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  1. Skyrim Reborn - Whiterun Hold (Updated) now requires Containers and Leveled Lists Fixes - Complete Loot Overhaul. Will this mod be added soon? Im just about to start the merges section and wondering if i should stop at this point a wait before carrying on.
  2. good stuff, but noticed that the page doesnt include the FIX Whirlwind of Ashpits Effect file.
  3. just noticed Vigilant SE has been updated to a esm, and so has the Vigilant SE English addon. Do we have to carry out a clean on it or will you be planing a change? (just started a new install)
  4. With the new YOT installer, the instructions include YOT- Gray Fox and YOT-Lotd however ive noticed they arent included in the YOT merge is this intentional?
  5. Your Conflict Resolution Download is missing on the nexus page its been replaced by a loose version of your Consistency Patches
  6. I found that this happens to me on the initial character creation screen but , when i return to it via showracemenu command all the sliders and functions appear.
  7. in steam console, paste: download_depot 489830 489833 4140371450004190946 then move the saved skyrim se exe(located in Steam/steamapps/content/app_489830) to your main skyrim folder for future ref always keep a known stable/functioning backup of the SkyrimSE.exe and SkyrimSELauncher.exe somewhere safe also turn steam auto updates to only update when i launch game option (done by right click skyrim in steam select properties then select updates)
  8. Got a Query about the Wyre Bash section in the finishing line. It mentions that you need to deactivate Hunterborn.esp and it will deactivate its dependants. However at the end of the bash it only mentions reactivating the Hunterborn.esp, ScrimshawExpanded.esp and Keep It Clean.esp. In my setup Hunterborn.esp also deactivates The Great Equalizer.esp and Your Own Thoughts Merged.esp. im assuming i need to reactivate them both otherwise......?
  9. Had a look at Better Companions as well, if used will the Companion Fall immunity also be removed? and there is bit at the bottom about Valdacil's patching that leads to mod that adds loads of VIS patching for most of the mods used. Radrose Usability Enhancements. Will using this and removing other versions be planned?
  10. So as i thought it was a error caused by myself, uninstalling something incorrectly, And if id open my eyes and checked the mod guide properly there is a fix supplied at the top of the settlement section. Once my brain reset itself and i used this fix plus reinstalled all the settlement section, it was all fixed. However with Snap n' Build not available anymore i cant use the Core Patch since its a master for it, are there any plans to remove it from the guide or its dependancy?
  11. Ive currently hit abit of a issue, noticed that certain items in the settlement build menu are missing, the tabs are there but the items arent no ingame blueprint or materials costs are displayed, most seem to be in the vanilla building section(not homemaker etc) researched abit and seemed to get the impression it was a issue with a incorrectly installed snap'n build, so uninstalled and tried to install again. However Snap'n Build doesnt appear on nexus anymore, decided it wasnt a real issue so adjusted Autodoors so it doesnt use SnD and reapplied ModWiki Core patch thinking its dependancy would also be removed, Wrong!! Disabled the Modwiki Patches and checked ingame all previous missing items, some are back but im now missing the entire generic building tab so i cant build walls floors etc, can only use homemaker etc. Im using the standard Modwiki Settlement mods along with Sim Settlements Northland Diggers Resources, Sandbag Fortifications and The Sancturay Bridge (though this doesnt and to the build system just replaces the bridge). Any help, advice or guidance to what im sure is a error on my part would be greatly appreciated.
  12. Thanks Thanks to TheChemist for the file much appreciated
  13. I must say i really enjoyed these Guides (SRLE, SRLE Extended etc), quite enjoy fooling around with these kind of things, so thanks for all your efforts and keep up the good work. Ive hit a bit of a snag, waited patiently for the 9th to get DCO etc, thinking i would quickly add them carry out the merges and boom! login and try it out. Unfortunately i still cant find the Heavy Armory - CCO supported Version, read something about it being on the Requiem Patch central page but cant find it. So im still missing Prvtl_HeavyArmory.esp. Was thinking of adding SMC, but with my OS being Win10 64 with Titans in SLI not really sure if i should try it, unless there are plans to convert this guide to SSE in the future.
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