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  1. hey all - I've been hit by a bug I'd never heard of, but that it seems like some experience based on google searches, even in the vanilla game. If anyone has any insight, that would be huge. When I load a save, it seems that it does not register my backpack (campfire) enchantment spell until I open and close my inventory. Therefore, when it loads and I'm within 50 of my max (with backpack), my character can only walk slowly at first for some reason. Fixed after opening inv. Thoughts here? It just started happening. There is no invisible weight in my inv, I checked the console.
  2. So, I gave up on troubleshooting this and have gone to 3.0 today! Working beautifully, literally zero issues after I confirmed that all my crappy billboards were gone not sure about grass LODs yet, but thanks again for years of Skyrim for me!
  3. I can't seem to find something similar when I tcl and fly into the city when in Tamriel worldspace, super weird. Given that, even if I disable the billboards, Dyn might still generate something for that spot if there's an .esp placing that bush? I have Skyrim 3d trees+plants (with billboards), 3D Landscapes, and SFO textures and billboards (with no esp). I'll regenerate today ASAP, likely starting by disabling SFO's textures but without an esp I don't think it could be at fault right? My understanding is limited as you can tell haha and re: Dyn, given that I've been using this since the early days, I'm not worried about glitches/instablity, more if I have to dig through and find all billboards and disable them? / any compatibility issues.
  4. Thanks for the fast reply! I actually already read that FAQ entry (RTFM, I know!) but there isn't any actual full model/object for me to click it. I'm going to dig through my billboards / billboard-providing mods for anything sending something like this shrub. My best guess is there are billboards from a mod that I have a different version of, so in the cell, there is no bush, but in the billboards, there is. I'll get back to you! I think I will just deselect those billboards if/when I find them and rerun it -- I'll let you know Also, I understand there's lots to read (and I've done so!) about Dyn3, but is there any reason I wouldn't want to upgrade? Are there any mods that don't work? I saw some mod author note they had to package their lods differently, and I wasn't sure if I should be worried about compatibility.
  5. I believe they were both winning, there was just something wrong with how the older non .98 version handled this mesh with arctic thanks again!
  6. Hi sheson, been using this mod for 6 plus years, never one issue, until today :/. I have a very simple question. This dumb texture is showing up near Gallery of the Dragonborn in Solitude. My guess is its due to a mod that placed its lod there or billboard there, not Dyn. But either way, how do I tell/check? I obviously can't click on it in the console and going under the floor just reveals more of this bushy texture. I've done a full load order scrape (deactivating each one) and Dyn is the cause *but as I said I doubt this is a Dyn error, I just want help figuring out how to identify where this lod came from* Thank you! Image: https://imgur.com/a/ccITa3E Load Order: https://pastebin.com/pbPybahi
  7. Success! I updated ENB Light to Alpha and it works. Apologies for taking your time here. I think for anyone that used Dlizzio's Skyrim 2021 Guide was misled here, his patched Arctic did not function fully with ENB Light
  8. I'll try a few things and get back here, thank you!! I didn't even think beyond looking for the texture haha, thanks!
  9. Hi! I use MO, have More Informative Console, but I can't actually click on the texture for some reason. I'll try scrolling through with More Informative Console, though, good idea! AFAIK, I have things just overwriting vanilla textures, I was just wondering what the texture path for this was in Vanilla. I'm using ENB light which I wonder could be impacting this? But was just going to see if I could dig through MO's virtual data folder to see which mod is providing the texture right now --
  10. Hi there, I have a perfectly working large modlist that I'm about 10 hours in to. However, I just got Ice Spike and its in-hand texture is empty. There's a few potential culprits, I'm hoping to play around with the specific texture file when I find which one it is. Anyone with experience here able to share which file it is? Thank you!
  11. Maybe I'm wrong but Lodgen went into "not responding" mode and then Windows asked to shut it down. I'll check MO logs, thank you so much! Pretty sure those nifs aren't missing though we'll have to see
  12. Hi Sheson, I got a weird error in LODgen when generating for Tamriel Worldspace. Then LODGen crashed. It looks like this: meshes\lod\volcanic\mineralpoolbig01_lod_0.nif not foundmeshes\lod\rocks\reach\rockcliff02reach_lod_1.nif not foundmeshes\lod\tundra\tundrarocks\rocktundraland01tundrarocks_lod_1.nif not foundmeshes\lod\rocks\rocks\rockcliff02rocks_lod_1.nif not found Why would these nifs be missing? Maybe this is easy and if so, I'm sorry!Thanks so much for this awesome mod.EDIT: I know it is updated version of TES5edit, I just reinstalled.Also checked for these nifs in MO data and they are in the correct places. I have no idea why it would have this error
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