack on sight until you reach a point of no return (I would guess that means starting the quest at the dam), and yet many other discussions (older ones, and often for console gamers) reveal that these factions do attack on sight if you are vilified. I am confused! (I have already posted a similar thread earlier about being vilified by the Legion and not attacked. Mods, please feel free to delete my first topic since nobody has replied to it). Thankyou for reading! Tough Puppy
  5. But I have done this (in both GECK and FNVEdit) and found nothing, which is why I am in the dark about how they are implemented in game.
  6. Where can I find these variables? Are they activated by script?
  7. Hello! I am interested in making a script that makes time pass when reading a skill book. The idea is that one must invest time into reading the book before gaining any benefits. My current plan is that when a book is 'equipped' or consumed, a message box comes up asking whether the player wants 8 hours of in-game time to pass, after which 1 or 2 points are given to the player, depending on whether they have the 'Comprehension' perk. The consumed book then becomes another [bookmarked], and after being used again the remaining two skill points are added. Additional settings that I want included are the condition that the player must be out of combat first, and also that having drunk a cup of black coffee you will read the book faster. I am hoping to break the reading stage into two parts, simply so that the player does not get excessive hungry or thirsty, and also to make time management a bit easier. I am surprised that I haven't been able to find anything like this on the Nexus Mods website, nor discovered any real discussion around the implementation of skill books. I have had a look at them in GECK and FNVEdit but I have no idea how they actually apply the bonus when consumed; there is no script attached to them (I will be attaching my script, if I can actually get it to work!) and I have been unable to find any script relating to them either. Although I truly am a beginner at scripting and programming (I had to google 'float' and I got an 'E' at Computing AS-Level!) I think that I can manage scripting the adding of skill points and the conditions, but I am truly at a loss of how to script a waiting period. My first thought (and a rather logical one at that, if I might add) is to look at other mods and see how they get time to pass. The only example I found was from the PN Cyberware module in which the player can choose to wait x amount of hours and/or days during an implant operation, the value x depending upon the players preferences. Looking at the script befuddles me, and I am was wondering if I could copy this script and use it as a template for my mod. If you have read this far, thank you for your interest. I do intend to upload my mod onto Nexus if I ever get it working, although it may take a while, what with my guide-dog puppy to look after and an inherent laziness that is a core character trait of mine. Tough Puppy
  8. Hello S.T.E.P. users, I've encountered a bug in F:NV relating to the Legion faction. I'm currently hostile towards them but none of the Legion's troops consider me as hostile; I can walk right up to them and initiate idle chatter without them shooting/stabbing/hacking/doing rude things to me. I've searched this bug on the internet and it seems to be quite a common occurrence, unfortunately enough. Here is one such example: https://forums.nexusmods.com/index.php?/topic/2096949-legion-arent-hostile-despite-vilified-reputation/ One of the users posted a fix which works for me: [spoiler=Open up console and type:]Setenemy 0001b2a4 000ee68a 0 0 - (This sets the players faction an enemy of Legion faction) Setreputation 000f43dd 0 80 - (This sets your reputation with Legion -80 wich makes you hated, did this instead of -100 because im not sure if it will be stable.) But I was wondering if there is a more permanent solution, one which does not require the player to intervene through the console like this during the middle of a playthrough. One thing I have noticed is that the Legion hit-squads no longer bother running right up to me and declaring that I must die; they run into normal detection range and then start shooting. I must say it is a bit harder this way, but also a little easier, since I can't blow up a neat line of Legionary Assassins plodding towards me. So, has anyone else had a similar issue? I don't seem to have encountered this with the Powder Gangers who I am also hostile with, but I haven't been hostile with any other faction before (I'm a peacekeeper, yay!) so it may not be limited just to the Legion as far as I know. Thankyou for reading! *Paw Print*
