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  1. I've made it to the end of Landscape Cities and caves... At the start of the FCOM section, it says that there is no turning back, so I assume if you messed up the FCOM part you must start all over from the very beginning. After running boss, rebuilding patch and starting the game, I see the awesome "WTF" missing mesh signs and CTD when trying to leave the sewer from a new save. I believe, but no way to prove it, that I messed up on FCOM part.
  2. Are these some of the things that's going to happen following this Mystic Guide?
  3. You must have some experience in this pmw57.
  4. I uninstalled "DarNifiedUI Config Addon" and was able to create a new game and exit without CTD.
  5. Thanks for the reply hishutup. There's not a lot you could know given how man opportunities there are to mess up something. I can load my save game, which is just the beginning in the jail, but if I quit to main menu it also crashes. There was a point in the guide, right after the UI part where it says you can test, but I never tried creating a new game, I just loaded that save and thus have no idea if would have occurred there.
  6. I made it to the end of Conflicting Textures and now no longer able to create a new game as it CTD. I created the two rules in BOSS for the floating weapons and Summ Dremora, ran boss and now I gotta big mess as I expected would happen.
  7. Thanks, that helped me figure it out.
  8. What does BOSS Masterlist Update Required: Summon Dremora Lord Saved.esp BOTTOM DLC 4mean?
  9. Thanks pmw, that fixed it for me.
  10. Why is Data.zip not showing up in Installers tab of Wyre Bash? I select to copy it, and after it finishes nothing shows up.
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