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  1. Hoping someone can give me some advice, I just finished the Fixes section of the FNV Fear and Loathing STEP guide. I tried running the game using nvse through MO but it won't even start. It just has a black screen. I'm on Windows 10 so I made sure to disable the 2 functions in NVSR so I don't think it's that. The first time I tried to run it was just after installing New Vegas Stutter Remover and it won't go past the nvse command prompt screen with the black background. I thought maybe I should install the rest of the Fixes section mods but it still won't start correctly. If anyone can throw me some advice I'd be really greatful. I'm trying to get it ready for the release of Fallout New California that releases tomorrow so any help would be amazing. Here's some screenshots: https://imgur.com/9KV2Tqq https://imgur.com/Exh1K91 https://imgur.com/HaBX7SD
  2. So I just finished the guide and it crashes on startup for me. Any suggestions?
  3. So I want to use Tale of Two Wastelands along with this modding guide, so should I use "Fear and Loathing" or "Tale of Two Wastelands - Overencumbered Edition"? Or is there a way to sort of mix the two, because F&L has been updated more recently when compared to the other.
  4. Hey, was wondering if anybody knew off the top of their heads the solution to my problem. Every once in a while most after I fast travel or having played the game for more than an hour I'll notice there's red exclamation signs everywhere and missing textures popping up. I don't know if it's because I fast travel, but I noticed its usually after I've been playing for 30 minutes to an Hour straight. It's getting kind of annoying to having to exit the entire game and reload it. I'll be grateful for any help you could give me, thanks.
  5. It happens whenever I zoom in with every weapon and without one. Its creates a sort of sideways oval blur.
  6. Anybody know a way to get rid of the blur when you zoom in? I'm pretty sure RH Ironsights is whats doing it.
  7. OOOhhhh, thank you I thought when the guide said "Optimizing" the Textures I'd assumed that it meant it was somehow messing with them to get them to run smoother on my computer. Well thanks for clearing that up, and now I need some more help lol. I just finished up the guide and everything is running well, I'm still getting the pink missing textures on some of my male raiders though but by now I'm just like "**** i'll live with it" My real problem now is that everytime I fire my gun, once every couple bullets the game will stutter real badly. I don't know what it is, it also stutters every once in a while when I'm just moving around but it's during firing my gun that it's the worst. I don't understand why though because it's running at around 90-120 steady fps, and it will just suddenly stutter/freeze up and then resume real quick.
  8. Well I just did the Vanillas with the first first Constraint settings, and I'm optomizing the mods right now with the same constraints and 2kx2k. The guide says to limit it to 2k so I did, but I was wondering if I have to considering I have a pretty good rig.
  9. Hey could someone tell me what Constraint settings I need to be using in DDSopt? I've looked it up and from what I'm understanding some of the textures need different settings so I'm at a loss here. Gonna go do some Calculus 2 and hope someone has an answer in like an hour or two. edit: Because in the DDSopt guide itself it has 3 pictures with 3 different kinds of settings for the Constraints tab. Would love to know which on to use during which steps.
  10. Hey I'd really like some help before I start disabling and enabling mods to figure out whats wrong. I have Raiders running around with pink/purple limbs and I thought to myself "Hm, that doesn't seem very raider-ly." Also another bug I noticed was that everyone has these weird dull grayish/brown eyes.
  11. Hey, well my Fallout also crashes at startup, but it happens very rarely. I'm more worried about the Raiders having pink/purple limbs. I was wondering if anybody would happen to know whats causing it before I start disabling and testing my load order and mods. On an off note, another bug I noticed was that everyone has these weird dull grayish/brown eyes.
  12. Hey just noticed that the Guide said it had been updated on August 22nd, I was just wondering what had been changed or added since I couldn't notice anything.
  13. Yeah I understand. I tried using your old guide about a month ago to mod Oblivio. But I guess everything had been updated since you'd made it, and I couldn't even exit the sewer's without CTD'ing every time. And now with this guide, I modded it up exactly as you said up unto the Grass Overhaul and everything is working perfectly. I can't wait until you start working on it again and finish it, meanwhile though I'll be replaying Oblivion with what I have now. Keep up the amazing work and thank you so much for re-doing and updating this guide!
  14. So I've finished modding up to the point where the guide left off, and it's working beautifully. I'm just going to add Oblivion Character Overhaul v2 and hope it doesn't mess anything up.
  15. Oh, and I'm having the usual "I can see through my body when i pull out my weapons or fists" problem. Can anybody give me the quick fix for that?
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