  9. Hello again! Okay, so after threating to throw my teddy in the corner (not that I would do such a mean thing) I have fixed my problem. I properly added the 30.06 caliber from CaliberX so now it activates properly, and there are no more errors in FNVEdit. It still bugs me that these errors occurred. My only guess is that I messed up when saving the Dead Money plugin, as this moved it out of the Data folder and into MO's overwrite folder, so I'm guessing this messed up the references some how? Whether this is the case or not, I'm only going to make changes to one plugin at a time from now on, and I've benefitted greatly from making backups and even backup-changelogs! Thankyou for all your help! (Yes, I know there are no replies, but I could feel the good-will of this community guiding my paws to the right path.) *Paw print*
  10. I'll try to make this quick! I'm currently in the process of customizing some of the mods from the F&L guide to better fit my own personal preferences. I make simple changes through FNVEdit such as modifying item weights, adding items to NPCs, balancing different weapon stats etc. Nothing too complex. But one of my main objectives is to introduce more of the calibers from the CaliberX plugin into the game. I have had moderate success in the past, but recently I've been encountering errors and possibly reached an impasse. I wanted to change the ammunition used by the Automatic Rifle and Police Pistol from Dead Money so that they use 30.06 and .38 Special, which is more realistic. Because this requires CaliberX, I decided to make all the necessary ammunition & leveled list edits to my YUP-WMX-PN-PNEO.Patch.esp plugin as that had already overwritten some entries from DM, and it also included other weapons from the base game and DLC that I wanted to mod. I like to keep things as simple as possible! When I finished replacing all the original ammunition in the containers and on NPCs I saved and started up FNV. I loaded a save and everything worked fine. But when I went back to FNVEdit later on I had found that all the entries I'd edited had turned into 'unresolved errors', including the ammo list, all the ammunition I had replaced and even entries relating to WMX weapon mods and their world models had errors. I was totally phased. I'd added CaliberX as a master and although I hadn't actually activated the 30.06 Springfield via script, I don't see how switching the Police Pistol's ammo list to .38 Special would create an error, or how all the ammunition in the containers had been replaced with errors. The only thing that crossed my mind was that I made a small change to DeadMoney.esp and when I saved it went into the overwrite folder. I started the game without realising but when I closed FNV I saw the error log and moved the plugin back into the FNV data folder. Could this somehow have messed up the references? And should I be adding new calibers in with the GECK instead of FNVEdit? Any advice would make me a happy puppy! I will keep messing around to see if I can resolve this myself. Thank God for backups! *Paw print* --- --- --- --- Edit: I've just noticed something about the .38 Special ammo; in the base game AND in CaliberX, .38 Special is added to the .357 Magnum FormID List. I notice that CaliberX does the same thing BUT it also has a list with JUST .38 special in it ... gosh this is confusing, but it also helps. I'll keep sniffing for more clues. Woof!
  11. I'd also like to know if the new version is compatible with F&L. Otherwise, the current CaliberX version in the guide works just fine.
  12. Thankyou; bug fixed, nice and easy. I had no idea about this was a vanilla bug; I guess I shouldn't hoard up on the bullets so much. MMMhhmm ... lovely .308 match ... *slobber* Ahem, thankyou again!
  13. Hello! I've encountered a strange bug when I sell items at the Gun Runners Arsenal. The Vendortron Five Billion is perfectly happy to take my money whenever I buy things, but won't give me any money when I say things to him! I think this bug has actually been affecting me for a long while, as the Vendortron's cap-count has risen to >50,000 over my ~200 hours of gameplay. I have tried selling all sorts of different items, but the darn robot refuses to give me any money. I'm aware that this NPC (it is catergorised as a 'Creature' in FNVEdit) comes from the CalibreX mod, and I am using the LITE store plugin as the F&L guide instructs. I have looked at the mod through FNVEdit but can't find anything which would help me fix the bug, other than noticing that the mod has no 'script' section, but then again I am no expert in modding whatsoever, which has led me to posting on this forum. I have edited many mods through FNVEdit, including the CalibreX plugins and the LITE store plugin, but I only made changes to the Vendortron's inventory stock. It has just occured to me that I should start a fresh game and see if this bug still occurs, but I expect that it will. Any recommendations? It's not a game-breaking bug by any means, but I would like to get my money's worth out of this Soros-like robot. (My political opinions are unimportant, but it is of note that I AM NOT anti-semitic, which is one of the reasons I make so many anti-semitic jokes. ) Thankyou for reading!
  14. That makes perfect sense, thankyou! It's been a while since I've installed F&L, and the Merged Patch wasn't in the instructions then. It sounds useful! Woof woof!
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