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  1. Hello. I was just curious. Im wondering how far along you are on the guide. I definitely want to install it but I am going to wait until you are mostly done with adding mods so I dont have to redo it later. Also thanks for putting it together!
  2. Does anyone have a copy of the real ice mod from base srle? It was taken down from nexxus and i cant seem to find it anywhere. It would be cool if anyone could help me out.
  3. Hello. Im going to go through this guide again now that lotd v17 is out. I just wanted to clear a few things up before i get started. So i need to install everything in base srle using the latest versions of the mods correct? Also for the merge sections its reccomended to just merge the esps correct? Sorry probably noob questions but i wanted to make sure before i get going. Im trying to make this my last time installing mods for oldrim. Thanks in advance!
  4. Hello. Im just getting started on this guide. Im setting up Mod organizer. Im at the part where it says open an administrative command prompt then create a symbolic link. I have no idea what that even means. Anyone have any helpful tips? Thanks in advance.
  5. Rayne are you still waiting for the dragonborn gallery v16? Im thinking of doing the same. This guide would still work even with all the updated mods? I was also looking at the yashd up guide as well. I think i still like this one better but im worried it will be too outdated.
  6. Itd be nice to have one for lotd v17 with all the supported mods and patched mods for maximum museum collection. Im gonna use the srle extended lotd and see if i can jus add them in myself. Hopefull ill learn how to do cr.
  7. Hey guys. Im here again for some help. If we have heavy armory 3.1 we need to download the lotd patches and merge them together ourself or is the one in the guide up to date for that? Im pretty much done jus waiting for dragon combat overhaul to be visible again and figuring this part out. Thanks for the help im pretty new to modding and just trying to make sure i get it right.
  8. Holy crap i cant believe i missed that now i feel silly. Thank you so much though!
  9. I am stuck on the same part. For the forgotten city patches i see nothing that says forgotten city patches. Could somebody help me out? Ive downloaded the core 1.29 version.is it in theresomewhere?
  10. Hey darth. Improved closefaced helmets has a lotd patch. I did not see this in the integration list figured id give you a heads up unless i just missed something or its part of the lotd patches.
  11. Well i got this bookmarked. I just want to say thanks to you man. I work a lot and have 3 children so figuring things like this out is something i dont really have time to learn. I been using srle for a while now and always dreamed of getting the legacy and supporting mods on top. Ive started adding things here and there and now im like wtf wyrmstooth isnt working lol!so to have this guide would be dream come true for people like me.youre awesome neo is awesome, all the mod authors and support people are awesome.ill be keeping an eye on this and the weekend after its done ill be sleeping on my desk downloading mods haha!long live skyrim!
  12. Hello. I am new to pc gaming and modding myself. Thats why I was looking into revisited, its a nice guide. But what is it that makes legacy of the dragonborn not compatible? I was really hoping to use that mod. Is there something in revisited that you could drop to solve this or is legacy just so ridiculous i would have to build my own mod list based off of legacy? I didnt want to make a new thread and so i posted it here. Just looking for some answers also thanks.
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