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  1. Hello, Im not sure if this is really important or not but I am noticing after going through the guide on the new site the font for the Fomod Instructions is tiny at times (generally when there are many entries). Not sure if this in because I'm on a 4k display but here is a screenshot of one example but Im not sure if this will provide a very good example or not.
  2. Hello, in the guide, Ultimate combat has a dodge mechanic already. In the past TK Dodge was included in the guide but not anymore. Think it will be perfect fine to add in a dual wield blocking mod, used to have such a mod in the old LE edition of the guide. About the carry weight issue you mention, with this being a LotB build severely limiting your carry weight will make it annoying trying to collect all the artifacts and gear that gets displayed in the museum as you will constantly be trying to manage your inventory. The last mod you mentioned is nice but doesnt look to be worth a esp to me, though thats just my opinion of course. Id rather use the free spots to include more supported content for the museum.
  3. Hello, working through installing the guide currently and noticed something. LoTB includes Lore Weapon Expansion in its base files already. So there is no need to keep the bsa file in the Lore Weapon Expansion mod right?
  4. Just wanted to mention that the mod Skyrim Reborn Whiterun Hold does NOT require the Containers and Leveled Lists Fixes - Complete Loot Overhaul mod to be installed as a requirement at all so it can be added back into the guide.
  5. Ah ok, thanks for chiming in, nice too hear others are running this guide with lower spec cards!
  6. But what resolution are in playing Skyrim in? also that card has 8Gb of VRAM the 980 has only 4Gb
  7. Hello one of my friends was asking me if I thought their GTX 980 would be up to par with Skyrim SE for this guide. I couldn't really say as my experience has been with my 1080 Ti which has almost triple the VRAM of the 980 and they also have a 1440p monitor as well that they will be using. Does anyone know or think their 980 will work well?
  8. What you can do that would work is for the mods that are VR specific is simply rename that mode by adding 'VR' at the begging of each of those mods. That way you can easily identify them and instead of two copies of every mod, you would only have duplicates of mods that are VR specific. The only thing I dont know about though are things like FNIS, if that only scans the mods activated in MO then your good to go. But if it scans everything, that being the the entire mod install folder, then that would not work and in that case two seperate mod install folders are needed.
  9. With two portable instances of MO2 pointing to the same mod folder the two instances would be identical. When you change one mod in one instance then load the other MO2 instance it will see that new mod though it wont be activated. Note yoy can only have one instance of MO2 opened at a time too. So to answer, no I dont think what your wanting to do is gonna work.
  10. If hardrive space isnt a issue can have one instance of skyrim to play and a 2nd instance to follow the guide updates with. Edit: Lexy already said the same thing above, oops.
  11. That tool would be a great assest to SE, bad downloads do happen and can lead to meshes and texture getting corrupted. I would be very interested in such a tool too.
  12. So question going threw the guide and reached the weapons and armors retexture portion and was wondering if it would be alright to go with 4k resolution armors when possible. Using a 1080ti so with 11 Gb of VRAM to play with I should be set with 4k armors. The main concern I have though is the museum, as it gets more and more items with all pieces of armor at 4k I wonder how that would bode.
  13. What I'm doing with textures since I have 11 Gbs of Vram to work with is going with 4k textures for objects that are large (ie dragon remains) or large and flat (Landscape/environment) textures benefit greatly from the higher resolution. Also opted in keeping npcs at 4k skins as well and am considering using the 4k textures provided in ACE and WACF from kryptopher as the hoods especially benefit greatly.
  14. Not to mention that Frostfall even on the lowest values over dramatizes the cold. Used to love Frostfall and makes perfect sense but it hinders instead of enhancing game play imo.
  15. Back again with another mod suggestion, this one I personally ported over to SE with permission that adds more displays to the museum gallery. There is a patch for already in the LOTD Patches too. Only concern would be the loot table of the treasures on how well they play with MLU. New Treasure Hunt SSE Port
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