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  1. Ok thanks man. I did a search on it but didn't find a topic dedicated to it. I didn't know about the quote marks. Thanks, I'll do that for future mods. Thanks. I'll try it and if anything I can always remove it. I hate torches too, especially because they occupy a hand spot and also cover the screen. If I download and install a mod like this one should I then redo the Bashed Patch and LOOT? How about Dual Sheath Redux and FNIS? (I'm assuming not these last two)
  2. Is STEP: Extended compatible with the Wearable Lanterns mod? Or is it included in STEP: Extended? I ask because the lighting overhaul mod (or another lighting mod in STEP) makes the game super dark at night or in caves. I have not seen the option to craft it so I ask if it is in it. If it is not included, can I download it and added it without compatibility issues? Any tips? Extra: speaking of lighting, my torches are super large. They are so big that the tip that's on fire is outside my screen when I am holding it.
  3. All those things are correct. I have all those files in the correct place. I launch the game through MO. The file name is correct, it even says the file type is "Configuration settings" which is the correct one. Here is a list of things I did differently when following STEP. I highly doubt they are the cause of this problem but you guys are smarter: --Farmhouse Chimneys mod STEP says to install v2.5 but only v2.6 is available and it includes some extra compatibility features in the installer --Staff of Magnus Hotfix-24909-1-9 mod I replaced the files in C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\aMidianBorn Book of Silence - UNIQUE ITEMS\meshes\staffofmagnus With the files in this mod --Burn Freeze Shock Effects mod Did not install
  4. Ok that file appeared after I verified the game through Steam. The $ are now gone!! Thanks a lot man. I still dont have those strings though, but who cares. Now all I need is a fix to my CTD. I have done everything in STEP and I get a CTD during loading when I start a new game. This doesn't happen when I deactivate the DynDOLOD mods from MO. Any ideas? A quote of my last post is below. I have already tried adding the argument thing to SKSE in MO
  5. My game is in English, I have never changes the language of it or any mod. I only have STEP: Extended installed, nothing else. I followed all instructions from the guide. I found this file. What the heck is this hahaha C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Interface\Translate_ENGLISH.txt When I open it: $ TO PLACE TO PLACE $ TO STEAL TO STEAL $10 Mins 10 Mins $15 Mins 15 Mins $30 Mins 30 Mins $360 Controller 360 Controller $45 Mins 45 Mins $5 Mins 5 Mins $60 Mins 60 Mins $Accept Accept $Activate Activate $Actor Fade Actor Fade $Add Add $Animals Killed Animals Killed $ARMOR ARMOR $Armor Improved Armor Improved $Armor Made Armor Made $Armor Rating Armor Rating $Arrows Arrows $Assaults Assaults $Audio Audio $Auto-Move Auto-Move $Automatons Killed Automatons Killed And continues on
  6. I installed the vanilla 5 days ago. I also checked my vanilla backup that I did before installing STEP and they are not there either. Is there any way I can get them?
  7. What do you mean? Are you saying I am missing stuff?
  8. Thanks for the reply man, much appreciated. About the $: My folder C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Data\Strings Has these files in it. As for mods that support localization, how do I check if they are missing files? Is it even possible? Or do you know which from the guide support it and then I can just search them in their respective MO folders. SKSE stuff: My directory is: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\SKSE - Scripts\skse/skse.ini I had already added that argument I have done as you said and deleted the line EnableDiagnostics=1 Problem persists. I find that disabling the plugins for DynDOLOD solves the CTD problem. I am pretty sure I did that patch right though.
  9. Hello, I just finished STEP Extended installation. All is good except I have CTDs right when loading the game for the first time. The guide says that the first load should take a while, and it does. After about 20 mins I get CTD. So basically I don't even get into the game. My skse.ini directory is: C:\Steam\steamapps\common\Skyrim\Mod Organizer\mods\SKSE - Scripts\skse the last folder is "skse" and then the ini inside that names skse.ini My skse.ini looks like this: [Memory] DefaultHeapInitialAllocMB=768 ScrapHeapSizeMB=256 [Display] iTintTextureResolution=2048 [General] ClearInvalidRegistrations=1 EnableDiagnostics=1 My block log looks like this: logging of blocks enabled logging max values only Timer disabled Block1 Block2 256MB 256MB This only started occurring after the 2.N.Patches section of STEP extended was completed. Also, for some reason in the main menu all the texts have a $ at the beginning... I don't think it's related but who knows. Some might say I'm made of money. PLZ HALP!
  10. Oh I see. I installed TES5Edit using Gamer Poets video before I even started STEP so the video might not have included the output folder (or maybe I skipped it). Thanks I will redo and repost with results
  11. Hello! Thanks for those awesome yous you make STEP possible. I have been following STEP Extended all they until the end. I am not in the installation of DynDOLOD. There are a few errors in the "Detailed Installation Instructions". It says that I have to download the latest version, which is DynDOLOD 1.49 First, "Installation" section, step 2: the folders in question say xEdit (not TESVedit, which I know are the same really but...) and then there is another folder inside whose contents must be copied. This is super minor but its a little detail. Because I am not a moder I am very meticulous and tr to follow everything perfectly to avoid mistakes and this little thing held me for 10 mins until I ended up following the DynDOLOD official instructions. Second, and more importantly, "Generate LODs" section, steps 6: the official DynDOLOD guide says to run DynDOLOD Wolrds first while the guide says to run DynDOLOD TexGen first. IMPORTANT NOTE: I downloaded the latest version posted (v1.49). However, when I use xEdit and follow "Generate LODs" section, steps 7 it stops and says I have the wrong version. it says I have version 1.48. This might explain the next three problems. If needed, leave a comment and I will upload a screenshot when I get home. Third, "Generate LODs" section, steps 7: the images for that step show that elapsed time is more than one minute. For me it is instantaneous. This makes me assume something is wrong. Fourth, "Generate LODs" section, steps 8: I have nothing in the override folder. Last, "Generate LODs" section, steps 9: no such folder exists nor is created in my computer. After this I uninstalled DynDOLOD and removed the files I copied into the xEdit folder because it was late and I had to wake up early. This all seems like an easy thing for an experienced modder but I am not sure what to do. Any tips? Also, on an unrelated note, when starting the game, during the carriage scene where Brolaf speaks some of the trees don't have snow. They look like spring trees. This started happening very early in the guide but I can't remember exactly at what benchmark it was.
  12. Hello, I am following the latest STEP guide and I just downloaded ENBoost. I am tweaking the ENBlocal.ini file as instructed and there is a warning at the bottom that says: Warning: Do not change the settings in the [THREADS] section! These are for special case use only. You are 99% not likely one of those special cases! The section should remain as follows: [THREADS] DataSyncMode=0 PriorityMode=0 EnableUnsafeFixes=false The warning assumes that my ini says that but when I open it for the first time all it has under [THREADS] is DataSyncMode=1 PriorityMode=0 I have not touched and will not touch it but I just wanted to let you know. This is from the latest version of ENBoost (v0.305) Should I leave it like that?
  13. Hello, I'm in the middle of installing STEP and I'm changing GPUs. I bought a new one because the old one was not good enough for this and some new games I want to play. I still have the old one. New one is in the mail. While moding the SkyrimPrefs.ini I noticed this line: sD3DDevice="NVIDIA GeForce GTX 650 Ti " I'm assuming I'll have to change this later. My question is, will ModOrganizer do it itself? Will the game do it? or should I do it manually? And, are there any other modifications I have to do? I already know I'll have to change the settings in the "Skyrim Performance Monitor" software. Thanks for the help guys
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