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  1. Ah, my bad about the DynDOLOD thing. I see, if you keep the old ones seperate and deactivated, you don't need to re-run it if you switch profiles. I never switch profiles, I just use one.
  2. I want to add my thanks to Neovalen and Darth_Mathias as well. Seriously, thank you for doing this. You have completely opened up a new world of Skyrim for me, as well as Fallout 4 when I go back to it with my new knowledge and comfort with modding. I appreciate the care and hard work you have put into creating these great and detailed guides, as well as taking the time to answer our questions. Thanks to everyone else that helps answer questions and provide feedback also. I've learned a lot reading the forums, too. I had zero clue what I was doing a few weeks ago, and now I am starting to figure it out. I never thought I'd get this game running with 350 mods. I don't follow either guide exactly, no offense (modding is about personal preference), but they are a great starting point for me. This is impressive work. My poor graphics card would like to have a word with you, though..."He's going back to Skyrim! I get a break!" HaHa, no such luck, buddy.
  3. I delete the old DynDOLOD output files and run the DynDOLOD TexGen and Worlds scripts again
  4. I have been having problems with CTD and infinite loading screens that seem to be related to AS:LAL. This thread: https://forum.step-project.com/topic/10092-argh-somebody-please-help/ has helped, should this info be noted in the guide? I have had to delete these files each time I re-do my install for things to work properly. Basically, delete those scripts from the skyrim/data/scripts (if they are there) and skyrim/data/scripts/source folders (I only ever have files in the source folder) and the game runs better. Edit: These files are apparenty contained within the vanilla ESMs so deleting them doesn't damage the game
  5. CACO_SIC_WT_Comb_Patch is this for Wyrmstooth? I didn't install that, so I am wondering if I should install this patch edit: oops, sorry, wrong thread. I meant to post in the base SRLE topic but I guess it's still relevant here. edit2: I installed it, looked at its master, and figured it out. Nevermind. I don't need it
  6. I am having intractable problems with SUM. I have read many forums/threads and tried many things...even so far as registry editing but to no avail. I have ownership of all folders and files on the drive, and using 32 bit JRE, etc, etc, etc. I always resort to using ASIS and DSR's individual patchers. Is there a reason this isn't recommended? It's SO much easier and SEEMS to work when SUM won't, but I'm not familiar enough with ASIS to be sure on that one. There are a lot of people that have much difficulty with SUM....is it worth the hassle?
  7. I'm not completely done, but I've finished all the armor/clothing texture sections. I only skipped Troublemakers stuff and Lore friendly and Semiskimpy Armors as I'm using regular UNP (maybe bodyslide later). Am I missing anything important here? A couple things I noticed: Childrens clothes and the Monk robes (Heimskr and Danica's clothes) looked really out of place and low Res. Rustic Children https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/63353/? has good clothes for them. Lind's Monk Robes are good (if perhaps a little too fancy for monks, but I like the rest of their robes a lot) https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/36817/? or Kobayashi's 2x Clothing Re-mix has some that are at least better than vanilla but a little lower resolution: https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/5603/? ANd finally, is there any reason you don't use JK's Cities lite? Is it the vRam usage or is it incompatible? I'm sitting over 4GB in Whiterun according to Skyrim Performance Monitor, but damn does that mod make an impact.
  8. OK, you did shed some light on the subject for me. Thanks for the help. Another question: Is it necessary to merge the mods for the guide to work right? I see NSUTR needs to be for the conflict resolution D/L patch to work, but what about the rest?
  9. Bah, I don't think I was doing it right. OK, so here's where I am. Bathing In Skyrim: I deactivated the original mod and the CACO Soaps mod, activated the merged mod Complete Alchemy and Cooking Overhaul: Left main CACO mod active, deactivated the CACO - Patches mod and the mod for the downloaded CACO SIC WT Comb Patch, activated the merged mod. Even Better Quest Objectives: Still not 100% on this one: I moved BetterQuestObjectives.esp from the main mod to the merged mod, deactivated the main mod. Activated the merged mod, left the EBQO - Patch to active, and left the Cutting Room Floor update active. Farmhouse Chimneys: Deactivated main mod and activated merged mod.
  10. OK, SO I merged Bathing In Skyrim, and just unchecked the .esps in the right pane. Then I saw it seems all the files in the main Mods are in the merged one (though I didn't check thoroughly yet), and figured I could disable the main source Mods for the merged ones. Even Better Quest Objectives seems a bit more complex situation, and wasn't too sure about it anymore. These are just the patches, so should I leave the main mod active or move the .esp that isn't merged into the merged Mod? What about the Patch mod (to, I think I should leave this active), and the Cutting room Floor Update (I also think I should leave it active)? That's as far as I've gotten, but what I am figuring is just leave everything active in the left pane and disable (uncheck) the individual .esps on the right as I merge. Is this right, or at least acceptable? Hell, do I even need to merge at all? I don't need to free up slots for .esms. If I add on it won't be much.
  11. This is bit of a nit to pick, but the warning to unpack .bsa files is after the section "Optimizing the Bethesda Textures". I had to go back and re-do that part. I watched a YouTube video where a dude made the same mistake as well, so at least it's not just me!
  12. OK, thanks for the quick replies, folks. I'll try out Win10, then. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't guaranteeing myself avoidable trouble. Thanks for all the hard work Neo. This looks awesome and I can't wait to try it. Your guide is impressively detailed. Just what I need :)
  13. i7 6700 8GB system RAM 980ti (6GB) Samsung 950 Pro 256 GB Samsung 1TB 850 Pro 1440p G-Sync monitor Win 10: Very basic fresh install without much crap on the system. Hi all, great project you have going on here. I did some basic Skyrim modding a couple years ago but I'm basically a Noob that follows guides and looking to learn figuring things out for myself Re: modding. I want to set up a SR:LE build with the recommended options and texture sizes. Will 4GB VRAM be enough at 1440p? With Win7, I understand I can use all 6 GB with Boris's tweaks. I've also heard a lot of grumbling about Skyrim bot running well on Win10 with complaints of stuttering, instability, and Etc. Is that FUD, outdated, or should I just set up a Win7 partition? That seems annoying as I wouldn't use it for anything else. I guess could put 7 on the 850 SATA SSD, and a Steam install on a dedicated "Skyrim" partition on the 950 (NVME SSD) or is that a waste?
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