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  1. The file without the space is a mistake, and should not be there. The file with the space was supposed to replace the file without the space, but because of the space it wasn't able to replace the file without the space. In otherwords, get rid of the one without the space and rename the one with the space, according to the instructions above for the most aesthetically pleasing solution to the problem.
  2. Where you have two of the same filename (ignoring capitalization), one with a space in front of the name - you need the contents of the filename with the space, to replace the other file. Starting with: 1. "CEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" 2. " centrancemtnsnowlg02.nif" Edit the original filename (by renaming it, but don't change anything yet) and copy the filenames text so that you get all the capitalization of its name:The clipboard buffer should now contain the text "CEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" Rename the spaced filename so that it starts with a non-space character, such as "C", and paste what you copied from the previous step. You should now have two filenames with identical capitalization, all except for the first character of one of them:1. "CEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" 2. "CCEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" Delete the original file that didn't contain the space:1. "CEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" (Deleted) 2. "CCEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" Now rename the remaining file back to the original name.2. "CEntranceMtnSnowLG02.NIF" I hope that's now clear enough for everyone to follow. The spaced filename is the new contents, that needs to replace the old file.
  3. What you should have done was to rename the mod's file so that it doesn't have the leading space, which allows it to properly replace the previously existing file. It seems that you are looking within the oblivion data folder. Delete the one without the leading space, and use the above technique in post #424 to remove the leading space.
  4. When renaming. Windows incorrectly considers that the filename with a space and the filename without the space are the same filename, and won't allow you to do that. So instead, you can do it in a two-step process as is detailed in my previous post.
  5. You'll see that there's a space at the start of the centrance filename, which needs to be removed. Windows doesn't just let you remove the space. Instead you need to give the filename a different name. I've found that a good way is to do it this way: Rename " centrancemtnsnowlg02.nif" to place a character where the space is, to "ccentrancemtnsnowlg02.nif" And then you will be allowed to rename "ccentrancemtnsnowlg02.nif" to "centrancemtnsnowlg02.nif" It is to that last filename to which it needs to be renamed.
  6. Good work. I have to go now, but hopefully someone can investigate things further.
  7. Refresh Qarls texture pack after renaming that file, and anneal, and after that diversion back to investigating the ANCastleCourtCircle01.nif texture. Uninstalling Qarls UoP compatibility patch doesn't result in the tear, nor does messing around with that ANCastleCourtCircle01 inside the patch file result in anything for me either. Can you please investigate this further, as you are able to experience the tear in the landscape. Does following my install process above result in the tear still being there?
  8. Okay, let's try this out. With QTP and BC already installed, I'm going to add the unofficial patches for Oblivion, Shivering Isles, and DLC, along with Qarls UOP compatibility patch. - Unpack the the three unofficial patches and Qarls UOP compatibility patch in to the Wrye Bash installer - Create a Fixes marker in where to group the unofficial ones, and place Qarls one after his texture pack - Remove UOP vampire aging esp from UOP and then install - Install the Unofficial shivering isles patch - Install the Unofficial oblivion DLC patch is what would normally come next here, but as I'm testing a smaller installation without them, I'm doing without them for now. - Install the qtp3 uop compatibility patch - Go to the mods tab, right-click on the File heading and load all - Close Wrye Bash, run BOSS, Open Wrye Bash, right-click on Bashed patch and rebuild with beta. Let's see how the well looks now. It looks good. Oddly, the QTP installer is red, due to a missing mesh, which has a space at the start of its filename. meshes\dungeons\caves\exterior\ centrancemtnsnowlg02.nif Ahh, I see from QTP's forum post #34 that we should rename it to remove the space, which File Explorer doesn't allow me to do. Instead, you have to rename it by filling that space with some other character such as "ccentrancemtnsnowlg02nif", and then remove that character so that the filename is "centrancemtnsnowlg02.nif" Edit: No! Don't post yet. *sigh* Work continues.
  9. Nice investigative work there. CTD's won't be an issue, but I wonder how this became an issue in the first place. I want to experience the issue and test things further. Am I right to believe that adding in the unofficial oblivion patch and qarl's uop patch is likely to have me experience the same problem?
  10. That's excellent news. That compatibility patch is for compatibility with the Unofficial Oblivion Patch. The qtp3 compatibility patch requires the unofficial Oblivion patch to already be installed. Without that requirement the compatibility one will of course result in weird issues. When even one single byte in the file changes, the checksum will change to a completely different value. This allows you to compare the contents of your file with someone else, for example the oblivion.esm file.
