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  1. Upgraded to MO2 latest edition. Everything seems to be fine except game is in window mode. How do I get it to launch full screen? Please help!
  2. Thanks to all of you for your input. Everything is good now thanks to you good people.
  3. That worked great. Now MO. Hopefully just a cut and paste. BTW, THANK YOU! for your help.
  4. I use MO with Skyrim. MO handles a lot of mods for me. Now my C: drive is running out of space darn it. My F: drive is huge. Can I move Skyrim and MO to F: drive by a simple copy and paste or do I have to lose all my mods and reinstall everything?
  5. No, there was no missing masters. As it so happened I downloaded and used an armor mod for bodyslide. I have bodyslide installed on my old NMM. It was the only way I could make bodyslide work. I don't know how to add bodyslide armor mods when Bodyslide is installed in MO.
  6. Started a new profile and did all the things needed FNIS, bodylide, etc. Tried to start game and it seems to lock up. No starting screen at all. It also puts a memoryblocks log in my plugins. Could anyone tell me whats happenning? It also does the same to my other profiles. I also tried putting the logs into my racemenu folder (where my SKSE folder is, but it won't do that and I also can't delete any of this mess from my overwrite folder.
  7. That's fine. I wasn't sure where to post it. Kinda a newbie to these posts. Thank you.
  8. I have the latest Bodyslide. How do I add armors with bodyslide support to bodyslide? Please help.
  9. Do I need to run FNIS when I start a new profile? I always use all the mods I have downloaded.
  10. Yep, that did it. Sometimes I forget to do the obvious. Thank you for reminding me.
  11. I installed More Nasty Critters with all needed other mods. Installed fine. Ran FNIS. recognized MNC. Started game and it warned that Creature framework wasn't recognized and it also doesn't show up in the MCM menu. Can anyone help me please?
  12. I use the mod UUNP remodeled armor hdt. When I start a new profile, armor goes back to vanilla. I have it down near the bottom (left pane), but game only shows vanilla. Please help!
  13. Thank You so much. You also helped me understand MO even more. Thanks again!
  14. Can anyone tell me why Skyui (latest version) doesn't show in MCM? Skyui works and everything, but I have a map program it has issues with and can't change anything. Also use SOS and that doesn't show either.
  15. I am new to MO and I'm beginning to like it a lot. My question is; I want to download a racemenu preset. Manually where do I put it? I have a couple that I saved, but there is no data/SKSE/plugins/chargen/presets in the Skyrim folder. Already tried to add these folders, doesn't work. Please help.
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