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  1. After running LOOT I'll need to make the bashed patch again and run DSR and FNIS?
  2. Im confused because while installing DSR, FNIS and making the Bashed Patch, all of them say if I run LOOT I'll need to go trough the process again, run each one and replace files. but in Bashed Patch it says: "Rebuild the Bashed Patch again each time the plugin load list/order changes. However, you will not need to do so after Dual Sheath Redux, Better Shaped Weapons, Fores New Idles in Skyrim, or Dynamic Distant Objects LOD" But after installing DynDOLOD resources it tells me to run LOOT again. Then I thought, Hmm... probably I'll have to make the bashed patch again and run DSR and FNIS. But im not sure and I had a lot of trouble to install all those mods to mess things right now... I just want to be sure everything will work correctly. EDIT: I didnt edited my first post cause there was no "Edit" button, it dissapeared after some time.
  3. Should I run LOOT after installing DynDOLOD Resources? I know its possibly a dumb question but im confused if I should run Loot after all that trouble creating Bashed Patch, DSR and FNIS. If I do need to run Loot after DynDOLOD Resources installation should I do all this again: Bashed Patch, DSR and FNIS? Im asking because the guide its not clear about that. Thanks :)
  4. Thanks guys I hope everything works out fine lol If I may I would like to request that someone please make a guide with STEP for Skyrim Special Edition, or update the Skyrim STEP guide. Thanks for all the help :)
  5. I didnt know STEP had a discord, where can I find the invite to it?
  6. But I dont want to auto clean things, I want to manually do it just like the guide tell me to do so.
  7. Can I edit the current shortcut in MO and add the argument? And there's already one argument there, how do I add another one? Should I use " ; "? EDIT: There's a ETA on the update for the guide? I guess I will wait until its updated, I have some history in mess everything while trying to install STEP lol
  8. Im having problem at the step 2.B. of the guide, when the guide says: "Wait for Background Loader: finished to be displayed in the right panel, and then right-click on Update.esm and select [Apply Filter For Cleaning]. " When I do this in TES5Edit there are 2 problems: 1. There are 2 options "Apply Filter for Cleaning" and "Apply Filter for Cleaning (Selected files Only)" 2. Dont matter which option I choose the program doesn't do anything and instead show me this message: "This function has been made obsolete by the introduction of Quick Auto Clean mode. If you have used this function because you were following a guide, please be aware that the guide is outdated and no longer apllies...) What should I do now? Please answer ASAP. EDIT: Dont know why the text have this weird gray background.
  9. I was in the Embershard Mine when i found a book "Light Armor Forging", when i opened it the game crashed. Edit: I mistake the places. Thought it was Silent Moons Camp but it was Embershard Mine I just load the game and went there again, this time no CTD. But yet, does anyone know the reason for the CTD?
  10. It was the hardware mouse cursor, it better now. Another question: •Where should I place in the Left Pane (Priority) the mods which is not from STEP Core? Should I place them below the "STEP DynDOLOD Output"? •And Alternate Start have any issues? You guys recommend it? (I used it many times before but never with STEP)
  11. One more thing: When i use the mouse to rotate the camera it feels heavy. Its not freezing its just like heavy, it used to be smooth. How can i improve it? Decreasing the Antialiasing?
  12. If i install CBBE, Hunterborn, Climates of Tamriel, Bandoliers, CLoaks of Skyrim and Winter is Coming and run Loot do i have to patch the Bashed Patch or something else? And after i completed the STEP Guide the top of the Mountains in the background is flickering, i guess thats the name (Its kinda different textures overlaping one another in fast intervals)
  13. I just finished my STEP Instalation. Ive patched everything in the order it is in the guide, but after the DynDLOD the load order changed. QUESTIONS: •Do I have to patch everything again? •If I want to install Frostfall for example, i remember some mods in the STEP guide had patches if using Frostfall, do i need to install those patches? And how the hell will i find out which mods have compatibility issue with it? •Can i Install CBBE and ApachiHair?
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