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  1. Aight. here's hoping my install doesn't break... (it's age has me concerned lol) Oof. NONE of my SKSE plugins loaded after I updated. I was under the impression I didn't have to update those too? Someone on a discord server told me the address library would mean I didn't need to update everything else.. I'm gonna guess they're lying. /sighs Now to try fixing it. Tracked it down to RaceMenu, but after updating I can't get the error alert in MO2 to go away. It says "run the game again" which I've done a few times, and it still won't go away.
  2. This is probably a really stupid question, but when updating SKSE can I just drop the files into my folder and have them work, or do I need to do the other steps in the Guide as well? I'm looking to install a mod that requires a newer version of SKSE than I have. 😞
  3. I use Vokrii in combination with 0.3.0b. I prefer this one over other perk mods I've tried, including Enai's other perk overhaul, Ordinator. He's gone out of his way to make it compatible with other mods of his, including Triumvirate, which adds "raw magic" damage type spells(hence the one perk in the destruction tree). His vanilla plus mods are all designed to work with each other as well(i have a couple others installed, too). He did manage a few tweaks, like sneak multipliers are changed(bows reduced, daggers/1h increased). I don't have the CACO or CCOR patches installed(didn't even know they were there tbh) so I'll have to grab those and see if they clear up my only couple of issues with it(CCOR smithing being overwritten etc). I personally think it's be a nice addition, and if you've got questions you could probably hop on his discord to ask. Think Enai's on break at the moment though.
  4. Odin has gone through a few nerf bats as well, hitting spells that hit too hard(Taldams scorcher was an offender) or were too effective (think some of resto got hit too). I play with it. It doesn't add too many spells compared to other spell packs, improves vanilla spells, and all the new spells are able to be purchased, outside a couple loot only spells, so you can effectively ignore them if you'd like. I think there might be a bug or two left, but Enai is usually spot on fixing anything that comes up that isn't due to a quirk in the engine. Overall, I like it, and currently have it installed.
  5. Also sorry for necroing, but how would I go about adding a bashed patch after the fact? I've added a bunch of clothing mods that add to the leveled lists and the only way I'm able to obtain most of them now is console because of the leveled list thing. My install is almost a year old now and I don't like the idea of redoing it just to add a bashed patch before a certain step in redoing the guide.
  6. Water's fixed! And my wold map LODs look better too. The water in that was all blocky looking. Thanks, TechAngel and crew! ❤️
  7. Ok I'm in the process of doing it a second time. First attempt was an update, and it gave me a "could not read data from DynDOLOD_Tamriel error so I made a new save inside, unticked, reloaded, resaved, reticked and reloaded as mentioned in another thread dated back a few years(hey, worth a shot). No fix. Tried a new save. Everything from character creation to picking a start worked, but as soon as I slept in a bed to actually start, I CTD on the load screen. Result, redoing my LODs again from scratch. If it doesn't work, I'll take this to the DynDOLOD forum for advice. If it does work, and the water's fixed, I'll update here. I'm *this* close to ripping it all out and rebuilding with 1.0.0 but I don't have internet so I can't.
  8. Should I rerun the LOD generation or the textures or both?
  9. Will do that in the morning(9 pm). I'll look over the guide again, too, to make sure I'm doing it right. What do you mean by temp files unchecked? And I'm not sure how to check if something is conflicting. I don't think I have anything else that modifies those meshes. I'll rerun and see what happens.
  10. The white water might be a lighting issue but half the time the mesh is just missing. The flagon, it's a tossup between black and missing water. This only happens with standing water. If there's any movement in it, it's fine. Most affected areas are ponds in the rift, and the flagon. In fact, those seem to be the only spots. I'll come back with some console information. Ok I'm back. It took two saves worth of attempts because the first time I went in there, the water was just outright missing. And the console screenshot(ignore god mode, had to get past the npcs somehow on a low level character lol😞
  11. No ideas? I updated RWT and it's still doing it. The spot where the water is supposed to be in the Ragged Flagon is completely black and there's no sounds, so it's like the water is just completely missing. I really don't want to do something drastic like run a file integrity check as I'm afraid it'll wreck my load order. I put a post up on reddit asking about this as well, and it got 0 replies. I can't find anything on Google either. Here's the Flagon: I suppose one thing I could try is updating the lighting mods to the 1.0.0 set up and updating my L&W patch? I haven't updated to the latest version because I'm unsure how to do it without messing up everything(so many things I need to update if I update SKSE for example). Ideas?
  12. So update the utilities, replace changelog mods, delete/download and install new version of the patches, etc and gtg? I want to update SKSE and all that for max compatibility? Good to know I don't have to fully reinstall. That'd be a mess haha. I just want to be certain about what I'm doing. Was going to update the game. Update SKSE. Update SKSE plugins. Remove mods dropped from the guide. Replace with mods added to the guide. Take all non STEP mods that rely on SKSE and update those(they'll break otherwise I'd imagine.... I don't have many anyway). Anything I'm missing?
  13. How do I go about doing it? Or should I scrap the entire install and start from scratch? I could disable/remove the mods from the changelog and install the replacements, update all my utilities and whatnit(SKSE and plugins) but wouldn't I have to update Skyrim as well? I'm leaning towards having to reinstall from scratch...
  14. Is there any complication to still using LoS II? Like, is it integrated into any patches?
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