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  1. No ideas? I updated RWT and it's still doing it. The spot where the water is supposed to be in the Ragged Flagon is completely black and there's no sounds, so it's like the water is just completely missing. I really don't want to do something drastic like run a file integrity check as I'm afraid it'll wreck my load order. I put a post up on reddit asking about this as well, and it got 0 replies. I can't find anything on Google either. Here's the Flagon: I suppose one thing I could try is updating the lighting mods to the 1.0.0 set up and updating my L&W patch? I haven't updated to the latest version because I'm unsure how to do it without messing up everything(so many things I need to update if I update SKSE for example). Ideas?
  2. So update the utilities, replace changelog mods, delete/download and install new version of the patches, etc and gtg? I want to update SKSE and all that for max compatibility? Good to know I don't have to fully reinstall. That'd be a mess haha. I just want to be certain about what I'm doing. Was going to update the game. Update SKSE. Update SKSE plugins. Remove mods dropped from the guide. Replace with mods added to the guide. Take all non STEP mods that rely on SKSE and update those(they'll break otherwise I'd imagine.... I don't have many anyway). Anything I'm missing?
  3. How do I go about doing it? Or should I scrap the entire install and start from scratch? I could disable/remove the mods from the changelog and install the replacements, update all my utilities and whatnit(SKSE and plugins) but wouldn't I have to update Skyrim as well? I'm leaning towards having to reinstall from scratch...
  4. Is there any complication to still using LoS II? Like, is it integrated into any patches?
  5. I'm not using an ENB either, I've heard those can do this but I haven't used one. I'm using lighting mods that were in the guide. I've had this issue since installing now that I think of it. But that's why I'm confused. It's all the time, not limited to weather. Also does it indoors. I suppose I could rebuild the install all over again, but there's a week I'll never get back(haha, I kid, I love modding). Any suggestions on remedies? Could try reinstalling the water or lighting mods perhaps?
  6. I'm running an added to, full STEP build dated from last June approximately(unsure of the version number now that I think of it, I'll include a modlst) and I'm having a few issues with standing water textures. The water appears either solid black, solid white, or missing entirely. Like this: I think it might be a conflict with lighting and water, but I can't be sure, and since I haven't added or removed anything from the guide that affects either, there shouldn't be a problem... or I'd assume. I've added to it, but it was things like armors, followers, perks and houses. This doesn't seem to affect running water, but only standing water in the world. Blacksmith troughs are unaffected, for example.
  7. So I'm having a (recurring, oddly enough ) old bug where as soon as I enter the game, I have a level up waiting. This has happened to me a number of times in the past, and the only way I've been able to fix it, is to verify the integrity of game files. https://imgur.com/wGhQsTx As you can see, I'm in the abandoned prison right after character creation, and I have a level up waiting. I sometimes will open the menu to see if this bug's happened or not, it's that frequent in my games. My question is, since I've never had to do this with a STEP install(in fact, it's never happened to me in LE), I don't know what will happen to my install if I have to run the verifying operation. I really don't want to screw it up and have to do this all over again. On top of it, I think SSE has updated again so I *really* don't know what to do. Unless anyone else has a fix for this bug, by all means, let me know. If I leave it be, my leveling is *greatly* accelerated. I'll level every couple weapon swings or spell casts. It's absurd. Help?
  8. Ignore me, I'm an idiot and was assuming the FOMOD was updated at the same time the update files were, based on the front page's "updated on" date. Off to finish the install.
  9. So which version of Lanterns of Skyrim do I want to use? To work with the existing patch, until it's updated? I'm in the middle of the guide(second install, different computer lol) now and got hung up on this one. I don't want to screw something up.
  10. Love the guide, just finished installing it today... but I'm having an intermittent issue with mouse control. Sometimes the scrolling is instantaneous, where I'll zoom out and go from first to full distance third person in one frame, instead of gradually zooming out... but this is also causing the same issues with the dialog and system menus. Scrolling or clicking on the arrows to go down the list immediately moves the selection to the bottom of the list, making it hard to click on anything else. Speaking of, I'm also having issues clicking on options. I mouse over something and it highlights, for example, Display in the settings menu, and it doesn't highlight unless I find a perfect, miniscule spot nowhere near the actual word "Display". Any ideas? It happens sometimes, but not other times. I have tried both the mouse and the trackpad on my laptop(don't ask, troubleshooting) and the results were the same each time, until I relaunch the game. Then it works properly for a little bit, then screws up again. I'm wondering if it has to do with a setting somewhere. There's got to be a reason for it. Thanks in advance. <3
  11. So I'm installing the guide(On the section for LODs now.. been four days lol) and I notice after I'd installed SKSE, the executable is missing from the drop down box... like MO2 isn't recognizing I installed it. Any ideas on what I missed? Ive installed SKSE 50 times before without issues but I'm a little stumped here. I'm probably missing something simple. Ideas?
  12. The only one I really wanted to skip is CACO so I might try this. If I cant get it to work I'll just live with the changes. I just dislike the recipe changes, mostly. Appreciate it. :)
  13. I notice they're incorporated into the patches, but I don't like either of the crafting overhauls. They mess with my perk overhauls and just in general make crafting unfun for me. Is there a way to just not use them? Edit the patches somehow? I haven't installed a STEP build in a fairly long time(Think 2015) and I don't remember there being crafting overhauls in it before. I'm particularly concerned with the cooking and alchemy one. I use iNeed for needs, and rather not make cooking complicated. I don't generally use Alchemy, but the changes to the perk trees is going to mess with Vokrii. Suggestions? TIA!
  14. So now that I'm not using the ENB I'm back up to 55-60 fps but there's still minor popping. I think I'll have to deal with that. But now, despite multiple reinstalls, I can't get enhanced landscape grass to come on. Tore it and DynDOLOD out, reinstalled both. Waiting for mesh gen now. I'm under the impression I'm supposed to have a DynDOLOD .esp in addition to the resources, LOD and texgen but I'm not seeing it. And getting irritated.
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