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  1. On my phone sorry about editing. Can confirm shield problem exact as you described. Even if you put it on display (museum armour room)it's still broken.
  2. Thanks for the reply! I'll keep these tips in mind. (and probably go get extra storage hehe)
  3. Hi lovely skyrim modders! As I've decided to follow this magnificent guide to the letter, please enlighten me this two concern (question): 1. the estimated disc space required? 2. Is there a way to "lock down" the guide (and all subsidiary pages) is its current state? I can only do modding on spare time and afaik, this one keeps evolving. It would be wonderful if I can safely do this in a longer time span. Thanks in advanced!
  4. The file was not in the merge folder because I mistakenly cut all 13 esps to the esp only folder, did the merge(which contains no textures), and then inactivate those mod folders so... I can finally get out of my farmhouse now. Thanks you guys! But would I have to re-run that Dyndolod(TexGen and/or World) again..
  5. Omg I am so stupid... Will distribute those 12 esps back to their mod folders now. Hopefully this works! To reddvilzz: I checked the SpiceOfLife/Fences/fence01/fencewoven02.nif is in its mod folder "Spice Of Life - Fences - SRLE Extended" Will redo the merge now! Thanks you all <3
  6. So for Moss Rocks - Legendary.esp we copy, for the other 12 esps we cut? I'll try now.
  7. Thanks for the reply! I review my load order and uncheck a patch esp of no use, so it's C10048DE now. I posted a imgur link for reference and will try to describe it in case not working. https://imgur.com/0fEtVjW C10048DE is found in Landscape and Environment Merge.esp, with an Editor ID read "SoLfence01Woven02". However, Dyndolod.esp also shows up in the right, having the same description. The reasonable conclusion is that I screwed up the Merge or Dyndolod, so I went back to read the SRLE Extended guide and think "Yeah this was the most confusing part." Quote from the guide: 2. Cut and Paste ONLY the following esps from The Ruffled Feather: Moss Rocks - Legendary.esp." I can't dig out 13 esps from The Ruffled Feather: Moss Rocks - Legendary.esp so gathered them from their mod folders. Have I done something wrong in the merge process? Thanks again for the reply!
  8. Hello community, I finally done installing SRLE Extended (and whoa there's a new beta LOTD but no worries) and started to play today. Pick the farm house start, open the door to the lovely outdoor world - and crashed Orz. The Message form crash fixes indicates a problem with Form ID: 0xE23F2, which is from ID: 0xC20048DE and error type: 0x22 I think these info direct me to Tes5Edit, but sadly I have no knowledge how to proceed the debug. I appreciate anyone kindly enough to point me the right way. If I shouldn't post this here, please redirect me.
  9. Just done cleaning and I can see PC's face by now! Probably the load order I retained since STEP install was the problem... I will proceed this playthrough to see if it works well overall. Thank you Nozzer66!
  10. They're all checked and unable to uncheck. Also the "Have MO manage archives" is checked. I'm currently suspecting my cleaned ESMs, since I cleaned them according to STEP awhile ago, noticed that Neovalen's mathod is somewhat different but didn't want to redo that. Thanks for the reply!
  11. It's my first time posting in the forum and English is not my native language, so I apologize in advance for any inconvenience reading this. After my playthroughs with STEP, I spent few days following Neovalen's guide to further my modded skyrim experience. Once I finished everything above "In-Game Configuration" part, I went on to start a new game ought to config skyrim in-game. The image below is what I saw: The player character is invisible except for eyes, and after I finished and named character, the only thing visible in the cell is torches on the wall (I'd suppose). From limited knowledge to date I'd think this is due to some kind of conflict (I tried a new game with only official esms checked and ralof is talking to me on the cart like there's no problem, and ENB seemed to work), but I don't know what parts went wrong. Thanks in advance for kind replies.
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