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  1. Hey guys, could anyone please help me figure out a similar issue ? MO was working absolutely fine for me for a very long while and then suddenly stopped working, when i start the game through MO it starts the launcher and the screen goes black for a second as if it's trying to start the game, but then it kicks me out to the desktop. At first i thought it was a problem with my mods, but even after reinstalling Mod Organizer without any mods and clearing my appdata/local/mod organizer data folder the game still won't launch. Here are the logs of my crash
  2. High settings - Everything works, takes 10 minutes to generate, minimal performance loss. Thank you Sheson, you are a Legend.
  3. It looks like you didn't click generate static objects when you were generating DynDoLod, that's the only explanation for you missing all the lod objects, and only having the tree lods. Go through DynDoLod process again, but load up advanced options and in advanced options unclick generate Dynamic objects and generate tree lods and only check for Generate static lods and create atlas. https://imgur.com/iJXBbyY Select low med or high for whichever preset you want. After LodGen is done just copy the files over to your mod organizer, dyndolod folder.
  4. Well, you can see DynDoLod is working because windmill sails are seen from the distance (unless you have Skyfalls and Skymills instead of course), but you seem to be missing static lods, which should be located inside your dynDolod generated folder (which should be inside your mods folder if you are installing DynDoLod with mod organizer), look for a folder called meshes\terrain\tamriel. You should see alot of .bto files inside that folder and the total size of Tamriel folder should be around 900mb depending on the options you chose.
  5. In the above video, it's the real trees that are too bright, not the LODS. But in your pictures it seems like you have a few lods that are too bright and a few that are too dark and then you have shadows applied to some tree models and not the others. Obviously a tree model that has a shadow applied to it, will look much different from the exact same tree model that doesn't have any shadows applied, so getting the right distance for the shadows and the switch to lods is the first thing you should look at, ideally you want your shadows to extend all the way to where the switch to lods is happening, only then you will know for sure whether your lods are too dark or too bright for a properly shadowed tree.
  6. P.S Performance wise you can of course achieve the same effect by adding a mesh rule \mountains\ Lod4=Lod8 Lod8=Lod16 Lod16=Lod16 when running DynDoLod, but LOD8's used as LOD4 in this fashion will look pretty poor, as they use tiny LOD textures.
  7. You are a hero Sheson, made an .esp to remove the is HD Lod flag from every mountain, removed the IsHDMeshMask=_lod_ from the export files, re_generated the .bto files and they all had IsSnow instead of isSnowHD and the snow shader is now being applied correctly to all my lod_1 meshes which are posing as lod_0 meshes! From preliminary testing, from switching nearly all mountain lod_1's to lod_0's I gained about 5% GPU usage and as far as I can see, the visual difference is unnoticeable when using HD textures on lod_1's vs lod_0's. As soon as I finish testing this and create the non snow mountain versions, i'll make comparison screenshots, do some performance testing and i'll upload the .esps and meshes and textures and possibly a set of vanilla .bto files with my updated mountain meshes and texture lods for everyone to use. Huge Thanks man, DynDoLod FTW!
  8. Grr, sorry man, got the posts mixed up, this forums format is hard to read :p
  9. Thank you ! I guess creating an .esp to toggle HD LOD lod flag off the mountains should do the trick, i'll get right to it!
  10. I had the same problem and SMIM was responsible. You'll need to install SMIM compatibility sails and generate DynDoLod with SMIM and compatibility sails activated if I remember this correctly.
  11. Would be quite a stretch to call this thing a mod, but i'll happily supply the assets for people who don't mind using my mountain textures after i'm finished with them. Thanks for the idea, What I have also tried to do now, is replace lod_0 meshes with what used to be lod_1 meshes and apply the original fullsize mountainslab01 and mountainslab02 textures to them to quickly make a performance set of lods that still looked decent. And while the generated .bto files can be viewed in NifSkope and seem to be perfect, the game renderer just fully covers them with snow and from what I understand, this is the snow object shader at work, seems like the snow shader that's being applied to lod_0 objects is following the UV-map of the original mesh, so the UV_map of lod_0 must be set exactly as it is on the original mesh, but the UV-map of lod_1 file's that i've set as lod_0's is quite different and doesn't share the pattern. So it looks like removing the snow material from the base records will set everything right, but i'm wondering if there's also a way to make them work with the snow shader ? As far as i can tell there really isn't a way to copy over the UV-map from the lod_o to lod_1, so what options does that leave me with ? I know we are moving slightly away from the DynDoLod topic, but if you have any insight i'd appreciate it.
  12. The only thing i need to do now, is find a mod that removes the snow effect from mountains to enjoy these lods in all their glory !
  13. Spent a few hours today going through every mountain mesh and textures, adding new ones, resizing them in gimp to make exact copies of them for lod_1 (512x512) and lod_2 (256x256) and applying these textures to every lod mesh for these mountains, finally even the most distant mountain lods match my actual mesh textures. Saying that i'm happy with the result is quite an understatement ! https://imgur.com/XB00WjX Thank you very much for your hard work Sheson and i appreciate all the support that you provide to your users on here !
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