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  1. Awesome. Thank you! This mod has the BEST support I've ever seen.
  2. Also, for the Advanced Recon mods, should the "Advanced Recon Tech.esp" entry be last on the list in the right pane of MO? And do I need to add it to the Advanced Recon merge? Screenshots for clarification.
  3. I checked them and there was indeed one unticked. It was the meshes one. Thank you!
  4. So I'm currently at the step pictured in my screenshot. I can start the game, no crashes, but it doesn't move past the stand by screen. Any ideas on what went wrong?
  5. Right below UIO. That's where it's suggested to start the game up. Edit: At that part, do I run the entire post install checklist or just start it right now?
  6. They weren't even on the list. So I can reinstall them just fine?
  7. Sorry to necro, but Guynemer brings up a good question. At the section where it's advised to start the game up and see if everything is working, there is no WMX mod yet. So the optional plugin for it keeps messing everything up..what am I doing wrong?
  8. As the title indicates, I made the bashed patch in wrye bash, and now the .esms for the official DLC are missing...what did I do wrong?
  9. I don't think I have yet. I ran LOOT but I probably forgot to save the load order. I was trying this all at 2 A.M. last, haha. Thank you!
  10. Sorry for nitpicking. I just know that some people, like myself, tend to confuse themselves easily. I don't want others running into the same issues I have, heh. Also, at the point in the guide where you install UiO, you recommend to start up fallout NV to see if it works. Well, I'm getting a black screen followed by a crash, so I must be doing SOMETHING wrong. At that point do I follow the post installation checklist? EDIT: I have been doing post install instructions, and I'm currently generating bash tags. However a good number of mods have had no need to save apparently...is this normal?
  11. I did that, but I'm still crashing. Also I installed everything as I was supposed to, so this YUP plugin was supposed to be here, but I was supposed to run the game after I installed UI mods....how was that supposed to work if this plugin was bound to fail since WMX isn't installed until much later?
  12. So I am following the guide and I just now installed UIO, but starting the game through the 4gb launcher gives me a black screen until it decides to stop working and close on me. What am I doing wrong exactly? Also, as far as the plugins go, I feel like this may be an issue.....see attachment. EDIT: I tried just deselecting the .esp in question but I'm still crashing with a black screen.
  13. I was just unclear. Got it now though. So I do indeed wait to do 4GB until I'm at that point in the guide? EDIT: Also, shouldn't Merge Plugins be listed in step 3.1 of setting up MO?
  14. I'm a little lost at the MO step especially. You say to add the 4GB .exe but that's a few mods away...so should I install it at that step? OR when it's listed? Sorry for asking silly questions. EDIT: In the MO setup section, the instructions for Merge Plugins, step 2 reads Nest to the Arguments test field, typr "-profile FalloutNVProfile", with quotations.Do I leave them or no?
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