  11. It looks like you weren't holding down the C key when you clicked on List Mods menu choice. Please see the following for further details - Wrye Bash: Useful context menu commands
  12. They do have a checksum which can be checked. In the Mods tab right-click on the File heading, and while the C key is pressed down select List Mods. The list will show with a checksum for each. 00 oblivion.esm [CRC: 2FF840C5] 01 Better Cities Resources.esm [Version 6.0.5] [CRC: 4D686B3C] 02 DLCShiveringIsles.esp [CRC: 2BB84977] 03 Better Cities .esp [Version 6.0.5] [CRC: A2C3388F] 04 Knights.esp [CRC: 6C88EDB3] 05 Alternative Beginnings.esp [Version 1.4.3] [CRC: D036604C] 06 Better Cities Full.esp [Version 6.0.5] [CRC: 50DD5A16] 07 Better Cities - IC Imperial Isle.esp [Version 6.0.2] [CRC: 27F4FBB8] 08 Better Imperial City.esp [Version 6.0.0] [CRC: AD3A89EC] 09 Better Cities Chorrol - Knights of the Nine.esp [Version 6.0.4] [CRC: 91EF7697] 0A Better Imperial City FPS Patch.esp [Version 6.0.0] [CRC: 1A1CAF38] 0B Better Cities - Leyawiin Flooded.esp [Version 6.0.0] [CRC: E2C8B07E] 0C Bashed Patch, 0.esp [CRC: FCFF1430]
  13. I've found that when disabling mods from the load order, that there can be artifacts due to there being asset files for them that are still installed. Instead of disabling mods, the more reliable way is to uninstall the mod using its installer. On a personal gripe matter, I do find the Wrye Bash installer area to be most distracting. Everything ends up with yellows and oranges, and I tend to lose track of why they are that way, and whether everything is still in good working order.
  14. Okay. Just so I'm understanding you properly, you did not see the torn landscape with only Quarls and Better Cities installed. Only when removing mods later on. That's nice to confirm, thanks.
  15. After writing lots of troubleshooting information on the installation of Quarls texture pack, I made the mistake of dragging an image into the editor, and lost the essay that I had written on the process of installing both Quarls texture pack and better cities. With Quarls texture pack, delete the meshes\dungeons\fortruins\ folder, then install. The well looks to be between Gogan's and Quill-Weave's house, and there are no texture troubles currently with it. I suggest that you don't save there though, for when Better Cities loads in there's no telling if bad stuff will occur. Instead, go across the street to the house of Pinarus Inventius and save while in there. Saving inside of a building is a good safety tip for when things outside are being changed. My expectation is that installing Better Cities results in tears in the landscape around the well. Time to install Better Cities. This text editor has autosave? How do I get back what was lost before? Dammit, it only shows what I have rewritten here above. Time to uninstall Better Cities from my test and redo, giving the short version of the instructions here. - Run the primary resources wizard with the options given in the install guide (Blood and Mud, No, Yes, Male and Female, No). Tick both apply and install, then finish the wizard. - Run the better cities wizard with the options given in the install guide (No, Everything, Yes, Yes, No, Yes, No), no replacer plugins, apply and untick install, then finish the wizard. Normally here you would then tick the 10 Storms and Sounds, 30 All Natural, and 30 Immersive Interiors subpackages, but I do not have those currently installed as I am testing only Qarls and Better Cities for the purpose of troubleshooting tears in the landscape. After all of that configuration: - install the Better Cities mod. - In the mods tab activate everything. - Close Wrye Bash and then run BOSS to reorder the mods. I close Wrye Bash before running BOSS, due to the following comment in Hishutup's install guide: After BOSS, run up Wrye Bash again and activate the Bashed Patch. Right-click on the Bashed Patch and rebuild. I use the beta rebuild as recommended in the install guide, agree to the mods it wants to deactivate, and then build the patch. I have 0A (10 decimal) mods installed. Alternative Beginnings is at 05, with Better Cities mods taking up 01, 03, and 06 through to 09. Two of them have the plus symbol instead of a tick which means they are rolled in to the patch, and the Bashed Patch is number 0A at the end of the list. Time for the moment of truth, to launch Oblivion and see what I find from that save game file from before. Load up the save game from earlier, leave Pinarus Inventius' house, and head forward straight to the well. I see no tears in the landscape there. Everything is looking good. Here's a screenshot with me standing beside the fruit and vege stand. Mmm, look at them tasty apples. Let's get closer to the well so that I have the same view as with the torn landscape that's shown at https://imgur.com/RZ2ytDS You can see my perspective of the same shot at https://imgur.com/TwKbYlR Is there anything in my description of the install process above, that looks strange or new to you? Because I really want to experience the same tears in the landscape that you are, so that I can work at figuring out how they occurred and improve things for you. Edit: And just in case the time of day was causing a problem, I've also checked how it looks at each hour of the day too.
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